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   Chapter 173 A Paper Tiger

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Melinda noticed the man who was following her had a deep scar on his face that made him look vicious.

She swallowed loudly and looked at him with wide eyes.

The man glared at Melinda. He didn't expect that she would be violent. His anger frightened Melinda and she instinctively dug her hand into her bag to see if she had anything to protect herself.

Her house wasn't far from where she was, so she felt that she would be able to escape safely.

"Why are you following me?" Melinda asked, waving the metal bar at him. The man was a little annoyed. He didn't expect that Melinda would attack him. He touched his wound and yelped in pain. The man thought that Melinda was a feisty beast.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I'll call the police," Melinda threatened.

The man's expression changed. He knew that Melinda was serious and he had no choice but to tell the truth. "Mr. Gu has sent me to protect you."

'Mr. Gu? Jonas?' Melinda's jaw dropped in shock.

She was surprised that the fierce-looking man was sent by Jonas to protect her. Everything seemed to fall into place. She remembered that the man didn't fight back, but protected himself from the blows.

The man could see the doubt in Melinda's eyes, so he tried to explain. "Mr. Gu found that Emily had put a tracker in his suit, so he decided to probe the matter further. That's when he found that Emily had appointed someone to attack you."

"Attack me? But what did I do? I haven't bothered her recently, have I?" Melinda was puzzled. She couldn't understand why Emily wanted to destroy her even though she wasn't with Jonas anymore.

The man's face twitched. He could understand her concern but didn't know what to tell her.

"Mr. Gu knows that you don't like him following around, but he is worried about your safety. So, he has appointed me to escort you home after work,"

the man said. He felt that even though Jonas was cold-hearted, he was still protective of his ex-wife. But he thought that Melinda was violent.

The man had suffered more serious injuries in the past. But he was ashamed that he was beaten up by a woman.

Melinda was touched by Jonas's concern for her. But her gratitude didn't last long.

No matter what he did now, it wouldn't change the fact that he had hurt her in the past.

"I don't need his fake kindness," Melinda said, crossing her arms across her chest.

The man was annoyed by Melinda's ungratefulness.

He wanted her to understand the importance of Jonas's actions, not because he liked him, but because he felt that Melinda's life would have been at risk if he hadn't followed her.

"Miss Mo, you have no clue about what happened, do you? Two days ago, a man was after you. He was about to attack you but it was I who stopped him."

Melinda broke into a cold sweat. She couldn't imagine what would have happened to her if the man wasn't there to protect her.

Melinda's top was sticking against her sweaty back.

She licked her lips and looked at the man. The undisguised fear in Melinda's eyes made him feel better.

But he remembered what Jonas had said.


"Wow! Did you just call to compliment me? I feel honored." Kent put his pen down and rubbed his tired eyes.

Although he was trying to comfort Melinda, he was glad that she had called him. He was busy with work and her call seemed to take his mind off the work, at least for a while.

Kent took a sip of the tea that his wife had kept on his table. He scrunched his nose as it had become cold, but he drank it anyway. His raspy voice became better.

"Sounds like I'm a heartless woman," Melinda muttered as she realized that she called Kent only when she needed his help.

"Oh! No doubt about it," Kent teased.

But he was only half-joking. He knew that Melinda could sometimes be heartless and rude.

Melinda couldn't help but chuckle. She sat on the bed and cleared her throat as she decided to tell Kent about what happened.

"Kent, do you still remember Emily?"

"Gosh! How can I forget that vindictive woman? Why do you ask?" Kent asked curiously. He was aware of all the problems Melinda had to endure because of her.

He knew that Jonas was once in love with Emily but broke up with her. Jonas had realized his true feeling and moved on but Emily couldn't forget Jonas and tried all means to win him back.

"Someone was following me and I found that Emily was the reason behind it." Melinda conveniently hid Jonas's involvement in the matter.

Kent's stomach flipped with fear. "Are you okay?" he asked concernedly.

"I am okay. Err... Jonas..." she trailed off. "I'm just worried that she might have another plan to attack me." Melinda finally told him that Jonas had arranged a man to protect her and how she was afraid to sleep at night.

Emily was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. She always tried to destroy Melinda.

"You can't fall asleep because of her?" Kent knew Melinda very well. He was annoyed that she was hesitant to tell him about what was bothering her.

"Yes." Melinda was embarrassed. No matter how strong she tried to be, she was a paper tiger at times. She was absolutely terrified of Emily now.

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