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   Chapter 175 Slandering For Slandering

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As soon as Kent hung up the phone, he walked into the room inside. Emily was sitting there, but in a condescending manner, she confronted everyone.

"The victim's family is here. You can tell him your problem." The policeman was annoyed by the woman, so when he saw Kent come in, he immediately pushed the matter on Kent.

When Emily and Kent looked at each other, there was a moment of panic in Emily's eyes. In the past, she only thought that Kent was a frail scholar, but she didn't expect that he would be so powerful when she saw him again.

He had an aura of a superior. The position of the editor in chief had made great contributions to Kent's aura.

"Miss Bai, it's been a long time," Kent greeted her with a faint smile. He was still the gentleman, but his eyes were as sharp as eagle's.

"Mr. Jiang, I have a question for you. Why did you ask the police to take me here?" Emily didn't like Kent, just like she didn't like Melinda.

She didn't like anyone who was kind to Melinda. In her opinion, they were all blind that they would be kind to Melinda. Nelson was the most serious one, and the second one was Kent.

"Of course for a serious matter. Miss Bai, have you forgotten that you have threatened Mellie so soon?" Kent pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, as if a ray of cold light flashed. Hearing what he said, Emily was in a panic and then sneered.

"Are you making up a story? I know you're a good story teller. But why would I do such things to destroy my reputation since I'm so famous? What's wrong with me?"

Emily said, with her fingers under the table clenching tightly. She forced herself to cheer up and deal with the person in front of her.

She didn't forget that Kent was a smart man. He was eloquent enough to turn the dark into the white.

"I don't know if there is anything wrong with you, but you did do that," Kent said and sat at the opposite side of Emily calmly. The police looked at them and found that Emily was like a clown.

"Stop talking nonsense here. I have no reason to do that. And, where is the evidence?"

said Emily. She believed that the person would not expose her. Hearing her words, Kent frowned as if he thought of a difficult thing. Which made Emily a little proud. She pointed at the police and said, "I want to sue this person for slander and destroy my reputation. I'm a public figure. Do you know how serious the effect is?"

While the policemen looked at each other, a woman came in again. This woman was Emily's new agent, who was in her thirties and was very composed. Hearing Emily's yelling, she frowned.

She wouldn't take over the awful mess if her superior didn't ask her to accept the job.

Although Emily was cleaned up, her agent knew clearly that Emily was just a mess. And she didn't expect that the mess would make trouble for her as she was called to the police just after a few days since she took over this mess.

"You come at the right time. I will sue this


At that night, the video of Emily coming to the police station appeared on Weibo. With the news that those paparazzi got from the police station, negative news about Emily instantly emerged on the news.

This made those people very happy. Last time when Emily was whitewashed, they were not reconciled at all. It was an accumulated negative news, but just like this, their hard work was whitewashed.

It was another blow to Emily's popularity.

The next morning, after Melinda arrived at the company, she received a link from Kent, so she knew what had happened. And at this time, Victor also came up to her.

"Are you all right?"


Hearing that, Melinda raised her head in astonishment. She had thought that it was a business call from Victor, but she hadn't expected that he was caring about her. Then she realized that as a semi media company, they naturally knew that.

"It's okay. Thank you,"

Melinda said politely. Noticing that she treated him indifferently, Victor felt uncomfortable and wanted to care more about her. Picking up the cup on the table, Melinda said, "I'll go get some hot water. Please sit here yourself, Mr. Cheng."

This news must have been known to everyone in the company. At the thought of their questions, Melinda felt her head was aching. She had just found an excuse to leave.

The gossips about her and Victor had just dissipated. She didn't make any topic to pry into.

Melinda remembered Emily's sullen face under the camera and only thought that she looked so pitiful that it seemed as if she had suffered a great injustice.

It was just that this was obviously a show, no wonder there were some comments that this video was more fake than her acting skill.

They didn't know what politeness was. They were just slandering for slandering her.

However, it didn't matter. Melinda was happy to see that Emily was beaten. After suffering a lot during this period, she finally had a chance to vent her anger.

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