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   Chapter 169 New One

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For a moment, Emily felt that Jonas's antipathy and eyes were like nightmares in her heart. The people around her were laughing and talking, but in her eyes, they were all mocking her.

It was the first time that Emily had felt overconfident in the face of Jonas.

Her confidence all collapsed at this moment. She also realized one thing that Jonas was not the same person as she had known. There was a woman called Melinda in his heart.

"Clap." With a loud noise, the glass in Emily's hand was smashed to the corner. The sudden sound attracted many people's attention, and the girl who covered her eyebrows stood up from her seat with anger.

It was a lie hidden in the eyes of Emily.

She had many ways to separate them, just like this time, the divorce.

It didn't matter as long as she got what she wanted by hook or by crook.

Lowering her head, Emily walked out of the bar. It was a sunny day, which was rare to see. She looked up at the sky, only to find it dazzling.

'When did I become so unhappy with the sunlight?'

Ever since she chose to be an actress, it had become a required course for her to pay attention to privacy. Although she was eager to be paid attention every day, she was very cautious.

Now she was not that famous, but she still got in the car and left in a hurry. Recently, the company had signed a new comer for her agent, and the agent's attitude towards her became colder again. She had received so little work recently.

Emily controlled the steering wheel and drove aimlessly in the city. The last place where she stopped was the company of Melinda.

There was a cameraman and an assistant liked girl with lots of things in hand following Melinda. The three got on a commercial vehicle.

"Mel, give me that thing." The cameraman got on the car first. Seeing that Melinda could not get on with her luggage, the man offered to help her. Melinda handed the things to him, and looked around with suspicious eyes.

She felt like there was a burning sight behind her, and it seemed that the person who was staring at her wanted to swallow her.

At the sight of the car parking not far away, Melinda had an answer in her mind.

'What is Emily doing here? Does she come to make trouble?' Melinda muttered in her heart, but did not take it seriously. These people had nothing to do with her now.

"Mel, why don't you get in the car?" The cameraman yelled at the top of his lungs. After Melinda regained her composure, she held the car frame and got into the car. There were three rows of seats and a lot of food were placed at the back. Today, their destination was the orphanage.

These were gifts for the children inside.

"Let's go." Melinda smiled sheepishly and reminded the driver to set off. It was not until the car had left for a long time that Emily started the car and left Melinda's company.

She followed Melinda's car to the rear of the road. Sitting in the car, Melinda was checking whether there were any items in the bag when she found that the car was following behind.

Melinda heart sank. 'Why does Emily follow me?'

his, a glimmer of hope appeared in Emily's eyes. With numb hands and feet, she found her mobile phone in a hurry. However, it was a mechanical female voice.

Jonas turned off his phone.

In the following days, Emily kept calling Jonas as if she was crazy, but she could never get through to him because his phone was powered off.

For the time being, no one in the company made a sound. The statement from the public relations department was ambiguous. Last time Jonas helped Emily, so the company was tentatively waiting for the result.

However, one day was enough for many news to create a greater impact. Since Emily had not appeared, the comment area of her Weibo had already been captured, and a group of people were scolding her.

Some even made a mockery of Emily. Emily had tried every means to seduce Jonas before, but Mr. Jonas of the Soaring Group was not a fool. After knowing her true nature, he was wise to distance himself from Emily in front of media.

For a moment, there were different comments. Emily's crazy fans were still struggling to hold on, but others were all talking with a real evidence, aiming to regard them as stupid, crazy fans, so that these followers were quiet.

Silence, absolute silence. Everyone could tell that Emily had no chance to turn over again.

The company held a meeting, and the final decision was to give up on Emily. This plan had already been created, so it was carried out very quickly.

When she was trapped in the public opinion, the company just regretted that they didn't have any rules on the artists and then took advantage of the enthusiasm to push new comers out.

The agent took over the contracts and transferred them to the freshmen without any hesitation under the company's leadership.

It was just like the old saying, "People just see new ones smile and turn a deaf ear to the old ones crying.

When Emily got the news, she changed her clothes and rushed to the company, ready to argue with the company. Giving her a hit at this time would make her disappear more quickly.

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