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   Chapter 172 Stalked

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Seeing the deep furrow in Jonas's brow, William grew even more nervous. Were they dealing with something so formidable this time around?

He had no idea that Jonas was poring over the fact that Emily always seemed to know where he was at any given time, even before she would make contact.

Even when he was tailing Melinda. That part was much too accurate and too often to be a mere coincidence. Hang on a second...

It was Melinda that Emily wanted to tail all along!

Jonas broke out in a cold sweat as the thought sank in. He had no doubt that Emily was planning something sinister towards the woman he loved. But how did she manage to keep track of both his and Melinda's movements?

"Boss," William said as he eyed Jonas's agitated demeanor. "It would be best if I arranged for bodyguards to protect you."

He could read the room. He could now be certain that whatever weighed in his superior's mind was no doubt a serious matter.

He just didn't know what it was, exactly, but that only gave him a reason to let his imagination run wild with possibilities. In that respect, William was even more creative than Melinda. Jonas had his eyes closed as he carefully went over his past interactions with Emily, trying to look for clues that could give them ideas to her schemes. Something finally stood out in his memory, and he turned to his secretary abruptly. "Which suit was I wearing when Emily last came by?"

"Uh..." William looked visibly confused at the sudden question, but he quickly collected his bearings. "It was a tailored suit of the Y brand, a gray two piece ensemble."

Jonas walked to the small wardrobe that stood at the corner of his office. He had extra suits and shirts kept inside it, which came in handy when he was spending an ungodly amount of hours in the company. He rummaged for the suit in question, and William trailed behind him, still confused. He immediately assisted his boss in hunting Y brand suit, though, and was indeed the one who found it.

'Did Mr. Gu lose something?' he thought to himself as he pulled the suit jacket off the rack. Jonas's actions were a great deviation from what they had been discussing earlier.

As William grabbed the bottom part of the jacket, he felt something small and hard in one of the pockets, and couldn't quite guess what the object was. It was at that moment that Jonas caught sight of the jacket he was holding, and he quickly got it off of William's hands before the secretary could even properly take it out of the wardrobe. Jonas stuffed his hand in the pockets, and took out a small black box. He held it up for them to inspect, and they noticed a tiny red light blinking on what appeared to be a device of some sort.

"Boss, that is..." "A tracker," Jonas bit out, and William felt a faint wave of nausea come over him. How could this filthy thing slip under his nose?

His boss, on the other hand, was practically snarling at the device. "Well, well. Emily, you cunning little bitch." He had never expected his childhood friend to go this far. To think that he had been careless enough to let this happen. If it weren't for Melinda's reminder, Jonas probably would have let his suspicions slide, and he would have been too late to stop Emily.

"Tell everyone in the reception area on all floors not to grant access to Emily Bai," Jonas instructed William, his voice cold and firm.

Though the secretary wasn't privy to the details, he could judge by his boss' reaction that Miss Bai was somehow involved in the matter. Heck, he would even bet that this was all that woman's handiwork.

No one would really be surprised if that was true. But what brought great distress to William was how they weren't able to find out about the tracking device for so long.

Miss Bai's behavior might have had something to do with that, too. For her to have been able to deceive Jonas to this extent, that he would never even suspect her to begin with, that woman really had some incredibly evil skills.

William left quickly to hand down Jonas's instructions. They must act immediately to stop whatever it was that Emily was scheming.

He also alerted the security department even without Jonas telling him to. It was better for the security team to at least have a bit of awareness, so they could be ready whenever an incident might happen.

Needless to say, Emily Bai was now branded as a dangerous person, and was considered a threat to Jonas's safety. That was how William viewed it, at least.

But he had a feeling that, in light of the recent orders to the staff a

ssure her with a smile. "It's nothing much. I was just wondering if today's article needed another revision." And she wasn't entirely lying. Her suspicions of being stalked had caused her to be distracted in the past few days, and it affected her work.

Just today, another one of her articles was criticized in front of everyone in the middle of a meeting, and she was reprimanded for her performance.

"Don't take it to heart," her other co-worker comforted her. They were probably thinking it was that scene at the meeting that caused Melinda to be down. "Everyone has their low points every now and then."

Melinda thanked her colleagues for their encouragement, and they said their goodbyes as they exited the building.

The bus stop was barely a block away from the company. What worried Melinda was that she needed to pass through an alley to get on the bus from her destination stop to her home.

She clenched her purse closer to her body. The contents of her bag included a pepper spray and a metal bar about a foot long. She had been carrying these for days as a precaution.

She felt eyes on her as soon as she stepped out of the company's driveway, all the way to the bus stop.

She would look around her every so often to check if she could identify who was stalking her, but she never could pinpoint where the culprit was.

Everyone around her didn't look suspicious at all, and seemed to be minding their own business. If her stalker could easily move without being seen, then she might be in very real danger.

When she alighted the bus, she waited for a while at the stop to observe all the other passengers who got off with her. They all went into different directions, and soon she was alone by herself.

She took a deep breath and grasped the metal bar in her purse, making sure to keep her hand hidden inside the bag. She slowly made her way to the entrance of the alley.

It was dark, and the light of the street lamp barely lit the entire alley. It was like a scene from thriller movies, and Melinda could practically hear her heart thundering in her chest.

She struggled to keep her pace normal, so as not to alert her stalker that she knew she was being followed. Her heels clacked loudly on the pavement. She still had a long way to go.

She was still debating to herself if she should just sprint to the other end of the alley as if the devil's hounds were after her, when she heard another set of foot fall behind her.

Melinda swallowed nervously. She quickened her pace, the click clack of her heels adopting a swift staccato rhythm. The heavy footfalls behind her also sped up.

Melinda's knees almost buckled in her fright. There was a small corner up ahead, and when she rounded it she pulled out the metal bar from her purse.

She nervously waited for her stalker on the other side. She watched as the man's shadow approached, and as soon as he came into view she swung her weapon with all her might.

She hit him square in the head, and he crumpled to the ground, groaning in pain.

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