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   Chapter 180 Same Draft

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Now, Jonas had the bravery that Melinda had when she chased him in the past. Even if he was rejected again and again, he would not give up.

In Queena's words, the heart of Jonas to chase Melinda could be seen by heaven and earth.

All mothers knew their children well. Seeing that Jonas hadn't made any progress yet, Queena frowned all day long. She felt bad when Jonas got home and hid in the villa where he lived with Melinda.

It was getting warm, Melinda wore a light yellow dress with her hair up, showing her elegant neck, and carrying a small square bag on her back, as if she were ten years younger. Queena saw her from a distance, waving at her gently.

"Hi, Aunt Yao."

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Melinda looked at the elegant lady in front of her. Her hair was still arranged into a knot, and she wore a suit of jade jewelry, which made her even more dignified.

"I'm sorry. Something came up. I'm late." Melinda felt embarrassed that she made the elder wait for her. Placing her hand on her square bag, she was at a loss.

Of course, Queena wouldn't bother about it. She comforted her, "I know you are busy, and I still want to see you. It's mommy who is not considerate of you. But I miss you so much after not seeing you for a long time. Linda, will you blame me for that?"

"No, of course not." Melinda shook her head in a hurry. She hadn't noticed that Queena just said she was her mommy.

Queena ordered a lot of desserts, sweet but not too sweet, served with the tea here and enjoyed them very much. Recently, Melinda was busy with the work of the conference, and she didn't eat anything in the noon, so she ate a lot.

"Linda, are you still blaming Jonas?" Queena had tried several times to talk with Melinda, but she always changed the topic in a calm manner. At this time, Queena had no choice but to speak out her purpose in her heart.

Hearing that, Melinda stopped eating. She simply put the food back on the small plate, took a sip of tea and moistened her throat before saying, "Aunt Yao, I'm very good now, and I don't have so much time to think about what happened before."

In fact, she didn't know if she still blamed Jonas. She just felt that she was good now. But she didn't ignore it that every time she saw Jonas, she would be tempted in a slight way.

As time went by, she didn't know how to face Jonas. Therefore, the last thing she wanted to do was to escape.

"Jonas is not good at expressing his feelings. Actually, he has been using the way of torturing himself to regret. Linda, I feel bad when seeing him like that." Queena's depressed emotion was revealed in front of Melinda.

"He was not convinced by what happened in the past, so he tried to prove it to us in such an awkward way. He even ignored the fact that he had already fallen in love with you. This time, if it were not for his help, Kent wouldn't have dealt with it in such a short time, but he didn't say anything.

He used to be an arrogant man. Now he knew how to do things in silence. What's more..." Queen

ll of a sudden, she became a plague in the company, and everyone avoided her.

When she returned to the office, her former enthusiastic colleagues disappeared. Everyone looked at her with a skeptical look.

"Ah, how did she get the nerve to go to work today?"

"Who knows? But I heard that the company began to inspect her previous draft. They are worried about the same thing will happen again as yesterday. I don't know who she copied."

"Is it so serious? Don't ruin the image of the whole company because of this shit."

They said the details in a sure way. Sitting on her chair, Melinda opened the computer as usual. The computer was mostly encrypted with all kinds of documents.

She opened a piece of blank paper, but she didn't put her fingers on the keyboard. Melinda looked down at her hands and found that they were shaking at this time.

"She is just a woman who only knows how to please the superior. She is shameless, how could she be calm to sit there? I really feel sorry for those who are really capable of literary ability."

This person always didn't get along well with Melinda. Now that Melinda was in trouble, she was the happiest one.

Just because of this, the company was as noisy as a market. Melinda, like an outsider, saw all this. For a moment, she could not figure out what it felt like.

The message box at the lower right corner was flashing. Melinda clicked it and found that it was from Victor.

"Don't take it to heart. I believe you."

Victor believed that he was the most qualified one to tell Melinda's competence. Though it was just a few words, it relieved Melinda's heavy heart a lot.

Dozens of people's doubts might be able to crush a person, but as long as there was a person's trust, it could help one regain confidence.

Right, she achieved her current status on her own. Those people were just jealous of her excellence, so they slandered her.

Melinda kept telling herself something like that. Only by doing so could she restrain her indignation in her heart.

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