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   Chapter 135 Just Ignore

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Instinctively, Kent wanted to protect Melinda behind him. He thought that Jonas had lost control at this time.

However, Melinda still stood there with a smile. No one could see her expression from her eyes, but there was a hint of mockery in her eyes.

Melinda thought it was ironic. Why didn't Jonas look at himself when he questioned her? She kept a distance from Kent, and on the contrary, the two of them were holding hands intimately.

Kent also noticed the detail. He became angry when he saw Emily holding Jonas's hand.

Jonas drew back his hand quickly as if he got an electric shock. Emily staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She glared at Melinda, eyes full of unwillingness.

She finally found an excuse to hold Jonas for her sprained ankle, and now Jonas let go of her arm so easily because of a casual glance from Melinda.

Melinda looked calm, but her heart was full of anger.

But she always concealed her true feelings well. At this point, others only saw her smiling face.

Seeing that Melinda didn't answer his question and didn't question him, Jonas was more irritable. It shouldn't be like this.

A normal couple was supposed to question each other in such a situation, wasn't it?

Why did Melinda look like that the two of them stood together quite gracefully?

Jonas felt that he was going to explode with rage because of the arrogant attitude of Melinda.

"Kent, there are our seats. Let's go inside."

Melinda didn't answer Jonas, completely ignoring him. Then she turned around and said to Kent, as if nothing had happened.

Kent looked at her in bewilderment. But Melinda took the lead and headed to the position where Jonas and Emily stood.

The waiter standing aside felt relieved.

"Jonas, since Melinda has a friend of hers accompanying her, let's go back to our seats. It's not easy to book a table here. I have made an appointment for a long time."

Seeing that Melinda left, Emily was wondering how to take advantage of this rare opportunity to alienate the relationship between the two people.

Her coquettish words somewhat brought back Jonas's thoughts. But his eyes had been fixed on Melinda, and he didn't give her for even a second.

The two people's seats were not far away, and Melinda's seat was at the back. Their seats were separated by green plants. Although there was no door, to a certain extent, the guests' privacy was guaranteed.

Led by a waiter, Emily and Jonas sat down on their seats, with layers of green plants cut behind. In this way, Jonas could not see what happened between Melinda and Kent behind him.

Jonas was getting more and more impatient. Emily tightly clenched her fingers under the table.

She knew that Jonas would be angry because of Melinda's attitude. And when he cared about a person's attitude, it could only be said that this person was very important in his heart.

Since when did Melinda weighted so much in Jonas's heart?

, and he began to worry about the relationship between the younger generation.

"I'll explain if your wife misunderstands me,"

Melinda said calmly. But all she was thinking was that why she had to explain since Jonas didn't make any explanation.

In addition, Jonas had promised to sever their relationship many times. But now, they went to the restaurant together intimately.

"It seems like he is in a bad mood, and he is drinking alone."

Jonas couldn't see Melinda, but Kent could see Jonas from his position.

Emily seemed to try to stop Jonas from drinking, but she was totally ignored by him. He drank so fast, just like drinking water.

Kent was curious. He took a sip and felt the wine was so strong that his throat was burnt.

The wine Melinda prepared for him was the rice wine here.

Thinking of the calm look on Melinda's face just now, Kent felt that both of them were dull. They both drank like they didn't want to be alive.

"He deserves it."

Though Melinda was reluctant to admit it, she was worried about Jonas's health. His stomach was not very good. He would be hurt if he drank all the time.

'Forget it. If it is the case, he deserves it, ' she thought.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the washroom."

Obviously, Melinda didn't want to continue the topic. Putting her bag on the seat, she took the mobile phone and went to the bathroom.

For a person who had no sense of security, a mobile phone, which was personal, must be placed beside him or her all the time. As for the handbag, Melinda still trusted Kent.

The way to the toilet was beside the seat of Jonas. Being drunk, Jonas saw a person who looked like Melinda was passing by. Until he smelt a familiar fragrance in the air, he was sure that it was Melinda.

Thinking of this, Jonas stood up from his seat in an instant. Shocked, Emily asked, "Jonas, where are you going?"

But she didn't receive any response from Jonas. He followed Melinda and left.

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