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   Chapter 174 The Police Is Coming

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10127

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"Leave it to me. You can sleep now. Otherwise, you will go to work with black rims on your face tomorrow."

Even though Kent mocked her, Melinda didn't know why she felt reassured. Maybe it was because she trusted him.

"Sorry to bother you again," Melinda said after hesitating. She knew that Kent didn't like to hear this, but she couldn't help but say that.

Melinda was afraid of making trouble for others, but she couldn't handle everything well, which made her upset.

Hearing her polite tone, Kent lost his temper immediately. "If you think it's bothering, just wait for the matter to be solved and invite me to dinner. Please spare your spare time and invite me to express your boundless gratitude."

Even though he was angry, he just jeered at her. Perhaps it was because of his tone that could make Melinda feel relaxed.

He brought up the topic about last time when he changed the topic. Since the editing department forbade them to go back home to work, it made them felt that a capitalist exploited the employees.

It was a normal thing to work overtime until eight or nine o'clock. In the past, when they went home, they would never feel that the workload was this heavy. Later, someone in the department sometimes measured the quantity of tasks. Since the plan came out, the tasks given by the superiors was 1.5 times than before.

With the faint salary of the past and more work, everyone would complain incessantly. Victor spoke for the superiors that in fact, the normal work should be 1.25 times. He said that they always had so much free time in the past.

As a result, the dinner date made by Melinda and Kent was delayed for almost a month.

"I will treat you the dinner this time even if I will get my salary deducted," Hearing that, Kent burst into laughter and said, "Don't do that! If my wife knows that, she will scold me! You have only a little salary, but I still wanted to have the meal and deduct your salary. How could you be so unreasonable, Kent?"

Kent imitated his wife's tone. Hearing that, Melinda couldn't help laughing, and her intense mood immediately eased a lot, She knew that Kent was helping her to relax. She couldn't help saying thanks to him in her heart.

Kent was a talkative man. He kept chatting with Melinda. Then he raised his head and looked at the clock in the study. He found that the minute hand had reached number 6, so he urged her, "Well, you should have confidence in the security of your own community. Go to bed early."

"Okay." The sleepiness swept over her again, leaving her a night light. Soon Melinda fell asleep.

It was not a good start for Emily to take revenge on Melinda. She didn't expect that there was someone protecting her.

"One person is not enough, how about a group? Melinda, you can't be so lucky every time,"

Emily talked to herself. She had been in the entertainment industry for so many years. She only knew a few upper class, but she knew a lot of rogues, especially those who would do anything once she gave money

hat. When she was about to say something, the man pulled out a transparent tape and threatened her.

Suddenly, she quieted down.

It was not police at all. It was the bandits. She didn't know that these were assigned by someone on purpose.

When Kent went to the police station to look for them, he reminded them that the girl was very arrogant, and then he offered advice kindly. What Emily did totally echoed Kent's guess. The police believed most of what he said that she threatened people.

The lights were on, but Emily's heart was filled with panic for no reason. Melinda was as nervous as Emily, who was just off duty.

She was a little afraid of driving alone, trembling when entering the parking lot. She was afraid of being attacked, so she decided to take a bus for a few days.

She was careful when she walked home. She wished that she could have clairaudience that she could notice as long as there was any noise. She also hoped that she could have the same speed as The Flash so that she could get home instantly without anything to worry about.

Melinda came back home in great fear, with cold sweat all over her back.

She arrived safely. Putting down her bag, Melinda splashed her face with cold water in the bathroom to make herself a little sober. She could not help but recall that Kent had said he would deal with this matter.

After returning to the living room, Melinda called Kent.

"Kent, I'm home." Melinda called Kent to inform him of her safety. Kent glanced at the woman sitting inside and said to Melinda gently.

"I've said that I would take care of it. It's good that you get home." Kent was a man of action. Melinda had made the call last night and he soon figured out a solution.

He was not as domineering as Jonas, but he had his own way.

"Let me buy you some midnight snack," Melinda said as she reminded of her promise, but was refused by Kent.

"I'm busy now. Maybe next time," Kent said. Melinda didn't insist and hung up the phone after a few words.

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