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   Chapter 146 Being Stood Up

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10030

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A limp and numb feeling spread from the collarbone to the whole body. Melinda's body tensed up instantly. His kiss seemed to be able to light the fire, and her skin turned pink in an instant.

Melinda was ashamed of herself.

However, it was not enough for Jonas. He forced her to turn around and face him. When their eyes met, Jonas saw the fire of lust in his eyes, but there was no warmth in the eyes of Melinda, which had been like her heart, which had been cold for a long time.

"Melinda," Jonas called her intimately, his voice soft and sensual. He lowered his head and gradually approached the red lips.

Just before they touched each other, Melinda turned her head away. Due to her unwillingness, Jonas became irritable and pressed her hand harder.

He was drowned in alcohol again. Everything in this short time made him feel like a heavy stone in his chest, depressing. He was badly in need of something to prove something.

For the time being, he hadn't figured out all those things, but he was determined to do so.

For example, he wanted to possess Melinda, so that she would not leave and not say divorce.

He thought naively.

"Jonas, don't forget the agreement!"

Seeing that Jonas didn't restrain and acted more restlessly, Melinda suddenly became nervous.

His weight was heavy, but because he was drunk, his body was not very stable. He was pushed hard by Melinda, and his tall body instantly fell to the side. His head hit the wall. The sound made by him made Melinda can't help but look at him worriedly.

When he fell down, his consciousness gradually came back. And the passion all over his body seemed to be frozen all of a sudden when he heard Melinda's words.

The heating was on in the bedroom, but Jonas felt like being in a cold stream.

The word "agreement" hurt him so much.

After they reached the agreement, they did have sex. Melinda didn't mention anything at that time, and at this time, she just felt disappointed in him and didn't want to have any contact with him.

If that happened again, Melinda would feel herself cheap.

It seemed that she and Jonas were really a match made up between a scum and a bitch. Though this thought came to Melinda's mind with self-mockery, in fact, a tall city was built in her heart to isolate the person, Jonas.

"Good, very good. Melinda, you are really cruel,"

Jonas murmured. He looked like being broken a pair of wings and his eyes were undetectable.

After leaving, Jonas went back to the company soon. The atmosphere at home was getting tense again, but Melinda was very calm.

But beneath the calm exterior, there seemed to appear violent winds and storms.

Emily heard all of this from Yulia. And Yulia also told her that as long as they got more angry, they would definitely divorce.

As a result, Emily came back. There weren't many scenes for her to shoot, so she told the director to finish them and went back to A City in advance.

"Jonas, I'm back." Emily returned to he

ce the coffee shop proposed by Jonas was near the Gu's mansion, it would only take half an hour to go there and she could sleep for two hours just in time.

This coffee shop was quiet with few customers. Most of the people who came and went here were rich young men and stars.

Everyone was satisfied with the privacy. It was a coffee shop on the lake, with its people on purpose to prevent the paparazzi from breaking in.

Melinda and Jonas arrived here. They came to a corner and sat down. She ordered a cup of coffee, for not staying there for long.

The scenery by the lake was very beautiful, and the winter was a unique style. There was heating in the coffee shop, and it was not too cold.

However, as time went by, the coffee became cold, and there was still no figure of Emily.

Melinda looked as pale as a lake outside, and smiled at Jonas sarcastically.

Or rather, she mocked herself that she believed in Jonas's lie again.

"It seems that Miss Bai won't come today. I'd better go back first." As Melinda spoke, she took her bag from the seat and stood up. Jonas stood up with an anxious look on his face.

He wanted to say something, but he was unable to speak because of the language disorder. Therefore, he didn't know what to say. However, Melinda had already walked to the door. When he paid the bill and went out, Melinda had already stopped a taxi and left.

It never occurred to him that Emily would stand them up. A rage expression appeared on Jonas's face.

If Emily was by his side at this moment, she would definitely be scared.

But through the phone, she became more daring, and she lied without a red face, which can be said that she had a good quality as an actress.

It was just the quality at this time that was full of irony.

Jonas's blame enter into her left ear and left from her right ear. She apologized and was about to make an appointment with him next time, but Jonas hung up in an instant.

Melinda wouldn't give him another chance.

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