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   Chapter 153 Give Up

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It was a huge gamble and she had nothing at all so she had nothing to fear.

Since Melinda had a target in her heart and knew what she should do, she quickly contacted the media and spread the news that she was going to divorce Jonas.

Those media who received the news were naturally excited.

The love between the young master of the Gu family was not as simple as it looked.

All the media were in an uproar. Melinda just released the news but didn't want to tell the reason. But it didn't matter, because the media was best at making groundless accusations.

Things went on as they expected. Early the next morning, as if they had made an appointment, all of them gathered at the downstairs of the Soaring Group.

Just as Jonas pulled over, his car was besieged by a crowd of media. The security guards were scared by the scene. They quickly arranged security personnel to isolate the group.

"Mr. Jonas, we got the news last night that you are going to divorce Mrs. Melinda. Is that true?"

"Mr. Jonas, please accept our interview, will you?"

"Mr. Jonas, are you divorced because of love or something else, or you have been pretending to love each other all the time?"


The media kept asking questions one after another like cannonballs. When Jonas heard the word "divorce", he stopped.

Jonas, like an eagle, stared at the first reporter who made a speech. The whole crowd fell silent for a moment, and the reporter couldn't help but shrink a little.

"Who is it that makes the rumor that my wife and I will divorce?"

The word "divorce" was like a bomb exploding in his head. His rage almost spread to the whole company.

"We all received a mysterious call last night, saying that you are going to divorce Mrs. Melinda, and we just need the truth," the reporter answered boldly. However, he was too scared to control himself.

"This is a rumor. I warn you not to spread it, or you will face the consequences."

Jonas wanted to fly into a rage, but his sense finally controlled him.

The words "face the consequences" were like a mountain instantly pressed on the back of the media. Everyone was thinking that no matter whether the news was true or not, they did not dare to report it.

Jonas was born with a commanding presence, so impressive.

What happened this morning was just like a farce. The media came and left in a hurry. The result was not good enough for Melinda.

This was not the result she wanted.

Melinda simply couldn't stay at home. She printed another divorce agreement and directly went to the Soaring Group.

No one dared to stop her when she was here. She had no barrier all the way to the CEO office.

It was said that Jonas had kept on attending meetings, but the busy Jonas who was sitting in his chair was in a daze. The office was full of smoke.

Melinda waved her hand i

Silence reigned the whole office. They sat and stood face to face but didn't utter a word. The words "I give up" kept repeating in Jonas's mind.

Did she give up their relationship? After so many years, was she finally tired?

That was what he had been looking forward to. When he realized his heart at that moment, he felt his heart had been dug up.

The pain and the stifling pain made him seem to be placed in the sea of fire, surrounded by endless flames and a suffocating feeling. Obviously, it was winter.

"Give up. I don't love you any more, Jonas. Let me go. It has been six years."

After saying this, Melinda lowered her head. It turned out that she did not have the strong calmness as she had imagined. When she really had to give up, she would still feel painful.

'It doesn't matter. One will remember after the pain. Melinda, hold on, ' she thought to herself.

In fact, it had been only five years. Thinking of all that had happened over the past few years and what he had done to Melinda, Jonas found that there was nothing worthy Melinda's trust.

The only thing he brought to her was endless pain. The girl who was once fond of laughing was tortured so hard that she even forgot how to laugh.

Jonas couldn't help but think of his unborn child. If the child didn't die and survived, what would happen between him and Melinda?

But what done was done.

Jonas's fingers were a little trembling. He picked up the pen with which he had signed lots of big contracts and took the divorce agreement in front of him.

Melinda raised her head to look at him. It seemed that he was reading a very important contract. He read it through slowly and finally signed his name.

Jonas didn't say a word during the whole process. He just silently signed the agreement with two copies signed. But only a careful person could find that his fingers were trembling like an old man.

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