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   Chapter 148 Collecting Evidence

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 11044

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Melinda cried relentlessly and slowly drifted off to sleep. She couldn't get peace even in her sleep. She was having strange nightmares, where she was confined in a cage.

Melinda was trying to escape from the cage but it was an endless pit that she couldn't get out of.

She squeezed her eyes and sat on the bed. She was drowned in sweat and gasping for breath. She placed her palm on her chest and felt her heart pounding wildly under her fingers. The dream felt so realistic that it terrified her.

Melinda was trembling and every inch of her body ached.

Her eyes felt heavy and she couldn't open them. She placed her sweaty palms on her eyelids. The coldness seemed to soothe her throbbing eyes.

She blew out a loud breath and slowly opened her eyes. The light was blinding and she blinked a couple of times. She squinted and checked the time. It was already ten in the morning. She trudged towards the bathroom and looked at the mirror. Her face looked puffy and her eyes were bloodshot. She splashed cold water and enjoyed how it soothed her skin. Melinda was too exhausted and decided to seek solace in her bed.

She stayed in the bedroom all day long, trying everything to alleviate the swelling. Nelson and Queena were worried about Melinda and came to see her. Yulia joined them.

Melinda looked calm but she was hurting inside. She had developed a strong revulsion towards Jonas.

Her smile was wiped off in an instant and her body stiffened at the mention of Jonas.

"Don't worry. I have warned him not to enter your room. I know that you want quietness and peace. You do whatever it takes to make you feel better but divorce cannot be a hasty decision. You need to think things through. I want you to calm down completely before you decide what you want to do."

Nelson was right. Melinda neither agreed nor disagreed with his suggestion. But she had already made up her mind.

She knew that she needed to get a divorce but Jonas's absence made it impossible for her to proceed with it. Melinda knew that a solid reason was requisite to get a divorce, so she decided to gather evidence to prove Jonas's extramarital affair.

Proving Jonas's relationship with Emily was all Melinda needed to get a divorce.

She was sure that Jonas was cheating on her with Emily, and it wouldn't be hard to prove their affair. Melinda closed her eyes and sighed.

She didn't know how to collect the evidence to prove that Jonas and Emily were indeed together. Melinda led a lonely life and couldn't ask anyone for help.

She propped her chin on the palm of her left hand and tapped on the keyboard with the other. The words were jumbled and she couldn't gather herself to write.

Melinda was not sure if it was the right time for her to write a novel. She massaged her neck and sighed. Her computer chimed with a message from Leo.

Melinda had not talked to him for a long time. She felt that her social circle had become smaller after getting married to Jonas.

"Melinda, are you upset?"

Leo hardly spoke with Melinda and was embarrassed to show his concern for her.

Kent had informed him about Melinda's situation and he felt sorry for her.

Leo saw Melinda's WeChat moments and couldn't help but check on her. She had written a beautiful prose that seemed to look posi

cion but Leo smiled and didn't utter a word.

Leo looked handsome when he smiled. A waitress, who was cleaning the table, dashed on Melinda as her eyes were fixed on Leo.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ma'am. Are you all right?" The waitress asked apologetically. Her face turned red as the coffee spilled on Melinda's clothes.

"It's fine." Melinda grabbed a tissue and bent down to clean her dress.

Leo's gaze flitted to a man who was sitting behind Melinda. He saw that the man was staring at their table with inquiring eyes. He felt that the man was inspecting them.

Leo was a vigilant man and he felt uncomfortable as if he was being watched.

He wondered if the man was monitoring him. But Leo quickly brushed the surmise away. Melinda stood up and adjusted her clothes.

Leo saw the man peeking at Melinda and he felt that he was watching her every move.

The waitress froze on the spot and was terrified that Melinda would make a fuss about it. But Melinda comforted her as she understood that it was an unintentional mistake. The waitress apologized to Melinda over and over again and continued with her work. When she walked past Leo, she bent down and whispered in his ears, "There's a man behind your table. He has been staring at your girlfriend."

Leo was astonished. "Thank you," he said.

"What's wrong?"

Melinda asked, knitting her eyebrows. Leo shook his head. Melinda was oblivious to what was going on and he didn't want to burden her by telling her about the man who was watching them.

"Look at the crumbs on your lips." Leo smiled tenderly and wiped the corner of Melinda's mouth with a tissue.

He stole a glance at the man behind Melinda. He saw that the man was pretending to take a selfie but Leo knew that he was secretly taking pictures of them.

His suspicions were right. The man was after Melinda.

Leo understood that Melinda was in a mess. But he couldn't guess who was behind all this. He wasn't sure about who the man was working for. However, Leo was sure of one thing. The man would definitely make his next move after taking pictures.

Melinda was embarrassed by Leo's gesture. "I can do it myself." She quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped her mouth.

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