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   Chapter 137 Domestic Violence Scandal

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10636

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She thought that she might have overestimated herself. Since Jonas was accompanied by Emily, how would he care about her at all?


Melinda cursed in her heart.

"You still look pale. The doctor also said that you are too weak. You should have a good rest these days."

Queena touched the temperature of Melinda's forehead, which was a little funny. There was still a layer of gauze on her forehead.

"Right, have a good rest,"

Nelson echoed. Both of them felt a little guilty for Melinda's injury, which was caused by Jonas.

"Mommy, Grandpa, don't worry. I'm fine. After I have some food, I can even run around the hospital."

Melinda didn't want them to burden the young generation's fault. She smiled to comfort them, and wished she could squeeze her own face and make herself look better in the dark.

"If you really run around like this, people will think you escape from the top floor."

Queena and Melinda were now familiar with each other, and they talked with each other with teasing. Wasn't the top floor of the hospital for special patients?

The two of them accompanied Melinda. After all, her head was hurt, and she needed more rest. After dinner, Queena urged Nelson to go home and she stayed in the hospital to take care of Melinda.

When Jonas got home, Gavin told him that according to Nelson's order, he was not allowed to visit Melinda and had to stay in the company in the following days.

There were always endless tasks waiting for him to deal with in the company. Now Nelson troubled him on purpose. Therefore, he had assigned a lot of tasks to Jonas, which exhausted Jonas.

Jonas was very anxious in the company, and William was unbearable. He almost called three times a day to ask Nelson when he would let Jonas go.

Melinda was not badly hurt, but Nelson wanted her to take good care of herself. Therefore, no matter what kind of excuses Melinda had, Nelson all refused.

The next morning, the senior executives of Soaring Group were all in a sullen mood. But now there was a piece of news that Jonas, who was the Soaring Group's CEO, beat his wife.

The company seemed to be in trouble and everyone was depressed.

William went in and out without stopping. The stock was fallen again and again, and the company entrance had been surrounded by the media.

And, Aron also took advantage of this chance to give Jonas a hard time at the general shareholder's meeting.

"Because of our CEO's private affairs, the company's image is damaged. Our stock has fallen again and again. Doesn't our CEO need to explain to us?"

At the sudden shareholders meeting, Aron directly launched an attack. Those who were smart usually spoke half of their words.

He said something at random and won support from people around.

"Now we have to deal with this matter as soon as possible. The company's stock shouldn't fall again."

A neutral shareholder stepped forward, but his tone showed that he was still quite dissatisfied with Jonas. Since Jonas took office, he had been depriving them of their decision-making rights step by step.

He could survive every time there was an accident.

Although he had the business ac

, why did you drink so much? Was it because of Emily?"

Queena said bluntly. Nelson's turbid eyes were filled with smartness, and he also stared at Jonas. The two people were waiting for his answer, but their expressions had clearly shown that they disliked Emily.

"I was unhappy to see that Melinda was with Kent, so I drank too much."

Jonas gave a very smart answer. He didn't bring Emily in, but gave out a reason that were acceptable to Nelson and Queena.

"She and Kent are just schoolmates. They have cooperation now and just went out to talk about business. How can you be so reckless?"

Queena still blamed Jonas for that.

But Nelson was not that easy to fool. He had a feeling that this matter must have something to do with Emily. In fact, he had sent someone to investigate it in private.

"She didn't want to explain to me,"

Jonas said in a low voice, but Nelson thought he deserved it. Queena couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong, so she hovered around.

"Well, you are in a mess now. Go upstairs and get washed up."

Queena tipped Jonas a wink, asking him to leave in a hurry. Otherwise, the situation would be more chaotic if Nelson got angrier.

Jonas only told his family about the cause and effect of the incident, but the outsiders were still happy to speculate.

The netizens loved to hear the gossips of the rich and powerful families most, especially such a person as Jonas who could be considered the top bride among the young generation.

That year, he married Melinda, the Cinderella, without telling anyone, which shocked many people's eyes. As a result, people envied Melinda who was actually struggling in the upper class. She finally became a little better, but now, the news of domestic violence was spread.

Over and over again, the netizens became more and more excited.

The most excited were the media. Since they could not get close to Jonas, they had been thinking about interviewing Melinda. Nowadays, the development of date era was all over the globe, so there was no secrets in the world. The hospital address of Melinda was revealed soon.

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