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   Chapter 178 Losing Trust

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10050

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"Get out of my way. I will not let them think I am guilty by staying at home. If you continue stopping me, I will make you hard to survive in A City."

Emily's anger rose to a peak. She was so adept at using the idiom, and she even had more thoughts than others.

But it also showed her guilty conscience.

Cold sweat ran down from the assistant's forehead, and she was struggling in her heart. Sher had repeatedly exhorted her that if she hadn't let Emily to apologize to Melinda, she would only have such achievements as an assistant.

However, Emily's threat was also frightening. She had been with Emily for not a long time, but heard a lot about her. She knew that Emily was very capable of finding people to protect herself.

The one who had decision making ability in the company must also have a high position in A City. The assistant took these elements into consideration. She felt like that she involved in the fight and would suffer.

"Get out of my way!"

Seeing the assistant's reaction, Emily was very proud. Her posture was more arrogant than just now, like a peacock showing its tail.

"I... Let me ask Sher."

The assistant hesitated for a while and took out her phone. Emily looked at her with a serious look in her eyes. She could tell that there was something wrong with Emily's expression, but the assistant didn't care at all.

"Clap." A crisp sound rang out. The assistant's phone instantly fell on the smooth tile floor, and a deep reflection reflected. At the same time, the door was quickly opened. The assistant's eyes were red as she looked at the person, as if she had seen her savior.

"Miss An,"

the assistant choked with sobs. Looking at the broken phone screen on the ground, she got angry. As an assistant, she had a habit of tolerating, but Emily's arrogance made her sick.

"You can go back to have a rest now," Sher said lightly as she glanced at her assistant. She was a golden agent of the company, with a lot of celebrities around her and the dignified aura around her, Emily would restrain herself in front of her.

The assistant picked up the phone and quickly left Emily's apartment. Not surprisingly, there were many reporters lurking nearby and they were excited to see someone go out.

After a while, they carried their cameras and turned to her. When they found it was just an assistant, everyone looked disappointed.

The assistant had an urge to expose all Emily's personal behavior, but she finally restrained it.

This circle was very realistic. If her behavior was known by others, no one would dare to hire her. She was not ready to sacrifice her career.

At the same time, in the restaurant, the dining of Melinda and Kent was almost finished. Both of them put down their chopsticks. A waiter brought them a fruit plate, which was filled with seasonal fruits. The dish was carefully designed and was in a unique style.

"You have been keeping an eye on this fruit. What? Do you see flowers in it?" Melinda was shaking h

Jonas, I..." She didn't say "feel wronged", but she showed it with her best acting skill.

"I'm very curious. Is there anything that has been exposed by Linda? Are you worth it?"

There was no emotion in Jonas's eyes, and there was even a trace of frightening coldness. Looking at him, Emily could not help but shiver. She stuttered and could not speak for a long time.

"William," Jonas shouted to the door, ignoring Emily. William could tell from his voice that he was in bad situation today.

"Boss." William wished he could vanish into thin air, and when he saw Emily's pretentious pitiful look, he really felt sick.

"Don't let any negligible person in! Ask the security guard to drive her away!" Jonas said in a low and powerful voice, knocking on the heart of Emily.

She could hardly believe what she had heard, but what she had heard was true. Her purpose today was to discredit Melinda, but it seemed something was wrong.

The security department received a call from the CEO office and asked them to make someone leave. The people in security department were almost as fast as soldiers. Before Emily came to herself, she was driven out of the company by several guards.

William urged them again and again not to let Emily go upstairs again. Otherwise, they would all be screwed.

But he was also puzzled by the change of Jonas's attitude. He didn't know that when Jonas knew what had happened in the hotel, he was disgusted with Emily.

Furthermore, he had no trust in Emily, so it was unnecessary for him to listen to Emily's words. Furthermore, this matter had been solved by Jonas in real time. He learned that it was a lie as soon as Emily spoke.

The news that Emily was kicked out of the Soaring Group by the guards was posted online. For a moment, Emily was on the hot topic again, but the recent hot topics were basically negative news. For this, her agent worked so hard to solve this, but her movements were like rain drops falling into water, having no result.

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