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   Chapter 147 Push Him Away

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9624

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As soon as Jonas hung up the phone, he almost wanted to throw the phone into the lake, but finally he controlled himself.

He cursed in a low voice and then left the area, only to find that there was a person not far away watching him leaving with a complacent smile on her face.

That person was the Emily who just made an excuse that she had work temporarily.

Jonas was in a bad mood. Recently he had developed a habit of drinking constantly at this time.

Even though he would end up with more sadness, he was also greedy for the momentary happiness of gulping down the strong wine.

Wearing a cold face, Melinda came back home. Queena didn't ask much, but knew that Jonas had probably screwed up today's thing again.

However, Yulia was elated by the result.

"Melinda, have you had dinner?"

After waiting for Emily in the coffee shop for two hours, Melinda didn't know why she insisted.

In retrospect, she felt that those two hours and every second were a torture to her.

"I'm not feeling well. I'm going to have a rest."

Melinda didn't want to accept the kindness of the Gu family. Anyway, she was going to leave sooner or later. It didn't matter whether they broke up or not.

Thinking of this, she was more determined.

Queena didn't think it was a good thing, so she waited in the living room after dinner, ready to have a good talk with Jonas.

It was almost midnight, and Jonas came home reeking of alcohol.

"Why did you drink so much again, son?"

Queena and his assistant put Jonas in the bedroom on the first floor. She thanked the assistant and asked Gavin to see the guest out.

The conversation had to be delayed. Queena sighed. Seeing them both like this, she felt bad.

After Queena left the room, Jonas opened his eyes. He was not drunk at all, and his eyes were brighter than usual.

He staggered to the second floor, finding that the light in Melinda's bedroom was still on, and the door was half closed. Therefore, Jonas pushed the door open without thinking.

The steps became heavier after drinking. Melinda turned her head in panic and saw that it was Jonas. She could not help frowning unconsciously as she sensed the strong smell of alcohol from him.

"Melinda, let me explain what happened today to you."

With an innocent look in his eyes, no one could help but favor him.

But this didn't include Melinda. She listened to him indifferently about the reason why Emily had not been here, and explained that he didn't deceive her.

With her arms crossed before her chest, Melinda just said indifferently, "Have you finished your words? Then leave my room."

Melinda didn't want to stay with Jonas for even a second. The air became thin with the presence of him.

"You don't believe me?"

With sadness in Jonas's eyes, he had thought about countless possibilities. He even thought about how to answer

e pose, but her tears had already dried up. There were tear stains on both sides of her cheeks, and her hair was sticking on them in a mess.

He hesitated. In other words, he was scared.

"Jonas, I want a divorce." The first one to open her mouth was Melinda. She looked at Jonas indifferently. The firmness in her eyes made Jonas more flustered.

"Melinda, I was drunk. I didn't know I would do that. I... I'm really sorry. I can accept any punishment you give me. But please don't get a divorce,"

Jonas said incoherently. He was a man, but now his eyes were red. He had gone mad before, but now he was afraid.

His voice was so hoarse, but it could not arouse any worry of Melinda now.

"Jonas, your apology is worthless. Divorce me."

Melinda didn't want to talk about it at all. She didn't want to hear any explanation from Jonas. After all, they were all fake.

"I won't divorce you. Don't even think about it. I won't agree even if you keep pestering me!"

With the same determination in his eyes, Jonas knew that divorcing her meant that Melinda would have nothing to do with him, and he absolutely wouldn't agree, absolutely wouldn't allow it either.

"You have broken the rules of the agreement. For this marriage, I will definitely divorce!"

The confrontation between them made Queena, who was standing nearby, feel scared. She wanted to persuade them, but she didn't know where to start. It was just that under the eyes of Melinda, Jonas left in embarrassment.

"You can go back and have a rest. I'm tired."

With that, Melinda lay down in bed and closed her eyes. At the same time, she didn't call Queena mommy. Queena realized that something had changed quietly.

"Have a good rest."

Queena was also helpless. She turned off the light, and left the room with Yulia and closed the door carefully for Melinda.

Crying came out of the room instantly when the door was closed.

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