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   Chapter 155 Decorate New Home

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9893

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News on the Internet was the most efficient. As for the gossip, it was soon passed. In addition, the news was no longer talked about because of the pressure put on the magazines by Jonas.

Only Emily's fans were just talking about this matter.

If their idol was linked to such a wealthy family, they could brag about it for a long time.

After the divorce, Yulia had no connection with Emily. Unexpectedly, she received a call from Emily.

"Let's cooperate again," Emily said directly. It had made it clear to her how important it was to have a person of hers beside Jonas.

"Melinda has left. I think there is nothing to cooperate between us."

"Haven't you read your brother's statement? As long as your brother doesn't marry someone, Melinda can come back again."

When Emily read the declaration of Jonas, she was angry, and then worried, so she wanted to be Jonas's wife as soon as possible.

Yulia began to hesitate. In the beginning, she did not want to contact Emily. After all, if her family knew about this, she would be done.

However, what Emily said reminded her that it was possible that Melinda would come back. After all, this had happened once.

"My brother has been drinking in the TT club these days. That's all I know." Yulia was not stupid and she knew what Emily's purpose was. And now she was very familiar with revealing others' whereabouts.

When Emily got the news she wanted, she quickly got dressed and set out for TT club.

She was also a member of this club, and her friends who worked in it could help her. Soon, Emily got to know on which floor Jonas was in recently.

Today happened to be a cocktail party, the host did not refuse such a big star as Emily, and even gossiped to remind her, "Mr. Jonas is also here today."

A dash of delight flashed through Emily's eyes. She then asked surprisedly, "Is Jonas here?"

With only a few words, it was a coincidence again deliberately. Emily found Jonas at the corner of the party.

Many people around wanted to greet him and talk with him, but they were afraid of the low pressure around him and they all stopped.

"Jonas." Emily naturally sat down next to him. Since Jonas was drinking, he just raised his eyes slightly, as if saying that he knew that she had come.

His indifferent attitude made Emily nervous. Then she plucked up her courage and asked, "Can you give me a chance?"

She looked down, as if afraid of knowing a bad result.

Her words exposed her heart. Hearing that, Jonas didn't stop what he was doing.

"Jonas, I have liked you since the first sight. It's just like breathing, a part of my life that I can't change. So give me a chance."

Seeing that Jonas had no reaction, Emily was on the verge of crying. But it was still not enough to make Jonas frown a little.

"I hope you can realize one thing, that the person I love is Melinda." In spite of the noise around them, Emily clearly heard what Jonas said.

The perso

Jonas was leaning against the steering wheel, dispirited. He was indignant at Melinda's ruthlessness, but he bitterly found that he could not stand in any position to question her.

They divorced, so Melinda could do whatever she wanted. However angry he was, she would not care.

At the same time, standing in front of a variety of goods in the supermarket, Melinda was carefully choosing and comparing.

This kind of life was what she had only had when she was in college, ordinary, and she didn't care about her status as a wealthy lady.

She could do whatever she wanted without caring about how others thought of her.

The only heating machine in the new house was equipped in the bedroom. Melinda was not willing to go out usually, so shopping in the morning was out of her consideration.

At night, she was going to buy the things she would need the next day, and then go for some snacks and other stuff.

She would buy whatever she liked without a specific goal.

At this time, the supermarket was the most bustling. Melinda's shopping cart had already piled up a lot of things.

Melinda had a roommate in college, who often said that one should have a sense of ceremony in his or her life and then have an exquisite life.

In the past, she was devoted to Jonas, and she thought that it was enough as long as the life was comfortable. But she felt that it made sense now.

When she put all her heart on it, she would feel very happy, fulfilling, and satisfied from the bottom of her heart.

So even if she was buying a plate now, she had to carefully choose the patterns on it. She bought the plate and then wanted to buy the table cloth of the same style. Then the shopping cart was even fuller.

It was a large supermarket in the community. There were special people helping deliver the goods to the door, which would save much trouble for Melinda.

She arranged everything in a place as she thought, and the whole home had been renewed.

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