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   Chapter 154 Cold Face Warm Heart

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"Clap." The pen fell on the desk, and the whole person of Jonas leaned back on the chair. Melinda picked up the pen on the desk and signed her name quickly.

"This is yours."

Melinda left one of them to Jonas, and then left with the other one in her hand. She didn't have any mercy on it as she walked away decisively.

With his mind preoccupied with the past, Jonas didn't notice that Melinda had left and felt dispirited in an instant.

Her luggage had already been packed up. After returning to the Gu's mansion, she went straight to find Nelson and put the divorce agreement in front of him without saying a word.

"Grandpa, take care of yourself." Nelson saw that both of them had signed their names on the agreement, so he didn't say anything more. At this time, he began to reflect on whether it was right or wrong to have them be together in a tough way.

"What's your plan?"

"I will leave here first."

Melinda didn't plan to lie to Nelson. The study was empty, and he looked lonely. They didn't talk much before Melinda left.

However, they didn't know when they would see each other again.

After Melinda left the Gu family, Jonas returned home and found that the change was not big. Melinda almost brought nothing with her.

Nelson told Yulia that Melinda and Jonas were divorced. The news came a little suddenly, but she was not surprised.

After all, their private instigation had a big effect.

The atmosphere in the Gu's mansion was not good. Everyone in the room was preoccupied with something. However, no one noticed Yulia. When Yulia returned to the bedroom, she told Emily about the news.

"Finally they are divorced,"

said Emily, relieved. It seemed that the hotel night was a big blow to her.

"I don't know why Jonas suddenly agreed." Yulia didn't forget that they didn't divorce because Jonas didn't agree or even avoid facing Melinda.

"Didn't you ask someone to report their divorce?" Emily was really shocked at this time. She thought that it was because Yulia finally became smart, but it turned out that Yulia was totally unaware of it.

The two of them couldn't get a result, but the process was no longer important.

Melinda had asked Kent to keep an eye on the new residence these days. After she moved out from Gu family, Kent took her to the new place.

"That's all you have?" Kent was surprised to see that Melinda only carried a small suitcase. She had lived in the same place for several years. How could she have nothing?

"Just bring some necessities. I can buy the rest." Melinda smiled to show her indifference. Kent had driven the car to the housing estate.

This housing estate in A City was middle grade. The transportation was very convenient and the green was very good. There was a small garden in the middle. Because it was winter, no one was willing to go out.

Melinda lived on the 12th floor, and there were four apartments on each floor. She lived in the innermost one.

"Not bad.

have refused everything as you said."

William was confused. As the chief secretary, he was busy every day, so he didn't know about it. Every time media called him, he would be refused with various excuses.

He was good at dealing with such things.

"Find a few familiar media to spread the news that who Emily likes has nothing to do with me, but I have someone I love. Tell them not to make groundless rumors."

It was true that Jonas had promised to divorce, but that didn't mean that he had given up. On the one hand, he was worried that Melinda would be disappointed in such a news. On the other hand, he hoped that she would see it and come back to him in a fit of anger to stimulate Emily.

He knew that it was unlikely for Melinda to do that because of her character.

Therefore, he must make a statement to clarify his position. He and Melinda had enough misunderstanding.

William had always been an efficient person. As soon as Jonas commanded, many copies appeared on the Internet, and the news of the two had been analyzed together.

Thinking of the efforts Emily said and Jonas quickly disassociated himself from her, they came up with a dramatic play.

Melinda intended to avoid these news, but she could never stop the headline of Weibo.

It was a well-known blogger's analysis of the two people's words. He described Emily as a poor girl who had a crush on Jonas but had no chance to be recognized by him because of her identity.

"It's good. Both of them fell in love with someone,"

Melinda murmured as she closed the website. She was a literary woman, but she thought that Jonas's words that who Emily liked had nothing to do with him meant it was enough as long as he liked Emily.

If Jonas knew that it was he who avoided arousing suspicion but Melinda misunderstood him, he would be so angry.

Melinda was annoyed with the news for no reason, and then reminded herself that it was time to start a new life and say goodbye to the past.

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