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   Chapter 152 All The Media Are Evil

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9981

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"I know you won't believe me no matter what I say now. But I can assure you that there is nothing between me and Emily."

Though fully aware of his own weak points, Jonas didn't want to give up so easily. He had to make a guarantee.

How many times had he said that? Jonas could not help but ask himself in reply.

"Jonas, I'm not stupid. I think it's better to get a divorce as soon as possible. It's not good for both of us if we keep on pestering each other like this." Melinda almost laughed out of anger. She had already seen the evidence, how could Jonas say something like that?

It was unknown if she was sad for herself or Emily. The scheming woman tried everything to make a connection with Jonas, but it was denied by Jonas totally.

"Melinda, give me a chance. I can prove it to you." Arrogant as Jonas was, he said that to try to keep he. Except that, he didn't know what he should do and what was right.

"Divorce. If you don't agree, I will see you in court." Seeing that Jonas still didn't say yes, Melinda didn't know what he wanted to do either.

"If these stuff displays in the court, it will not be appropriate for anyone. Can't we just divorce peacefully?"

The identity of Emily, if this evidence was presented in the court, the image she had created for so many years would collapse completely.

And the image that Jonas had established in front of the investors would also disappear. At that time, his position in the company must be no better than others.

However, Melinda didn't care about that. At the worst, she could get some sympathy or mockery.

"I won't agree," said Jonas. He was afraid that Melinda would continue to cling to this issue, so he didn't dare to stay in the bedroom for one more second.

His mind was in a turmoil.

Melinda didn't expect that Jonas would choose to escape, as if she had become a flood beast. This ending was both funny and annoying, but Melinda felt that it was a guilty conscience for Jonas, who was not willing to face the truth.

But the more he didn't want to face it, the more she had to put all these in front of him and let him make decisions.

Looking at the man who had disappeared in the corridor, Melinda went back to the computer table, pulled out the dark USB drive, and then found the previous divorce agreement.

There was no printing tools in Melinda's bedroom and the thing was completely copied. She still went to the study to print. She thought she would meet Jonas there, but she didn't see him.

At this time, Jonas had already gone to the gym to vent his anger.

With the lesson from last time, Melinda specially printed a few more copies, each with her own name signed on them as usual.

In fact, if she wanted, she could easily find out Jonas' seal and put it on them.

There were more than ten divorce agreements neatly placed on the table. It was a little familiar.

When Jonas returned to the study, he saw this familiar scene. The blue veins on his forehead

any people believed that they made a perfect match.

As the legal wife of Jonas, Melinda was forgotten by everyone.

"I saw it with my own eyes. Can it be false?" Melinda said. She played with the cakes on her plate boringly.

Delicate and delicious little cake, at this time, she had no appetite at all.

"Just now, I'm sorry." Kent thought of his attitude to Jonas just now and felt sorry for Melinda. If it were another person, she would have confronted him.

"Nothing. I just don't know what to do now." Melinda didn't care about such things at all, so hearing Kent spoke for him, she only felt that Jonas knew well how to get people's trust.

"I have a question to ask you. You have to answer me honestly." Kent became serious suddenly. After making sure that Jonas had an affair with other woman, he would help Melinda anyway.

"What?" Melinda asked, looking at Kent waiting for his answer.

"Are you really disillusioned with him? Can you really let go of your love for so many years?"

Kent asked. That was why he was so serious. He was worried very much that the love of Melinda to Jonas hadn't completely dissipated.

She wanted to leave just because she was disappointed.

"Yes." After being silent for a while, Melinda nodded affirmatively. As for the strange feeling in her heart, she chose to ignore it.

"Well, if this is the case, you can tell the media, and put pressure on Jonas."

Kent had worked in the periodical office for a long time, so he was familiar with this kind of thing. Hearing this, Melinda's eyes lit up. Yes, by relying on the media, why didn't she think of it before?

Melinda shouldn't make a reckless comment on the media. But at this point, she needed the power of the media.

"I know what to do. Thank you, Kent,"

Melinda said excitedly, but Kent was still worried about her, so he reminded her, "It's good, unless you regret it."

"I won't regret and I won't give myself any chance to regret,"

Melinda murmured.

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