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   Chapter 182 Nowhere To Be Found

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10046

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In Soaring Group, at the CEO office, the atmosphere was too tense to make people breathe. The secretaries were busy with their own affairs, and if there was any file that needed to be signed by Jonas, they would throw it to William.

William was both the Secretary General and the private secretary of Jonas. But in the eyes of the people in the CEO office, he was a good man.

William stepped in front of them whenever there was something happened.

So at this moment, William was alone, miserably facing the anger of Jonas.

"You can't find her?"

Jonas pondered over William's words, but his words made William in a cold sweat. The boss's tone was just thinking about the efficiency of their group, whether they could be replaced.

"Yes, when we arrived at her home, she wasn't there. And when we went to her studio, the staff told us they didn't know where she is," William said, resisting the pressure. His heart was filled with tears. He had never thought that it was so difficult to find such a small character.

Finally he found her studio, but it was an empty shell. William thought Sandy's words must be shady. Since Mrs. Melinda had suffered so much, the boss wouldn't let go of that woman easily.

However, if Jonas did not want to let her go, William had to find her first. William felt that he had fallen into a terrible circle.

"One day? You just find her home and studio? Anything else?"

Jonas didn't want to hear this result. What he needed to know was all Sandy's interpersonal network, to find out the woman as soon as possible, and then to ask her about the incident this time.

He was very worried about Melinda, but at this time he did not know what to do. The only thing he could think of was to find Sandy to prove that Melinda was innocent.

Melinda copied others' work? Jonas didn't buy that, but he knew it clearly that since it was of no use that he believed her alone, he had to prove Melinda's innocence with sufficient evidence.

"It's all under investigation."

William felt that he couldn't hold on any longer. In the past, he could deal with everything with Nelson, but this time it was related to Melinda, and the pressure from Nelson was not small at all.

But the investigation had found out all the information about Sandy, but it seemed that Sandy had vanished from the earth without any trace.

Emily wasn't going to give her only the money in the envelope. After the negotiation, Emily had asked someone to transfer some money to Sandy before Sandy left A City with the money.

If she wanted to expand the impact, the only way would be not to face those media directly, but to let them to exaggerate it.

Both of them knew it well.

The information Jonas could get from his subordinates was limited. Jonas expanded the search group and took advantage of the connections in all walks of life, but still couldn't find Sandy.

The Internet was flooded with negative comments in two days. The studio also announced that this matter ha

and burning. A chill came over Melinda, but she stared at the fingers on the shoulder of Jonas with entanglement.

"Are you okay?" Completely ignoring Emily, Jonas lowered his head and looked at Melinda worriedly. Seeing her haggard face, he clenched his fists in anger.

Melinda was still somewhat absent-minded. The tall figure of Jonas seemed to block the dazzling sunlight at this time, but it also made her tear stains more obvious. Immediately, Melinda felt that the hand placing on her shoulder had increased his strength.

"Ah!" Melinda couldn't help but groan. As soon as Jonas came to himself, he looked at her in both confusion and nervousness. He was just angry that he could do nothing for the sake of Melinda being wronged.

But he also hurt Melinda unintentionally, which made him very upset.

Except for indifference, a second expression appeared on Jonas's face, especially the kind of entangled look. Suddenly, Melinda felt that Jonas was very cute in this way.

"Jonas, why don't you respond me these days?" Emily, on the other hand, completely ignored the existence of Melinda, and ignored the attitude of Jonas to her. She asked as she pouted her lips. Melinda rubbed her arms, which indeed had goose bumps.

"Miss Bai."

Finally, Jonas showed his mercy to Emily. But when he called her Miss Bai out of politeness, Emily's smile froze on her face. It was a heavy slap on her face.

Seeing this, Melinda couldn't help smiling. Seeing this, Jonas felt happy secretly.

"Jonas, are you taking a walk here?"

Emily was very embarrassed about the topic, but at this time, she didn't know what to say. Her heart had already been filled with jealousy. Looking at the hand on Melinda's shoulder, she wanted to rush over to push her away, and then fell into his arms.

"Miss Bai, I hope you can stay away from my wife in the future."

Jonas called Melinda his wife. There was a smile on his face, and he was very proud of himself, but Melinda stiffened in an instant.

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