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   Chapter 171 The Secret Stalker

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 11034

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Emily was glad that Jonas had rescued her from all the problems. Therefore, she called him without any hesitation. But all she heard was a long beep.

"Jonas, do you have the time to have dinner with me? I want to thank you for your help." Emily quickly sent a message but there was still no reply from Jonas. She sent a couple of messages repeatedly, hoping that Jonas would reply.

Jonas glanced at his phone that was chiming incessantly with messages. His grip on the pen tightened and his knuckles almost turned white. William saw Jonas's tense jaw and broke into a cold sweat.

Emily was incredibly stupid. She was only annoying Jonas further.

Jonas grew frustrated and finally grabbed his phone and sent a message.

"No, thank you. I don't want others to misunderstand our relationship."

He gave his phone to William and continued with his work. William decided to manage the problem on his own if Emily tried contacting Jonas again.

Emily was disappointed by Jonas's reply. For a moment, she believed that Jonas had helped her because he still had feelings for her.

But she was wrong. She knew that Jonas was referring to Melinda when he said that he didn't want others to misunderstand him. Emily had been busy with her problems lately that she didn't have the time to find out what Melinda had been up to.

Emily was decked up and got back to being the glamorous diva that she had always been. She quickly went to a shop in the mall and picked a watch for Jonas. She specifically instructed the clerk to pack it carefully.

Emily went to Soaring Group with the gift. "I know that you're busy, so I came here to personally thank you for your help. Here's a small gift from me and you cannot refuse it,"

Emily said. She was finally happy because all of her problems were solved. She wasn't sad anymore and a permanent grin was etched on her face.

"Okay," Jonas muttered and put the gift aside and decided to give it to William once Emily left.

Emily didn't mind his attitude and continued to talk. But Jonas was absent-minded the whole time; he didn't listen to what she was saying. After a while, Emily stood up and walked behind Jonas. She secretly snuck a tiny device into his suit.

Jonas usually removed his suit when he was at his office and hung it on his chair, so it was easy for Emily to make her plan work without stirring any suspicion.

"I don't want to bother you anymore, so I better leave." Emily smiled and walked out of the office. William felt that it was strange for Emily to leave before Jonas sent her out.

"Has Miss Bai left?" William asked suspiciously. Jonas, who was preoccupied with his thoughts, lifted his head and frowned. "What? You don't want her to leave?"

"No, boss, that's not what I meant. Don't make fun of me," William said, his face flushed with embarrassment. He was aware that Emily was dangerous and he would stay away from her at all costs.

"Well, you can have this," Jonas said, giving the box to him. William took the box and thought that he could gift this watch to one of his friends for their birthday.

Jonas had been looking weak and dull ever since he returned from the business trip. He was always distracted and hardly paid attention to what was going on. But only William knew what Jonas was think

nda was afraid of being caught and instinctively rolled up the window. She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Emily always created chaos, Melinda knew that she wouldn't harm Jonas. Melinda quietly followed the two of them and saw that Emily and Jonas took different paths at the intersection.

Melinda took a detour and drove back to her house. But she couldn't stop thinking about what happened today. So, she decided to inform Jonas about it.

"How do you know that?" Jonas replied. He didn't seem bothered that someone was following him. Jonas's nonchalance annoyed Melinda and she felt stupid for warning him.

Melinda didn't want Jonas to find that she had followed him.

"I know that you've been following me and I noticed the car, which was parked behind yours," Melinda lied.

She felt that it was a perfect excuse and left the problem for Jonas to handle. Jonas was shocked by Melinda's reply.

All this time, he had thought that Melinda was oblivious to him stalking her. He was embarrassed that she had found about it and didn't know what to say.

"I'm worried about your safety," he replied honestly.

Melinda felt that Jonas would find ways to convince her, so she didn't reply to his message.

Melinda's words made Jonas think about the recent turn of events. He was always a secretive person. No one, except for William, was aware of his whereabouts. There were countless times when Emily had accidentally bumped into him. He didn't take it seriously then, but today, he felt that it was a little strange for Emily to find out where he was.

"William, I want you to check if someone has been following me." Jonas knew how to deal with the problem. All he wanted to know was if Emily had been following him or not.

But William couldn't find any information as the detective had stopped working for Emily after she got into trouble the last time.

"Mr. Gu, is someone after you? Do you want me to appoint bodyguards to protect you?" William panicked. He knew that his boss had many rivals and he didn't want anything to happen to him. If at all something happened to Jonas, he would go to the Gu's mansion with a gun and take his own life.

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