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   Chapter 181 Being Utterly Discredited

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10014

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Without replying to Victor's message, Melinda did her job conscientiously as usual, but she paid more attention to the management of documents.

She also needed to know why the draft was the same.

There was an unscheduled meeting in the afternoon of the department, and it was Victor who was in charge. Everyone knew that the temporary meeting was held because of Melinda. As for the reason, it was hard to figure out.

Melinda was the latest one to walk into the meeting room. There were still three minutes before the meeting time. Victor sat at the head of the conference table and looked at the crowd. Melinda lowered her head with a disheveled look.

Three minutes later, the meeting began. Victor stated the opening remarks as usual. Melinda took a signature pen and scribbled on the paper.

"I believe that many people have heard the rumor recently, but I believe in Melinda. As her colleague, I also hope that everyone can give her trust. In addition, if I find that someone is discussing something related to the company during work time, I will just fire him or her!"

His tone was as gentle as the peacemaker in the front, but his following words sounded serious.

Victor's attitude remained the same as before to see if anyone dared to challenge him.

Melinda was also shocked to see that the man who had just said serious words now smile to her gently.

After a while, the meeting had come to an end and there was no need for the meeting to go on. Victor directly asked his assistant to dismiss the meeting. After he left, the meeting room was in an uproar.

But all of them were talking wildly on wechat.

After packing her personal belongings, Melinda looked down at the A4 paper on the table. She didn't know when, a person's name was wrote on the paper.

She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash can in a guilty conscience. Then Melinda became the third person to walk out of the meeting room after Victor and his assistant.

"I've long felt that something must have happened between them. Now it seems to be true, otherwise, Mr. Cheng would not still defend her like this at this time. Doesn't he worry that his behavior will break the hearts of other employees?"

one of the employees said angrily, while the others echoed her words, firmly believing that the relationship between Melinda and Victor was shameful.

However, they all ignored one thing that Melinda was also in this group, where there were a lot of worse comments than before.

Looking at the messages in the wechat group, Melinda gave a weird smile.

After thinking for a while, Melinda came to the end of the corridor, where there was an office that had occupied half of the floor, which was Victor's office.

The door was opened, and Melinda walked in, only to see several assistants busy with their work. They had the same attitude as before, and they were still the same.

"Mel, are you here for Mr. Cheng? Let me help you tell him."

While saying, the

was more, recently, she had a very complicated relationship with Melinda. It would be very strange if she said she didn't know her, so she nodded directly. "Of course."

"I've heard about things between you two. I don't like that woman, just like you!" Emily never hid her hatred for Melinda. At this moment, the hatred in her eyes was quite similar to Sandy's resentment in her eyes.

They seemed to have found something in common, and did not hide the dirty thoughts in their hearts at once. They began to talk about the damage they had suffered because of Melinda.

By this way, Emily had a feeling that Sandy was a person she could make use of.

"In fact, there is another thing that I want to tell you."

After a while, Emily finally showed what she wanted. To Sandy's surprise, she took out an envelope from her bag.

The yellow paper envelope was thick. Anyone who knew something about business would know that it was a large sum of money.

"Miss Bai, what do you mean?"

A writer loved self-esteem, and Sandy was no exception. In her eyes, Emily's behavior was an insult to her.

"Don't be so excited. I just think we get along very well. Please, I just want you to help me do something. The thing is just a simple thing for you to do."

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Emily used the word "please" to make Sandy's expression a little better.

"Neither you nor I like Melinda. I hope you will keep your mouth shut about this, and make Melinda be questioned more. It is better that she does not survive in this circle!"

What Emily wanted to say more was that being utterly discredited, she finally held it back. As soon as Sandy heard the words, her eyes lit up. Making Melinda unable to survive in the literary circle, wasn't that what she wanted to see?

In this case, there was no conflict between the two, so she accepted Emily's money happily.

"I won't give up easily. Such a person doesn't deserve to stay in this circle," Sandy said ruthlessly.

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