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   Chapter 191 Ungrateful

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All the things needed were stored in the computer. After sitting down, she turned on the computer and was ready to copy the data to the USB flash drive for the press conference. However, she found that it was empty.

The computer seemed to have been switched. The files used today were all gone. Even the back-up part was also lost.

Melinda trembled to click the mouse, not giving up searching, but the result was the same.

All the people in the office left the mouse and staggered towards the office and she called Victor. Her panic made people wonder what had happened to her.

"What's wrong with you? The launch event hasn't even started yet." Victor had just arrived at the company. Today he also had to attend the press conference. He was dressed in a black suit, not as casual as usual.

He couldn't help but frown at the sight of Melinda who rushed to him in a hurry.

She was not the kind of rash person. Something must have happened something bad to her when she was nervous at this time. He teased her, trying to make her relaxed.

"The file on my computer isn't there. What should we do? The launch event is about to start." She held him by the arm, as if he was a life-saving straw. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, and she felt remorseful.

She guessed that it must have something to do with Emily. Emily would not let it go, but she did not prepare for it. She really hated her own carelessness.

Noticing her remorse, he patted her on the back to comfort her. "Don't worry. Tell me more details."

Though she spoke incoherently, her general meaning was expressed. It was normal that the computer broke down for twice, but it went on like this every time, which made people think deeply.

"I… Do you think you are a joke now? " She lowered her hands feebly and stood by with her head down, full of self mockery.

She didn't blame anyone now. She blamed herself for not being strong enough. That was why she was framed so easily.

"That's not like you. Don't worry. I have backup of that document when I found it. Calm down first. We will go to the hotel later."

He didn't expect that Melinda would always lose the manuscript. It really came in handy. Her eyes shone with surprise, and then she kept nodding her head.

She did not return to the Department, but sat in Victor's office to rest. The Secretary poured her a glass of warm water very considerately. With her eyes closed, she tried to calm herself down.

It was ten o'clock sharp. Victor stopped his work at hand and said quietly, "Melinda, it's time to go to the conference."

His voice was very soft, as if he was worried that he would frighten her. Now she was like a frightened bird who would not calm herself down.

A short break calmed her down. "Wait a minute. I need to fix my make-up."



Said Emily. Sandy was a little calmer than before, but she had a stronger sense of foreboding.

Sometimes, the sixth sense was a really scary thing.

Emily was very confident, she was sure that Melinda had no evidence, Emily was waiting to see how bad that would be in the end.

When everyone finished their speech, some reporters finally couldn't wait to ask Melinda about the evidence. After all, both sides had different opinions on the matter, but they didn't have conclusive evidence.

The three people's expression made the crowd even more curious.

"I know that all of you are eager to see the evidence. Of course we have sorted out, or what happened just now would be a joke." The manager for public relations said. Then he waved to the staff, and the curtain behind the three people was put down.

Victor ordered to sort out the documents and now they were presented to everyone in the form of projection, and the comparison of the details and time, which even caused the arrogant words to ask Sandy to take out the first draft earlier.

The photo had been sent online. It was posted with words "welcome to identify". Don't let others say it was a Photoshop picture.

"In addition, we also found an interesting recording. Dear journalists, cover your heart and hold the recording pen. This is a big surprise for you."

Victor said jokingly. The worker under his instruction spread a conversation between Jonas and Sandy, including the conversation about how Sandy made a deal with Emily.

The medias at the scene were excited in an instant. Wasn't this a lottery? They didn't expect that Emily would get involve in the conflicts between Melinda and sandy.

It was so interesting.

All of a sudden, everything pointed to Emily. Emily, who questioned by her that, Sandy was slapped in the face. "You ungrateful bastard! You betrayed me!"

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