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   Chapter 160 Having No Good Intentions

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After being taken to a gay bar, Melinda highly suspected that her boss was gay although it wasn't a big deal for her. Being a quiet and reserved person, she wasn't going to talk about his business to anyone. On the contrary, it was Victor who asked her to observe others and learn from them, which gave Melinda new ideas for her article.

However, this was her first time to try writing about such a topic and therefore she felt a bit out of her element and nervous, considering she didn't want to misrepresent anyone. Melinda therefore recorded her conversation with Victor at the bar so that she wouldn't leave out important details. As soon as she got home, she got down to writing what she had observed and filling in the information with what she had also recorded.

This was the most controversial article that Melinda had ever written. Her article would be viewed as controversial because same-sex relationships were a rare occurrence and not the norm for most people.

Loving someone was something great, although sometimes relegated as insignificant or taken for granted because it was normal. However, no one knew who they would fall in love with in life and falling in love with a person of the same sex was not a mistake either. Every genuine love was worthy of respect and no one should be judged for who they loved.

However, Melinda also criticized the gays and lesbians, who were attracted to same-sex individuals but were scared that the society would not accept them, and they, therefore turned into players who hurt others and got into self-destructive and abusive cycles.

The article was full of criticism and praise in equal measure. It also reiterated that gays and lesbians were not any different from ordinary people. The issues of heirs, descendants and basically family lineage that families were always concerned about were an easy problem that could be solved with the current progress in science.

The article covered broad topics on sexual orientation, and it was only after a pretty grueling final paragraph that Melinda realized that it was three o'clock in the morning. Fortunately, the next day was a weekend, so she didn't have to go to work.

Victor received Melinda's call while he was out having some fun at his neighborhood club. As soon as he heard her request, he almost fell off the seat in shock.

"Now you want to have a few interviews? Are you kidding me? Unless you have changed your occupation, I know you're not a journalist." Victor pushed the beautiful girl, who was straddling his lap, aside and gulped some beer from the glass on the table to calm himself down.

Melinda, patiently listened until the karaoke noise in the background had gradually quieted down, and then she continued, "You are right, I am not a journalist, but for this article people will expect some examples and real life stories, for it to be more authentic. Do you know a few individuals we can interview? Of course at the end of the day everything will be at your own discretion."

After a lot of haggling and thinking for a while, Victor finally agreed to provide some contacts. With his help Melinda soon completed her report. During one of the work days, she was scheduled for a departmental review which she passed without a lot of hustle, and was given a go ahead to release the article in the next magazine.

"Melinda, I didn't expect that you would write an article in such a sensitive topic." Maggie placed a cup of hot drink in front of Melinda. Holding the cup in her hands, Melinda checked and found that her article had been shared and forwarded widely.

Although the impact was not very sensational, it still created quite a stir especially on the online community.

"I wouldn't have done it on my own, I didn't know where to start. Mr. Cheng was a great help. I couldn't do anything to disappoint him, right?" Melinda continued, smiling.

Melinda also felt that Victor's attitude had changed and he was behaving strangely of late. However, since they were still working together, she would behave professionally.

"You wrote it well and it was very touching. I don't think I have ever told you this but, my elder brother is gay and therefore your article was very personal for me. He has been living outside the family home alone for many years." Maggie looked out of the window as she spoke. Although she was smiling and looked happy, her expressions did not reach her eyes, and they instead reflected a distant longing and how much she missed her brother.

Melinda looked at Maggie, and was at a loss, she didn't know how best to comfort her since this was not an area she was conversant with. Although based on her investigation for the article, she had realized that it was not only the people in same-sex relationships that were suffering, but also thei

was a common occurrence for others to gossip behind someone's back in the office. However, it was considered bad luck if the person they were talking about heard every word they said.

Both the gossip mongers were glad that they had not been caught saying anything bad.

The company generally treated its employees very well, especially those who were being rewarded for outstanding work. This time the reward was a company sponsored trip to the Maldives and therefore everyone expected Melinda to be one of the recipients of the trip. If Melinda's name was not on the list, everyone would be astounded by the shady deals happening in the company.

If it had been in the past, Melinda might have given the chance to someone else. But recently, she had been fed up with the unbearable constant harassment from Jonas and was looking for a well-deserved break from him.

He had turned her life upside down and could come in and out as he pleased without considering her feelings.

Melinda also wanted to go on a trip so that she could have time to relax from her busy schedule.

The trip would take about four days including one travel day by plane.

There were more than twenty people who had gathered at the company, which was spectacular although most of them were leaders, such as Victor.

It was very warm almost being classified as hot weather. Although the journey was long and tiring, Melinda was instantly rejuvenated as soon as she stepped into the country and experienced such refreshing weather.

Melinda had packed quite a number of clothes appropriate for the beach, including accessories such as sunscreen products and sunglasses to protect her body and eyes. After taking a shower, Melinda ordered something to eat before taking a rest.

She heard some noise at the corridors and decided to go out. As soon as she opened the door, Melinda saw Victor holding a scantily dressed woman around the waist, as they walked past her while talking and laughing loudly. That woman was so close to Victor that she almost clung like a second skin to him.

Melinda felt a little embarrassed so she covered it by smiling awkwardly and greeting them. "Mr. Cheng."

She could barely bring her eyes to look him straight in the eye, so she stared at the ground or in the distance trying to avoid eye contact. Compared to her embarrassed demeanor, Victor was very calm. "Melinda, it's rare for one to go out for a trip like this one. Loosen up and have some fun."

As soon as he said that, he took the woman in his arms and went to the room next door. Immediately, Melinda's face turned pale as if she had seen a ghost, and a bad feeling rose in her heart.

Did Victor live next door to her! For the next few days... Melinda began to worry about her sleeping patterns.

"He deserves to be called a playboy boss," Melinda mumbled. While others were busy putting things in order and clearing his mess, Victor was busy entertaining women on his arm.

The schedule was rigorous and had been organized by the company. It was all team activity. Victor appeared every day with different woman on his arm and when he returned to his room at night, there was another one waiting for him in his bed.

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