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   Chapter 139 Plead For Mercy

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"What was surprising was that she actually ended up marrying you after all," Kent said.

He thought that Melinda was experiencing a dream the moment she had informed him that she was going to be marrying Jonas.

"I was surprised as well."

Jonas resented Nelson for making him and Emily break up, even more so when the old man asked him to marry a woman he didn't know.

"Way back in college, she was always looking for part-time jobs. We asked her if that was all an act put up to cover the fact that she was from a rich family as she had a relationship with the Gu family."

Kent continued to share all that he knew about Melinda in college. All of it seemed strange for Jonas. He even felt sorry for her.

He didn't know that Melinda had gone through so much.

"Melinda is actually very stubborn," Kent added. "The last thing that you should be doubting is her feelings for you. I'm pretty sure that she still loves you, but to protect herself she has learned to cover up those feelings and keep them hidden."

Melinda had cautiously locked her heart up after being hurt again and again.

There was a glint in Jonas's eyes as his hand slightly trembled. Melinda was still in love with him.

Was this true? Being the reserved and silent type, he ended up taking a sip of wine to hide his enthusiasm.

Kent wanted to shake his head at the sight. Their clashing personalities were probably going to be the biggest issue between the two.

Emily had also been paying attention to the news. She felt that this was the perfect opportunity to make Jonas and Melinda divorce. What she did not expect was that Kent's sudden intervention made the public change their opinions once again.

Her eyes flashed with jealousy and anger as she stared at the news on her screen.

She envied Melinda for being surrounded by people like Kent to protect her.

While scrolling through the photo album in her iPad, she found photos of Jonas and Melinda that had been synced from her phone.

Both of their faces showed a mask of indifference towards each other.

Emily had a satisfied grin on her face as she took one last glance at the photos before sending them to the media handling all major websites.

The media had been quiet for a while. Upon receiving them, they were soon buzzing with excitement.

What Kent had been saying earlier was also understood to create momentum and boost the popularity for his magazine.

Both Kent and Jonas were shocked by the news as soon as it came out.

"I don't think the one behind this is an ordinary person considering the fact that he or she had managed to take several photos of you," Kent informed.

He had a feeling that this was happening because of Jonas and already suspected who the person responsible was. However, he knew that it was not appropriate for him to say too much.

The media started digging into Jonas's private life again, attempting to expose it for the public to see.

Because of this, the company was bombarded by repeated phone calls. The shareholders who had just been finally appeased started questioning him again. This was a rare opportunity that Aron would naturally not pass up.

Meanwhile, he was also wondering who on earth was secretly helping him.

The media had been loitering near the company's vicinity knowing that Jonas was curren

se people made should he not be able to handle this issue properly.

Having this in mind, Queena ended up unconsciously placing her hand in front of the door of Melinda's room. After hesitating for a moment, she finally gave a soft knock.

"Mom," Melinda addressed upon seeing Queena standing by the doorway.

She shifted aside to give way for her to enter. Queena remained silent for a while after they sat down at the sofa of her bedroom.

"Mellie, I suppose you are aware about what had recently transpired on the internet. The comments of the public had badly affected Jonas and Soaring Group."

Queena was hesitant to say something at first, but she ended up being straight forward. After all, it was not her style to beat around the bush.

"I know that you have suffered a lot recently, but I hope you could clear up this matter for him." Queena held Melinda's hand tightly.

She had experience in the business field, which was why she knew that the only way out of this mess was for Melinda to explain it personally.

However, Melinda refused all the interviews. It was clear that she didn't want to take part on this matter.

She pressed her lips and remained silent. Her eyes darted towards Queena before she leaned against the sofa with her eyes closed.

All of these were facts. How could she explain it? It was actually funny since she was the one who started the "Cold War" between them.

"Mellie, please help Jonas get through this. The stock price of the company has been affected. His cousin and uncle cannot be trusted and there is a severe economic crisis in the company. If we let the media continue to make up stories, Jonas will be in a difficult position even if we have managed to clear this up," Queena pleaded.

She knew that Nelson would not help this time around. If Melinda turned a blind eye to this, Jonas would definitely be losing all his advantages over Aron in their competition.

This was the reason why Melinda was caught in a dilemma.

Kent was right that she still had feelings for Jonas. Naturally, she didn't want him to suffer but she still couldn't deny her anger towards him. However, Queena's pleading was making her change her mind and soften her heart.

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