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   Chapter 144 The Infidelity

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10637

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"I don't believe you."

Melinda spit out the words very indifferently. It was hard to imagine that she said it to the one she loved deeply.

Her words were shocking, and Jonas suddenly lost all his strength. He was pushed away by Melinda, staring blankly at the determined leaving back of her.

Between them, there were countless such scenes, but each time, he was the one who left. At this time, Jonas could feel the same feeling as Melinda's heart was gripped by sadness every time.

"Jonas, there is nothing to talk about between us. That's it."

Although Melinda said that in a soft voice, her tone was very strong. Anyway, the relationship between them was really hard to maintain.

She was too tired on the way.

Melinda wanted to move back to that small villa, but was stopped by Nelson and Queena. "There is no reason for a break-up between the couple. You're angry with him, so you can let him sleep in the study on the balcony, but you can't move back."

Nelson took it for granted that they were in a quarrel again, and directly prevented her. Melinda didn't want to tell them the real reason why she wanted to move back. She worried that they might be worried about them. She had to give up.

But it was obvious that they couldn't get along well.

During dinner time, the ambience on the table was awkward like a mystery. Yulia didn't dare to tell Nelson about this in the end.

The warning in Jonas's eyes was too strong.

Melinda's attitude irritated Jonas. But no matter what he said, she didn't believe it. He had pushed Emily away the next second, why didn't Melinda see that?

Sometimes fate was a good hand at playing jokes. Seeing that Emily was kissing Jonas, Melinda didn't even bother to look at it.

One could only say that woman knew woman very well, so Melinda's avoiding the scene was expected by Emily.

The two of them fell into a cold war again, and it was all attributed to Melinda's own initiative. No matter what Jonas said, she didn't listen to him at all.

When they were about to sleep, Melinda went to the guest bedroom, leaving Jonas alone in the bedroom. He tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

Thinking of the misunderstanding was made by another person, Jonas picked up his phone and dialed Emily's number. Emily answered it in a second, full of excitement in her voice, "Jonas."

Emily was surprised that Jonas would contact her again. But what he was going to say next let her know that she was under the hallucination.

"I think Melinda have seen a misunderstanding about what happened today. Emily, it's you who started it. You have to explain everything to her and clear the misunderstanding,"

Jonas said in an almost imperative tone, and nobody dared to refuse him. If this person hadn't helped him a lot, he must have been much more cruel than this.

He never thought that he was a kind person, by using more cruel means.

As for Emily, she was silent for a long time before she said slowly, "I'm sorry. It was my fault that day and I didn't expect it to happen. I really want to explain for you, but I've been out of A City to shoot a movie and I can't go back right now."

In fact, she w

. She dodged simply and rudely, because she didn't want to see him.

In the next few days, Nelson found that there was something wrong since their relationship got worse all of a sudden and they didn't get better for three consecutive days.

Nelson could not help interrupting Melinda when he saw that she was about to leave.

"Melinda, aren't you going to tell grandpa what happened between you and Jonas?" Nelson just wanted to know a reason. He thought that only if he knew the reason could he take actions.

Otherwise, he didn't know how to make peace for them. Besides, he had observed for three days and was sure that it was totally Jonas's fault this time.

Melinda had always been the only one who did not want to talk to Jonas.

Thinking of the reason, Melinda was too embarrassed to tell him. She didn't want him to worry about her, so she didn't want to talk for a long time.

"Melinda, don't you trust me anymore? You wouldn't like to tell me anything about you. Maybe I am too old to help you,"

Nelson said in a fake rage, but his expression frightened Melinda. Nelson had served in the army before, so he was very frightening when he was bluffing.

What was more, this scene suddenly reminded Melinda of her own grandfather, and a feeling of grievance welled up in her heart.

"Jonas betrayed me. He had an affair with Emily."

She managed to be calm, but she still couldn't help saying in a trembling voice. Nelson's eyes widened in shock and almost failed to catch his breath.

The crutch was smashed to the ground.

"Bastard! I've told him that Emily is a bad person. I asked him to stay away from her, but now he is pestering her. I must beat him to death today!"

It took a long time for Nelson to recover. He was so angry that he almost fainted. At this time, Jonas went downstairs. Seeing this, Nelson picked up the crutch on the ground and hit him hard.

He was as cold as ice.

"Bastard! You have learned a lot about how to act from that woman. You promised me that you would take good care of Melinda, but you still tangle with that woman. You are really stubborn."

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