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   Chapter 165 An Intimate Relationship

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When Maggie saw the unnatural expression on Melinda's face, she sensed that something was wrong. In a panic, Melinda moved the mouse in a hurry. The light flickered on the screen.

However, Melinda was unable to open any file in her computer.

The documents found from the recycle bin were destroyed. It seemed that she was drained of all her strength. She collapsed to her seat.

"Sorry, my original draft is gone."

Melinda apologized, sweat streaming down her forehead, and her face was pale.

"Melinda, what happened?" Maggie put her finger on her forehead out of concern. The touch was cold, making her teeth tremble.

"My files were all destroyed." Maggie widened her eyes in shock and asked, "did you ever use a USB flash drive as a backup?"

"No, I'm not," answered Melinda in a low voice

She didn't know that she had destroyed all the files. She just went out for dinner before. Her mind was in a mess. It could be said that all the files in her computer were the fruit of her hard work after she came to this company.

Every piece of the work liked a baby. But now, all her offspring died because of her miscarriage.

She could do nothing but silent. When the draft was lost, she could only make up for it. Maggie could do nothing to help. She comforted her for a while and then gave her some personal space.

It might be easy to write these copies, but they were not as good as she had thought at the beginning and she couldn't write them well.

The whole afternoon, Melinda was out of spirits. She was very surprised when Victor came to the editing department.

When Melinda was at work, there was a disturbance. After the inquiry, even Victor raised his voice, "all of them were ruined?"

Since they both used the same system, it was pretty easy for a computer crash to happen.

Melinda nodded helplessly. Sitting at her desk, Victor opened the files but failed to open them. He couldn't read any of them.

"Don't be depressed. I will help you contact some experts to restore the files."

Then he turned around and walked to the tea room, seeming to look for someone.

"I found a person who is a computer expert. He is much better than us."

Melinda sounded like that Victor was talking to her in a soft and soothing way, but she didn't think that a playboy like him was reliable.

That man arrived soon. It was cold today, but he was dressed in men's slippers, big clothes and trousers, wearing a big coat, and his hair created a wild shape, and his eyes were covered by thick glasses.

A skillful man.

He was a little shy, greeting her indifferently and keeping his head down out of uncomfortableness, but as if Victor had got used to it, Victor brought him directly in front of the computer and roughly described the situation.

"It might be able to recover after some time." The

ent ago, but now Victor called her dear Melinda affectionately.

Just like an irritated lion, Jonas dashed at his face.

He didn't punch on Victor's face in the first place, but now, Victor's face was swollen.

Victor was a playboy in the bar. Even if he had some fighting skills, he was still weak in front of Jonas.

Victor still provoked Jonas as madly as a masochist. The waiter screamed and hid aside. In the beginning, Melinda awas pushed aside by Jonas and did not get involved.

But now the two fought in public, attracting the attention of many people downstairs. Many people looked up to see what happened.

"Mona, your ex-husband is too violent. We'd better leave now if I can't beat him." Noticing that his hair was in a mess, his suit was crumpled and his face was flushed, he lost his usual charming image.

On the contrary, Jonas's clothes were a little messy, and he could look well with one photo casually.

Victor ran to Melinda and stopped her action successfully. In the dim light, she felt that there seemed to be a flame in Jonas's eyes.

And the position of his sight… Following his sight, Melinda looked to the direction, only to find that, out of nowhere, Victor had grabbed her arm.

"Mr. Cheng, I don't think it's unnecessary to have dinner with you today." "It seems that the flame in Jonas's eyes has been extinguished a lot," she said in a serious tone, after she stretched out her hand to slap away Victor's hand, as she rubbed her arm.

Melinda's nonchalant response made Edgar a little embarrassed. However, he had always been very thick skinned, and once again reached out his hand in an indifferent manner. Melinda avoided his touch as if he was a plague. She sternly warned him, "Mr. Cheng, please show some respect."

Victor's behavior provoked Melinda. She glanced at the two men and turned to go downstairs without saying a word.

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