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   Chapter 187 Rumors

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When the dishes and the barbecue were served, Victor had two empty bottles in front of him, and Melinda had only drunk less than a fifth of one bottle.

"I don't know why I want to drink today. Do you mind?" After these words, Victor poured another glass of beer for himself. He really wanted to drink, and Melinda didn't mind it at all. She could drink as much as she wanted.

Melinda shook her head and clenched the glass in her hand. She had a feeling that Victor had something on his mind.

"Actually, today is my wedding anniversary with my ex-wife." Victor's voice sounded a little sullen. He lowered his head and drank another glass of beer. Then, with a bitter smile, he saw a surprised look on Melinda's face and asked, "What's that look on your face?"

Melinda's eyes were full of curiosity and confusion. As a playboy, it seemed to be a very difficult thing for Victor to settle down and get married.

Therefore, Melinda had never thought that Victor had been married, and had been divorced. When he talked about his ex-wife, she had an unspeakable feeling.

She was confused, and the feeling was like sentimental, or relieved, or something else.

"No, I'm just a little surprised." Melinda shook her head, telling him her true thoughts. But Victor didn't mind at all. "Don't be so surprised. I'm a divorced man as well."

Melinda felt that her marriage was like a child's play. Two marriages were both a combination of benefits, and there was no so-called love, which led her to a very vague concept of marriage.

Just like what Jonas had done, Victor might have got married for family's rights or other reasons.

Melinda poured herself a glass of beer and clinked glasses with Victor. Both of them smiled knowingly.

The talk that night also made Melinda have a great view of her leader.

The next day, as soon as Melinda arrived at the office, she heard Victor's somewhat excited voice. "Melinda, come and see if this is your first draft."

Last night, Victor spent a whole night talking with a young man in the technology department. The young man had told him many ways to solve the problem. Earlier this morning, he couldn't wait to go to the company and have a try. To his surprise, he found the first draft.

"The first draft?"

Melinda couldn't help quickening her pace. Looking at the documents and pictures on the computer, she was sure that this was her first draft. At that time, the content of the speech was generally limited, not detailed, but the contents that should be expressed were very clear.

"That's right. How did you find that out?" After reading through the documents, Melinda repressed the ecstasy in her heart and asked. But Victor only said casually, "I had a try by the way that someone told me."

Victor did not talk much about all the following efforts. Melinda looked at the draft excitedly, as if she had seen water in a desert. That was a look of hope.

"Thank you, Mr. Cheng,"

said Melinda gratefully. Not until Victor gave a reminder to her how to back up the file in the future so that it would not be easily lost, did Melinda went back to her seat. Many people had heard what

ay long. They left the restaurant soon, and several colleagues were always watching them. When they saw them leaving, someone even took out her mobile phone to take pictures quietly.

After a long walk, Victor went to the parking lot to pick up his car and then drove Melinda home.

The next day, the rumors about Melinda and Victor became more and more in the company. What Melinda worried about last night was completely true. The eyes of those people looking at Melinda changed. They used to be only jealous and slandered, but now it was obvious doubts.

"The most important thing for a woman is that she has to have nice legs. Look, she has only been in the company for a short time. I'm not sure if she will be promoted to vice section chief or director soon."

A woman's bitterness didn't disgust others. On the contrary, many people thought what she said made sense.

For the whole night, everyone in the company got to know that Melinda and Victor were having dinner outside, and they behaved so intimately. Someone even said that they walked to a hotel nearby to check in after they finished dinner.

Everyone seemed to have witnessed the romantic interactions between Melinda and Victor, as if they had seen their love story personally. When Melinda heard that, she became restless, as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

Last night, she had agreed to come to Victor's office today to talk about how to explain her innocence of plagiarism, but the rumors were very disadvantageous to her.

The rumors would get more violent if she still went to Victor's office at such a special time.

After a long while, Melinda rose from her seat and walked towards Victor's office. She didn't want to give up her advantages for these irrelevant people.

"She must be stimulated. Is she going to ask Mr. Cheng for comfort or complain to him?"

"Shut up! Or we'll all be screwed."

"How dare she pretend to be pure and innocent, bitch?"

Seeing this, all the people thought that Melinda went to report to Victor. But Melinda turned a deaf ear to their words and endured the gossip.

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