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   Chapter 183 On The Edge Of The Cliff

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9838

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Wife? Jonas called her wife in front of Emily. Did he know what it meant?

Looking at Jonas with a complex expression in her eyes, Melinda didn't say anything. After listening to Jonas, Emily said bluntly, "Didn't you divorce?"

"Linda, the sun is shining outside. Let's go back,"

Jonas said as he looked at Melinda. His eyes was much warmer than they used to be.

At the same time, Melinda tightened his fingers on Melinda's shoulder. He was afraid that she would disappear.

He knew clearly that Melinda did not push him away as she did before in order to stimulate Emily. But even so, as long as he could get a little closer to her, he did not mind the reason.

"Okay." Melinda nodded, and she deliberately smiled at Emily. "Miss Bai, I'll go back with Jonas. Are you coming with us?" she asked.

They seemed to be still together, in this way, they ignored Emily's words of divorce.

"Oh, never mind. Miss Bai is very busy since she is a super star," Jonas echoed, but he knew better than anyone else that in the entertainment circle, Emily was much idler than any other assistant.

Jonas was behind this result.

"You are right. It is very kind of Miss Bai to come all the way over here to care about me."

The reason why Emily came here was to mock Melinda. The sudden appearance of Jonas disturbed her plan. And in this situation, both of them were mocking her together.

"Really? I really appreciate Miss Bai for caring about Linda," Jonas said indifferently, but he began to wonder why Emily was here all of a sudden. Did she come here to bully Linda? Or was she involved in this matter?

Jonas always thought things all over. If he seized one point, he would be able to analyze a lot of things. When applied to Emily, he would feel that there were a lot of details that he had neglected.

Looking at Emily's exasperated look, Melinda had a great pleasure of revenge, but soon she felt tired. She didn't like this kind of fighting.

"Jonas, I'm tired. Let's go back." Melinda completely leaned against Jonas, and the dependent look on her made Jonas happy.

His fingers that were holding Melinda even trembled a little.

The two of them no longer paid attention to Emily, but walked towards the car of Jonas which was not far away. Instead of turning him down, Melinda directly got into the car. It was very close to home, but Melinda fell asleep on the short way.

Looking at the sleeping woman in the passenger seat, Jonas gently covered the blanket in the back seat on her. The blanket was colored, and at that time he disliked it very much when Melinda gave it to him. However, he cherished it now.

He looked at Melinda with a sense of satisfaction.

Emily, who was left behind by the two of them, stayed in the place for a long time, and returned to the car with full unwillingness. The car left not in the direction of her home.

It had been several days since Melinda had been asleep like

eir attention to the news on the Internet. They directly commented on her Melinda's. Many of them even wanted to force Melinda to get out of the literary circle.

"This is where you live?" After casting a glance at her, Emily ignored the chair that Sandy moved next to her. Even sitting on the chair made her feel awkward.

"Well, it's okay. This place is just a little bit shabby." Sandy didn't take her words seriously, but Emily frowned. "I hope you can continue to post an article against her and sue Melinda for plagiarism," she continued.

At the thought of the look of Melinda standing by Jonas's side, Emily became angrier.

Sandy rolled his eyes restlessly, and then shook her head. "This is enough. We don't have to be so cruel to her."

Emily took out some money from her handbag. As she knew, though Sandy was a popular man, she was always lack of money.

"Use the money to decorate the room,"

Emily said, but Sandy still shook her head. 'What a greedy person!' Emily cursed in her heart, but her smile did not decrease. She said directly, "After your article is released, I can give you another sum of money."

Emily thought that she didn't offer enough chips to make her change her mind, but Sandy didn't accept no matter how hard she tried.

She shook her head vigorously and Emily's patience completely disappeared.

"You'd better accept it when I'm in a good mood to negotiate with you. Don't force me to tell anyone about your counter framing, or you'll end up with a worse ending than Melinda,"

Emily threatened, and Sandy's face turned pale immediately. At that time, she regretted that she had spoken too fast, and now she had been exposed.


Sandy felt like standing on the edge of the cliff and there was no way out. However, it was dangerous no matter what she moved forward. If she was caught unprepared, she would be damned.

She began to regret to cooperate with Emily.

"Let me think about it."

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