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   Chapter 190 Buying Her With Money

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10354

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"Will you say yes or no?" Emily took the envelope and opened it directly. The money inside was showed, which seemed to attract people speechlessly.

With just a glance, Melinda drank up the tea in her cup and looked at Emily with a teasing smile. "Save the money for yourself. After the press conference is over, it's not easy for you to make money."

Those who understood one best would always be one's enemies.

Melinda didn't know well about Emily, but she had a point. Emily was arrogant especially in front of her and wouldn't give up easily.

All these unusual behaviors today only meant that something bad would happen to her in the press conference.

There must be a special connection between Emily and Sandy. Melinda put down the tea cup leisurely, and then stood up and said politely, "Thank you for your hospitality today, Miss Bai. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving."

Melinda ignored Emily, pushed open the door of the room and left straight away. Emily was sitting on the seat, looking a little lost. Melinda's words alerted her.

She began to regret being involved in it. It was good to watch the fire from the other side of the river. She had made herself into an aggressive arsonist. Now the truth under the smog was sensed, and her situation was more and more dangerous.

Knowing that the accident was related to Emily, Melinda was heavy hearted again. She was afraid that something bad would happen before the press conference.

After thinking for a while, Melinda went straightly to Victor's office after she went back to the company. Seeing that, the secretary and the others didn't have to ask her and directly let her enter the office.

Victor was dandiacal, but responsible for dealing with things that should be dealt with his heart and soul. He was concentrating on a pile of documents, with a pair of glasses.

"What are you doing here, Melinda?" The door was pushed open, and Victor raised his head subconsciously. Seeing that it was Melinda, he stood up from his seat and threw the glasses on the bridge of his nose to one side.

"Today, Emily came to me. She talked about the press conference tomorrow. I have a feeling that she has something to do with the incident," Melinda spoke out her guess, and then told Victor about the conversation in the tea house in detail.

Victor didn't know much about the entertainment circle, but he had heard about Emily, for a reason called Melinda.

"She is picking on you?" Victor had privately prepared the words before he asked. He had a clear understanding of the people and things around Melinda. One of the most important figures was Emily.

It could be said that the reason why Melinda was in such a bad situation was because of Emily.

"What? I suppose so." Melinda had some doubts to Victor's conjectures, and then frankly admitted it. She simply thought that she was the victim of the matter, no matter who first thought of it, and that she must be targeted by someone else.

However, she didn't notice that Victor seemed to know a lot about the things around her.

"Deep down in t

't seen for a long time.

"What do you want me to do for you?" At this time, Michelle was hiding in the washroom of the lounge. She put her hand on the phone and whispered. Every time she received Emily's phone call, she was always very careful.

Because she knew that she was going to do something dark, so she didn't want others to know.

Emily sighed in her mind, 'she is a smart man who doesn't talk too much. She is a straightforward person, but this kind of person is often the most terrifying.'

It was what Jonas had told her before. Some people were unknown to others, not because they were ordinary, but because they knew how to hide and find the best opportunity for themselves.

This was just how Michelle was. She was just an ordinary employee in the company, but she had helped Emily to trouble Melinda many times secretly and no one had found out that.

"At the same price as the last time, I will give you half of the deposit, and then give you another half after you finish the task. This time, what you want to do is very simple. You just need to format Melinda's computer."

Michelle didn't know why Emily was so mean to Melinda, but she always did it as long as she had the money. However, she was a little hesitant this time. Although she had not been exposed for several times, she felt that she was on the edge of danger.

But what Emily offered was quite tempting. Thinking that if she could do one thing for her, the money she got would be more than all her salary for many years, Michelle agreed.

The next day was the press conference. According to the requirements of the public relations department, Melinda changed into a formal suit, with a light make-up on her face, and her hair was tied into a ponytail falling behind the head. A typical capable style.

The press conference was to be held at half past ten. Melinda went to the company first to sort out the documents needed, and then went to the hotel with Victor. As for the site of the conference, the public relations department had already been busy with it.

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