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   Chapter 162 Rumors

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Melinda later couldn't stand spicy food and became excited about it. She told all her friends that she and Jonas preferred the same kind of food.

Melinda was hopelessly in love with Jonas and had done silly things in the past.

"What would you like to eat? I'll look for a good restaurant near your office." Jonas knew that Melinda didn't want to see him but he wasn't ready to give up.

"That would be unnecessary. If there's nothing else, I'll hang up the call."

"Mellie, can't you have a calm conversation with me? Please give me a chance. I want to start over." Melinda's constant refusal hurt Jonas but he felt that he deserved every bit of the pain. She was right to stay angry as he had ruined her life.

"We won't start over, and we will never be together again," Melinda growled and turned around. She saw her reflection in the mirror that looked alien to her. She was looking like a ferocious beast. How could she be calm when Jonas was a reminder of the past that she was trying hard to forget?

She hung up the call, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Melinda put her phone on mute and continued with her work. She understood that blacklisting Jonas's number wasn't going to stop him from contacting her.

Melinda was engrossed in her work that she didn't notice the change in the behavior of her colleagues.

As time passed by, Melinda understood that they were acting strangely. All her colleagues were making various excuses to stay away from her. But she couldn't understand why.

"Mark, do you have any book recommendation for this month's topic?" Melinda asked her colleague. They usually discussed it every month after the topic was allocated to them.

Melinda's colleagues admired her reserve of knowledge and unique insights. They usually explored reference materials to improve their writing but Mark ignored her and walked away.

Melinda's face reddened with embarrassment. Her colleague who was watching the entire scene stood up from her seat, went to the conference table, and joined the rest who were having fun.

Four to five people had gathered around the conference table, making raucous sounds as they stole glances at Melinda.

"Elsa, why are you here?"

a colleague asked. Elsa worked in the editing department with Melinda. She grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the conversation at the conference table.

"I'm not interested in discussing work with her. The topic for the month is about surviving in fast-paced cities. But I'm sure she'll end up giving ideas on how to sleep with superiors," Elsa said looking at Melinda. Elsa was jealous of Melinda. She always looked for opportunities to put her down.

The people around her burst into a fit of laughter.

"I think you could learn how to seduce the boss from her. She's an expert in trapping rich men and you can also become successful like her," another colleague ridiculed.

Everyone who had gathered at the table envied Melinda. The others who didn't hold grudges against Melinda were afraid to voice their opinion and support her. They were afraid of becoming their targets.

"Your lewd words are giving me an ear bleed. Please don't shame me like this," Elsa said dramatical

e that you and Mr. Cheng are two innocent people who hang out at the beach for no reason?"

Although some people pretended to be kind, they were mocking Melinda behind her back. No one tried to empathize with her.

Melinda was heartbroken to see friends turn into foes. Some of the people shaming her were the ones who spent every weekday with her. Melinda finally understood the bitter lesson that human beings were unpredictable. One could never know who their enemies were.

Melinda sat in her office, trying to ignore their snide comments. Elsa was leaning against the wall, watching Melinda's reaction. Her calmness annoyed Elsa.

She was not only jealous of Melinda's talent but her personality as well.

Elsa was unaware that life had forced Melinda to remain calm. She had endured five years of torture that had toughened her.

Elsa was a cunning woman who would go to any extent to get rid of her.

Melinda's talent and maturity posed a threat to Elsa's job and she had to do something to make her leave.

Victor returned to his office and read Melinda's script.

He felt that there was nothing wrong with her writing. It wasn't exceptional like always, but it was still good.

He felt that his colleagues had great expectations of Melinda, so they were disappointed to see the decline in the quality.

"Melinda, Mr. Cheng wants to see you," a colleague bellowed, trying to draw everyone's attention.

"Okay," Melinda answered and locked the screen as she didn't trust her colleagues anymore. They were openly attacking Melinda and would do anything behind her back. Melinda was afraid that they would cause irreparable damage in her absence.

When Melinda walked into Victor's office, she saw him sitting on the sofa, sipping on his tea. "Take a seat." He smiled and pointed at the chair beside him.

Melinda ignored him and sat down.

"Mr. Cheng, what can I do for you?" The sudden change in Melinda's attitude surprised Victor.

"Look, it wasn't I who rejected your manuscript. You don't have to vent out your anger on me," Victor snapped. He was annoyed that Melinda always misunderstood him.

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