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   Chapter 176 You Are So Patient

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10289

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On this day, there were just a lot of people caring about Melinda. The people sitting beside her took a pile of snacks from their seats to give it to her. "Poor Mel, come on. Eat something to calm down."

She looked at those snacks in resignation. Then she tore open a candy and put it into her mouth with a smile. "It's so sweet. It's so sweet that I forget all those unhappy things."

The colleague roared with laughter.

The group of colleague shared the same enemy and hated Emily. The average netizen did not have the materials of Emily, and these were stored among the staff of the semi media.

During the working hours in the morning, Melinda was treated like a national treasure by a group of people. Even Victor had said that he would change the work time. It was too dangerous for a female employee to go home at night.

This group of people suddenly became excited. Even Melinda thought it was worth it.

When Jonas had read the news this morning, he understood why Melinda had asked him for the evidence that day. He was gratified. She had finally learned how to protect herself. But soon Jonas was disappointed. She didn't need him anymore.

Actually, he was supposed to drive to the company. However, he drove to the downstairs of the company where Melinda worked. He could see the busy figures in the office building through the window.

Melinda was one of them.

The time that Kent and Emily discussed was the noon of the day. After saying goodbye to her colleagues, Melinda left the company. To her surprise, she ran out of the company and met Jonas.

"Are you okay?" Jonas's car was parked on the side of the road. Seeing that it seemed to be Melinda's figure, he quickly got off the car and trotted in front of Melinda.

A tall figure appeared all of a sudden and blocked the sunlight. Melinda blinked and adapted to the light. She had to raise her head so that she could see Jonas's face.

He said in a low voice and looked at her tenderly, which was rare.

"I'm okay,"

Melinda said as she shook her head, unconsciously stepped back two steps, and then she felt much better. She looked around, not willing to look at Jonas.

However, his eyes were focused on her. Melinda pulled her clothes uncomfortably. It was getting warm. She wore a pinkish purple blouse, short legged pants, and her hair was tied into a ponytail. Some hair stood on her forehead, which made her look younger.

Her movement looked delicate and cute, and Jonas felt as if they had been back to college.

"Well, I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now." Taking another step back, Melinda suddenly felt her breath was more relaxed, and her mind was also clear. She remembered that she had something to do.

All of a sudden, Jonas's friendly face darkened. He realized that he was the only one who Melinda avoided.

"You don't want to see me, do you?"

There was a hint of injury in Jonas's eyes, but his questioning tone was much lower. He carefully maintained his self-esteem that was only existing in Melinda.

Melinda didn't know how to answer

e appreciating it. Then the waiter led her to the private room on the second floor. The door and windows were hollowed out, which were made of paper to protect privacy. The only flaw in this perfect design was the poor sound insulation effect.

The hotel boss paid much attention to the guest service. The guests who could book the VIP room on the second floor were all the guests that the boss appreciated. Obviously, Kent was appreciated because of his literary aura. The waiters here were so elegant and made people comfortable when they talked.

"It's a good place." Melinda pushed open the door of the room, looked at the man inside and said with a smile.

"Is it making you want to recite a poem?"

Seeing that Melinda came in, Kent moved away for her. She found that the ornaments here were also referred from the inns of the ancient times. Although they were not all real antique, there was fifty percent of them.

"I prefer gossiping," Melinda said as she blinked. When they were in college, they often asked to write ancient poems, which was what Melinda was most afraid of.

She was a little obsessive-compulsive, and when she saw many empty words written on the paper, she couldn't help but taunt it.

Emily was always getting on well with her classmates. When she was at the class of the ancient literature, the other students would be hostile to her. The teacher was just a fogey and liked Melinda's personality.

"Do you want to come to our periodical office and spread your skill of gossip?" Kent poured a cup of tea for Melinda, and passed the bamboo slip menu to her.

At the sight of the menu, Melinda became interested. There were traditional Chinese characters on it. If there were illiteracies, they would be embarrassing.

"Kent, you are really good at picking restaurant," Melinda said jokingly, and began to order. She knew the taste of Kent, and the food she ordered was also to match the taste of the two of them.

"It's not easy for you to invite me to dinner," Kent said with a teasing smile as well.

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