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   Chapter 150 Is It Exciting

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9530

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Melinda thought that she had seen through all his nature, and saw that he had always been nice to her, as he didn't want to lose her.

Men all had their own shortcomings.

By doing that, she found herself a perfect excuse.

Jonas went back home and found some clothes. He threw all of them into the suitcase and made some noise.

That was how he tried to get her attention. He was stupid, but in the end, it was the Gavin who noticed him.

Queena saw that too, but she didn't know what to say to persuade him.

Melinda had been in her bedroom the whole time. How could she not hear the noise? She just didn't want to pay attention to it.

Half an hour later, it was quiet again. And then the sports car was starting its engine. In the meantime, Jonas drove the car and disappeared from the Gu's mansion.

The house fell into silence.

In the next few days, Melinda went out from time to time. Most of the time, she went to meet Leo. With his help, she collected evidence, which was much easier than she was alone.

Jonas had many houses outside, so his not coming back didn't draw much attention. As what Queena said that he was a man now and he wouldn't die outside.

Although he didn't go home, he still went to the company.

A week had passed. They hadn't seen each other for seven days. They became more and more peaceful. Nelson began to worry about their relationship.

It didn't matter much if they separated for a while since they quarreled over trivial matters. But it had been a week, so the conflict between them should be solved.

"Gavin, send someone to check where that bastard lives lately." Since the atmosphere at home was too bad, Nelson decided to look for Jonas back and make everything clear.

"Yes, my Lord." Gavin was familiar with Nelson. He knew that Nelson couldn't hold it any longer and quickly arranged people to investigate. However, the investigation results astonished him again.

Jonas has so many houses outside, but Jonas didn't live in one of them. Instead, he slept in the hotel of Soaring Group.

"He is quite free and unrestrained." If Nelson was bearded, he must have a tremble at this time. In the hotel, he was served with everything. How could he be uncomfortable?

Besides, it was the hotel owned by their company. Those senior managers were very good at flattering people.

But Nelson really misunderstood Jonas this time. The reason why Jonas was living in a hotel was that he wanted to turn himself into a workaholic.

It was not convenient for him to have a video conference in the houses outside. What's more, a business partner from another city happened to come over recently, so he decided to accompany the partner.

In fact, his attitude has misled everyone, and so did the partners.

She was flattered to get this treatment, and then the cooperation was soon se

Melinda and greeted, "Good evening, my lady."

"Thank you."

She got off the car. The wind outside made her sober a lot. The lobby manager personally led her to the exclusive floor and left.

The manager was worried that Melinda might have forgotten the room number, so she told Melinda again and again on her way to the room where Jonas lived.

In fact, this floor was just three suites, and Jonas was in the largest one in the middle.

The corridor was quiet, covered with thick carpet.

Coming to the door of the suite, Melinda took a deep breath and knocked three times. Then she rang the doorbell and stood quietly there waiting.

She remembered the manager told her that Jonas was in the hotel.

Only one minute passed, no one opened the door. Melinda patiently repeated the move just now.

Emily just came out of the bathroom, wearing a hotel bathrobe. Because there was only Jonas's bathrobe, whose size was very large, it hung down loosely, and her hair was wet.

She looked around, but didn't see Jonas. Thinking of the message she just received, her eyes lit up.

Was it Melinda?

It was highly possible. Thinking of this, Emily felt more relaxed and attractive. She bit her lips hard to create an illusion.

At the moment, the door was opened from inside. Melinda lost her patience. What came into her sight was Emily's smiling eyes.

Melinda's pupils shrank sharply, and then she gradually calmed down.

The person in front of Melinda was dressed in a large bathrobe and her red lips were attractive. She looked charming and her eyes were red.

They were all grown-ups. They could almost imagine what had happened before. When Emily saw Melinda, Emily didn't feel embarrassed but looked at her provocatively.

"What a pure girl! You're right. How exciting it is to be a mistress." Melinda looked at Emily with the same smile, full of disdain in her eyes.

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