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   Chapter 185 The Backup Copy Is Lost

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9981

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Melinda poured a glass of juice for Nelson and sat down. She was having a nice conversation with him after a long time.

Nelson lost track of time and almost forgot why he had come to see her. He realized that Melinda was only talking about all the good things in life, safely omitting all the problems she had encountered after moving out. Even if Nelson asked about it, she changed the topic to make him forget about it.

"You must have gone through a lot of problems."

Nelson frowned. He could see that Melinda was hiding her pain like she always did. She had been fighting all her life, dealing with the problems all by herself like a warrior.

Nelson always admired Melinda's courage and determination. He wanted her to live happily.

"No, Grandpa has taught me how to be independent. I'm still learning and trying to make him proud. I feel that every hurdle only makes me stronger. So, there are no regrets." Melinda smiled reassuringly.

She had managed to live five long years with a cruel man like Jonas and felt that these problems were nothing compared to the times she had spent with him.

Melinda's words reminded Nelson of his old friend. He knew that her grandfather would have said the same thing.

"You don't have to endure all the problems in silence. The Gu family is always there for you. We trust you, so don't worry about anything else. This too shall pass," Nelson said. He felt that Melinda's kindness was the reason for most of her problems. She was too kind and sweet to retaliate that made people suppress her.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

Melinda felt grateful to have someone support her. Nelson's love and concern made her emotional. That was when she realized how much she had missed him. His words made her stronger.

Melinda's eyes glistened with tears. She quickly stood up and cleared her throat. "Grandpa, let me bring some fruits for you." Melinda darted to the kitchen as she didn't want Nelson to see her cry.

Nelson was happy to talk with Melinda after a long time. This reminded him of the time she stayed in the Gu's mansion with him. He glanced at the clock and realized that it was time to leave. Melinda walked him to the car and ordered the driver to inform her after safely dropping him home.

An hour later, Melinda's phone rang. She was surprised to hear Jonas's voice. He had called to inform that Nelson had reached home. It was ten in the evening and Melinda gazed at the night sky through the window. The bedroom was dark and the street light cast a soft glow on her face.

"Okay, take care of Grandpa. He needs rest." Melinda couldn't summon the strength to say good night, so she abruptly hung up the call.

Jonas was upset but Melinda rarely answered his calls and he was grateful that she at least spoke to him.

Jonas remembered the evidence he had gathered to prove Melinda's innocence.

He glanced at the USB flash drive in his hand. One of his men had secretly recorded his conversation with Sandy.

s tired of looking for the draft. She felt useless for not being able to prove herself. Her life would have been a lot simpler if she was just an ordinary clerk.

Victor scanned his eyes across the office. The employees looking at them looked away and continued with their work. He glanced at Melinda for one last time and left.

Melinda grew frustrated and decided to concentrate on work. However, the article the employees had submitted for her to edit was on plagiarism. Melinda became annoyed.

Her phone vibrated and moved in a steady rhythm on the table as she got a call from Jonas. Melinda involuntarily attended the call without looking at the caller ID.


Excitement bubbled up in Jonas's heart. He was happy that she picked the phone immediately.

"Mellie, would you like to have dinner with me?" Jonas asked, glancing the USB flash drive in his hand.

He had been debating whether to call Melinda or not as he didn't know what she was thinking.

But Jonas decided to call her anyway as her happiness was more important to him.

"You can just talk over the phone." Melinda didn't know why Jonas wanted to see her but she was too annoyed to meet anyone.

"I have booked a table at the restaurant opposite your company. Please come, I have a surprise for you." Jonas knew that Melinda would accept his offer as she wouldn't want to waste his money.

Jonas had already booked a table and she had no choice but to meet him. Melinda hesitated and finally agreed to meet him.

Jonas hung up the call and immediately sent the address. It was a newly-opened restaurant and most of the employees could only dream of going to the restaurant as it was lavish and expensive.

Melinda walked into the restaurant and was enchanted by its ambiance. The waiter ushered Melinda to the private room that Jonas had booked. She gently nudged the door open and saw Jonas skimming through the menu. His face broke into a dazzling grin when he saw Melinda.


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