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   Chapter 192 A Happy Ending

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Once the recording started playing, Sandy realized that she was in big trouble. Before she could think of what to do next, Emily slapped her hard in the face.

Sandy yelped in shock. She gritted her teeth and glared at Emily. Everything was Emily's fault. She had destroyed Sandy's future and now she was hitting her instead of apologizing.

"Emily, don't forget that you're the reason for all the problems. Your viciousness and jealousy have brought us here. None of this would have happened if you hadn't planned to destroy Melinda's reputation once and for all." Sandy scowled.

Both Emily and Sandy regretted their decision. Their deeds were the reason for their destruction.

Emily wanted Melinda to suffer, and thus she had made the event bigger by attracting the attention of media.

But she didn't expect that her life would be destroyed in the process. She had hit the dead end and there was no way out. Emily had no choice but to face the problem.

Sandy and Emily were blaming each other. Sandy wanted to cover her face and hide from the world. The humiliation was too painful to handle. She wished that people would forget her existence.

Emily was a vindictive woman who concealed her true nature behind her innocent face.

She continued to curse under her breath. Sandy was seething with rage and Emily's voice made her blood boil. She grabbed a pillow and shoved it on her face.

"Bitch, how dare you?"

The assistant walked in and saw the two women fighting on the sofa like maniacs. Emily's hair was disheveled and her clothes askew. The assistant closed her eyes and groaned. Emily always wreaked havoc.

She grabbed fistfuls of Sandy's hair and yanked it. Sandy's face was covered with cuts and bruises. Her bottom lip was bleeding.

"Miss Bai!" The assistant called but neither of them heard her. Later, Sher walked in and pulled Emily aside.

"Ask this woman to leave," she bellowed, pointing at Sandy. The assistant nodded and ushered Sandy out of the room. Sher was disappointed that Emily was involved in yet another problem. She was annoyed that Emily willingly got into trouble every time.

Emily smoothed her messy hair and tied it into a bun. She winced in pain and couldn't open her mouth, so she grabbed her phone and opened the camera. There was a bright red bruise under her lips.

"Emily, you're a celebrity and everyone is watching you. How could you be stupid enough to get involved with her?"

Sher asked, rubbing her throbbing temples. She looked around the room and was relieved to find that Sandy was gone.

"You better go back to the company. Get dressed up, you look like a fucking mess." She scrunched her nose as she raked her eyes across Emily's face. No one would believe that she was a big star.

Emily's cheeks turned pale as she realized what she had gone. She saw her swollen face in the camera and felt that she couldn't meet anyone in this state. But she was left with no choice.

Emily was devastated, but Sher didn't know how to comfort her. No one expected that Melinda would release the recording at the press conference. Everything happened

as produced under the banner of Soaring Group.

He was sure that Nelson would agree to his plans.

The manager finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Boss, do you have any detailed plan?"

"Someone is following us."

"Boss, are we going to be the sole investor of this project?" the manager asked in shock. Jonas nodded. The manager was worried as the project would incur huge expenses to the company.

But Jonas's intimidating aura frightened him and he didn't dare to utter a word.

Jonas ordered the manager to discuss the plan with the other departments. The manager knew that Jonas trusted him. But he also knew that he wouldn't hesitate to fire him if the task wasn't completed on time.

Jonas wanted to support Melinda in every way he could, so he decided to buy the copyright of Melinda's novel and turn it into a TV series because he knew it was the biggest honor for a writer.

Melinda's reputation and popularity would reach greater heights.

The news surprised everyone in the company. Melinda's colleagues hid their envy and congratulated her.

People knew that Melinda was under Victor's protection. Moreover, Jonas, the CEO of Soaring Group trusted and valued her. He had planned to convert her book into a TV series only because he had faith in her. Therefore, no one dared to offend Melinda.

Jonas was one of the most powerful men in A City. Melinda's association with Jonas was a strong selling point for her novel.

"Congratulations! You have a happy ending!" Although Victor teased Melinda, he was happy for her. He knew the problems Melinda had gone through and felt that she deserved every bit of success. Melinda could have easily given up but she had fought hard to earn what she deserved.

"Thank you for your support, Mr. Cheng. None of this would have been possible without you. I decide to invite everyone to dinner today. Would you like to have dinner with us tonight?" Melinda asked.

She had planned to invite Victor to dinner after the press conference. But she had been busy with work and finally got the chance to ask him out.

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