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   Chapter 145 Alcohol Emboldened Oneself

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10391

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Nelson swore him while beating, and his strength was not reduced at all. Hearing the sound of the crutch on the body of Jonas, Melinda felt a burst of pain.

She wanted to stop Nelson, but his hitting was too dense for her to move.

Standing next to them, Yulia's face was also pale with fright. In the end, it was Queena who came up and stopped Nelson.

Otherwise, Melinda had no doubt that Nelson would have Jonas sent to the hospital.

Nelson was still angry, gasping for air, looking at the messy look of Jonas and turning his eyes away.

'What have I done to deserve such a blamed grandson?'

He was too ashamed to see Leonard.

Melinda received the medicine from Gavin. After taking the medicine, Nelson had not calmed down until now. Queena hurriedly went to find the healing medicine and applied some medicine to Jonas.

The family was in a mess. Melinda just had a terrible headache. Jonas treated the wound. Then he drove away from Gu's mansion regardless of the obstruction of Queena.

Jonas drove without destination and at last parked his car in a bar near the University.

The bar had changed a lot compared with the one where he came last time. Jonas directly sat beside the bar counter. The bartender in the bar was replaced. He was young and he seemed to be a university student doing part-time job.

Jonas ordered two kinds of wine randomly and drank them up. One glass after another burnt the throat. He recalled that he had decided to drink less for the sake of Melinda some time ago, and now he drank for the sake of Melinda in a bar. He felt ridiculous.

Yes, ridiculous, from the very beginning to the end, the relationship between them was full of ridiculous feelings.

"Why did you get drunk again?"

Jonas was drinking, but he didn't realize it was said to him. He kept drinking, until someone took one glass in front of him.

"It's you,"

Jonas said as he drank up another cup of wine. The man clicked his tongue and said something to the bartender. Then he put his hand on the shoulder of Jonas and went upstairs to private room.

"You're in a bad mood?" Compared with the downstairs, the private rooms on the second floor was much quieter. Although it was daytime, the university students around here who were looking for enthusiastic things were the most customers.

"Yes. Why do you come here so often?"

There was no wine on the table, so Jonas lit a cigarette. The vast white smoke covered his mood, but from his depressed words, it could be seen that he was unhappy.

"I'm a shareholder here now,"

the man answered. Jonas smiled. It was no wonder that he had met the man twice here.

"Tell me. What's bothering you this time? Let me guess. It must be something about love. What? Did you quarrel with your wife?"

The man teased. At the same time, the door of the private room was pushed open. The bartender pushed the cart of wine over, and there were two sets of dice. Both of them came up directly to shake the dice, without any number.

Since there was someone drinking with him, Jonas couldn't help but to tell the truth.


rning, he began to resist.

He didn't want to face anyone in the house.

At the thought of this, he unconsciously drove to Soaring Group. At ten o'clock, except the overtime party and security guards, the company was quiet.

Jonas went to the CEO office through the special access. The usually boisterous office now was empty. He walked into his office in the light of his mobile phone.

There were still a lot of documents which needed to be signed by him on his desk. Jonas turned on the light in the office and felt very sober. He had been dealing with these documents for the whole night.

The next morning, William was the first one to arrive at the CEO office. Hearing the click of the keyboard in the office, he was shocked. He opened the door and found that it was his boss, who was carefully working.

The documents he had been handling yesterday were now put aside on the desk in order.

With so many documents, how early did the boss come to the company?!

William guessed. In the next few days, he finally realized that his boss was simply engaged in work at the company and hadn't been home for a few days.

Jonas's evasive behavior made Melinda's trust in him completely break down. Therefore, she didn't trust him anymore. This was a typical run away attitude, didn't this show his guilty?

Queena didn't know how to persuade Jonas recently. She made a lot of phone calls, but Jonas didn't answer any of them. It was William who did it for him.

The excuse of Jonas was either in a meeting, or in an inspection. All in all, Jonas was very busy.

Everyone knew that being busy was just an illusion.

Jonas was in a trance for days in a row. He decided to go home, but his attitude had changed a lot. Before going home, he drank a lot, as if to embolden himself.

As soon as Melinda entered her bedroom, she smelled a strong smell of alcohol, and then she was imprisoned from behind. She struggled and smelled a familiar smell.

It was Jonas!

Sniffing greedily from Melinda's body, Jonas put his lips on her tempting collarbone.

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