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   Chapter 141 Looking For A Shop

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The red light had passed, and the cars on both sides of the road were moving forward. Only Jonas's car stopped in the middle of the road, as if it had turned off the engine.

The honk kept going behind them, but Jonas was obstinately waiting for Melinda's answer.

Melinda looked around and nudged Jonas, saying, "Drive!"

Melinda had spoken, and Jonas moved forward immediately. According to his past experience, if he threatened Melinda to answer in such a heavy traffic, she would definitely dislike him more.

He had learnt from his lessons. Now he had understood what was going on between them.

But there was only a short time for the green light. Every driver was ready to leave in the last few seconds, with speed being faster one by one.

Looking at this, Melinda was only frightened, but thinking of the starting point of Jonas, she felt a little helpless.

When they arrived at the Gu family's villa, Jasmine had already prepared a meal. Surprised by the considerate service of Jonas, Melinda recalled what he had said in the car.

Jonas was not good at expressing his love, but clumsily expressed it by his action.

What an emotional idiot! Jonas's image in the heart of Melinda changed unconsciously.

After the lunch, Jonas didn't mention going to the company. He just followed Melinda closely behind, who always appeared cold and stern, making her feel very stressed.

"Go back to work. I know what you said."

Since she had known it, she would also consider it. Now Melinda gave him the answer. When Jonas thought about what to do next, his phone in his pocket vibrated.

The moment the name Emily came out, the atmosphere became tense.

With something flickering in his eyes, Jonas put it on speaker and connected the call.

"Jonas, there's a ball the day after tomorrow. Can you go with me?"

The gentle voice was put on speaker, sending a chill to Melinda's face.

"I'm busy."

Jonas directly refused her. For he wanted to ask for the forgiveness of Melinda, the first thing he needed to do was to keep a distance from Emily.

However, such behavior seemed too intentional in Melinda's eyes.

'What if I'm not here? Could it be that Jonas would agree?' Thinking of this, Melinda felt uncomfortable and decided to ignore him and watch a movie.

In the following days, Jonas spared some time to accompany Melinda. He wanted to prove that what he said was true, and also showed that he was serious in his action.

Melinda's heart softened as he showed his love every day. They were not as cold as before.

Yulia was the most anxious one to see this.

If they got along well with each other, wouldn't it meant that Melinda would never leave?

Yulia could not find a good idea. When everyone was in a trance, she called Emily.

Now she had two IC cards, one for Emily.

Emily's situation was not good these days. Since Jonas rejected her invitation last time, no matter how many times she tried, she was rejected. Sometimes she even had to contact Jonas through William.

She had a bad feeling abo

turned her head and asked politely. Melinda couldn't refuse to be asked in front of so many people.

"Your shop?"

Melinda asked in confusion. 'When did she open a shop? And she didn't close it?' she wondered.

Everyone in the Gu family knew that Yulia was useless. Opening a shop was just like having fun for her.

"Yes. It was a few days ago. I'm looking around the market recently, so I want to have a look."

Speaking of this, the shop was started with the cooperation between Yulia and Emily. Emily was full of ideas, and she managed it well with Yulia.

"Okay. I'll take a nap before that."

She didn't refuse after thinking for a while, but Jonas stared at Yulia unhappily.

Did she know how difficult it was for him to ask Melinda out? And she just said a few words and Melinda actually agreed.

Jonas's eyes were so sharp that cold sweat started to break out on Yulia's back.

The shop opened by Yulia was a small luxury shop with mediocre business. The shop assistants were all lazy, and the overall decoration style made Melinda frown.

It was too dark.

"Melinda, what do you think of this place?" It seemed that Yulia was very pleased with her own shop, but she didn't know that Melinda had already made a bad comment in her heart.

"It is fine."

If it were the person who was familiar with Melinda, she might tell the truth directly. But the person was Yulia, so she said nothing.

"It took me a long time to find this shop..." Yulia spouted about her business.

Although she had been told that it was an assessment of the shop, Yulia had gone a lot far.

"Melinda, I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee."

Glancing at the text, Yulia smiled and said to Melinda.


'I thought we were investigating the shop?' she thought. She had been here for a long time, but hadn't found any investigating signs on Melissa's face.

"There is an afternoon tea house nearby. It tastes great."

Yulia continued with the afternoon tea, pretending that she didn't know why Melinda was confused.

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