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   Chapter 170 Take The Opportunity

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10010

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The entertainment company Emily worked for was among the top ten in China and one of the top three in A City. There were the best actor and actress in the company, and Emily was quite a celebrity.

However, the entertainment circle was a typical place where new comers would replace those old ones. Youth was everything. Emily couldn't compare with those new comers now. She had been maintaining her skin care with expensive skin care products all the time.

And she dressed herself up gorgeously and tried to be better than others.

But today, she appeared in the company in a mess. The receptionists looked at her curiously.

Emily was sensitive enough to hear those whispers. If it was before, she would never let it go.

"Hey, isn't that Miss. Bai? Why do you look so bad? Are you having too many alcohol recently?" Just as Emily walked to the floor where the artists usually came in and out, she heard a playful sneer. A group of women, all young and energetic, were basically new employees of the company.

And there happened to be a new employee who the company was promoting recently.

Now they faced each other with different thoughts.

"Watch your mouth." Emily was used to be supercilious, but she began to fold her clothes to make the wrinkles obedient. Then she adjusted her hair and straightened her waist to make herself look noble.

"What a terrifying woman! Which rich man does the pure and innocent actress ask for help from this time?" Those people knew that the company was going to give up on Emily. A bunch of hatred piled up in the past.

They began to talk arrogantly. Emily's face suddenly turned pale. But she finally understood that she came here for the business.

She would remember all of them!

Emily snorted and turned to the agent's office. Those people looked at her back and laughed, with mean words more neatly than reciting lines.

There were a lot of people in the agent's office, and so did the entertainment director. Seeing Emily, she had a long face. Emily walked in with a much slower pace.

"Do it well. This is an opportunity for you from the company," the entertainment director said to the agent. The agent nodded busily and sent her away.

Emily still wanted to say something, but her attitude to avoid arousing suspicion was very obvious. It was embarrassing.

The director of the entertainment department came over, telling the agent to take good care of the new comer, not to make trouble in the entertainment industry like Emily did. Therefore, when she saw Emily, the agent announced her end directly. "You've been too tired recently. Have a good rest for a while."

"For a while" could be a short time or a long time, and many people knew it clearly that Emily was going to be abandoned by the company.

Emily was unwilling to accept the result and wanted to say something. Suddenly, the agent's phone rang and she was talking with the advertising company. She kept complimenting the new comer.

Everyone was i

eporters were not taken when she was in the night club.

This inexplicable blame left Jonas in a trance. He recalled what had happened that day. It seemed that Emily had drunk too much for she was in a low mood because of him.

If that was the case, he should be responsible for it.

His frown deepened. Emily knew Jonas well. Seeing that he was thinking, she said thoughtfully, "Jonas, I'm sorry. I was too anxious just now to say something like that."

But what done was done. Sitting on the chair, Jonas felt the coffee in front of him had become totally cold. Emily's saliva was almost dried up, but he didn't respond to her at all.

"You can go back first."

Emily didn't expect that this was all what she got after such a long time waiting. She wanted to know what Jonas's attitude was. But Jonas was always unpredictable, so she couldn't figure it out at all.

Emily was respectfully led out of the office by William. Sitting on his chair, Jonas ordered, "You deal with it."

"Yes, sir," William responded as he bowed. He had been busy with the accident since it happened. He knew that Emily was a capable person, who could always find ways to let the boss help her.

William really wanted to tell Jonas that if he kept on tangling with her, he would only make things worse.

When Emily returned near her apartment, she found that the paparazzi had disappeared. A vague guess arose in her mind, but she was not sure, so she simply waited for it at home.

Jonas had great power in A City, and it was easy to deal with this kind of matter. After three days, he helped Emily to clean up.

It reminded those who stood aside again.

It didn't take a few days before the event quieted down. Those women who had mocked Emily began to be afraid of her. No one had expected that Emily would hook up with a powerful man and have turned over the table.

Although she was still not very popular, those who wanted to cause trouble to her had to think over their consequences.

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