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   Chapter 149 Brawl

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In the office of Soaring Group, Jonas was working with red eyes. Beside Jonas, William was nearly choked by his persuasion.

Since Jonas was in a bad mood these two days, it was good for him to vent his feelings by doing something.

In fact, Jonas was venting his anger on those documents. He had to be more strict with them, and during the morning meeting every day, all the senior leaders of the company were jittery.

Actually, Jonas was in bad mood these two days.

At this moment, Jonas got a new message reminding him of two photos.

The man photographed from a very tricky angle. It seemed that Leo and Melinda were very intimate, especially the one that Leo wiped the corner of her mouth with a tissue.

It irritated Jonas.

The person in the photo was smiling. It was a smile that hadn't appeared for a long time. Leo half bent his body and his smile was full of love.

"Damn it!" The phone was thrown to the corner and William didn't dare to move.

The cellphone fell to the ground promptly as it bounced on the carpet without any damage. But the screen of the cellphone was on. The picture on it seemed to be laughing at Jonas's childish behavior in silence.

William check his phone out of curiosity. But when William saw the message, he wished he had been blind. 'well, everyone in the company will have a hard time today, ' he cursed inwardly.

Leo was a good talker and noticed that she was in a bad mood. He picked up some funny stories from the literary community and told her.

In the field she was familiar with, everyone had their own self-confidence and ease. Because of this, she felt much better.

"You must be very busy." Melinda noticed that for many times she had seen Leo wearing a suit, except for his hobby of business suit, he might be someone who was ready for social engagement at any time.

"Not bad. I will try my best to help with the company affairs as much as possible." Said Leo honestly, looking at his watch. It was not early.

"To express my thanks, it's my treat today."

Leo was a gentleman. It was a little improper for her to act like this, but he also accepted it. Most importantly, if he did not accept it, she would feel embarrassed to ask him for help.

He was a mind reader and he was more meticulous than ordinary people.

"Okay. I have to work harder to find strong evidence for you." Leo looked at his watch again to check the time, then he left.

At the company, there was a meeting in the evening.

"You can go back first. I want to take a walk around here," Melinda said with a smile. It was the largest shopping mall in the city center, the first place for shopping.

After he left, Melinda stayed in the Starbucks for a while, then left. The first floor was full of beautiful makeup products, and the second floor was full of clothes and so on.

The mall was


She took a deep breath, telling herself not to be serious with Jonas. At this time, Jonas's head was totally rusty.

"Whatever you think,"

Melinda hung up the phone, and blacklisted Jonas.

make trouble out of nothing.

Her good mood was brought up by Jonny Pei. With some sadness, she thought maybe she would be deeply touched by him all her life.

And affected by him.

After the call was ended, he was stunned. Then he tried to call her again, but he couldn't get through anyway.

All of a sudden, Jonas's face turned as black as a black pan. Jonas knew clearly that he must have said something unpleasant to her.

"William, give me your phone."

Said Jonas. He hurriedly handed his mobile phone to Jonas but didn't dare to look into his eyes. He also felt that Jonas was a little unreasonable for doing so just now.

William had Melinda's number. Jonas made a call through the contact list, followed by the call from the office. No matter which one it was, he couldn't get through.

She blacklisted all everyone who connect with him.

She was depressed, and she lost her appetite even for eating, let alone going shopping. In the evening, a call came from the Gu's mansion, and she wandered outside for a while, but still directly returned to the Gu's mansion.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that Melinda was so angry with him that he came back home very late at night. Now he didn't need Melinda to have a cold war with him, he chose to ignore her directly.

The strange atmosphere between them confused everyone.

What he was going to do now was to try his best to play up to Melinda? Why did they have a cold war.

Melinda felt relieved. After all, he didn't want to talk to her either. It was just the right time.

His love for her was just so so.

After he lost her heart, he wanted to restore her, because he found that she was important for him.

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