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   Chapter 134 He Looks Like An Immortal

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9691

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"Who the hell are you two? I have to call the police and accuse you of disturbing my work." Daniel's wife said in an aggressive tone.

"Call the police. My car was applied paint by that man today, and it will be fine to let the police handle it."

Kent said with a faint smile. The couple immediately looked at each other and shivered. Kent just stood at the door and looked at them.

Daniel didn't expect the accident to be so serious. That man just gave them money and asked them to rent a car, but he didn't say anything.

Now that they had been attacked, the couple were immediately afraid.

"I don't know. He just asked me to lend him a car."

Daniel said while shaking his head. That man had warned them repeatedly and gave them one hundred thousand hush money.

One hundred thousand was a large amount of money that the family of these people, whom they had worked hard for years, might not be able to accumulate at all.

It seemed that the whole thing had reached a deadlock. The two of them were reluctant to tell the person behind the scenes, but they were worried that Kent would call the police and begged again and again.

"Editor, shall we go further?"

Asked the assistant. He felt sorry for the poor families, but he also felt that they must have hateful places. Poverty was not an excuse for them to hold a candle to the devil.

"Forget it."

Kent said, shaking his head. If the couple were unwilling to talk, he could not find the result even if he kept asking. And if the Gu family really cared about Melinda, they would naturally find out the person behind it.

He did the investigation just for the sake of giving a reasonable explanation to Melinda.

In the evening, Kent told her the investigation situation and asked if she should continue.

"Never mind. I don't have many enemies. I will be careful in the future,"

In fact, she had been thinking about who would do this today. However, it was clear that he dared not to do anything to her, so he could only vent his anger on her car.

As long as it didn't threaten her life, Melinda wouldn't care so much.

"In order to thank you for your help. Let's have dinner this weekend."

Although she didn't care about it, Kent's kindness really touched her. It happened that they hadn't had a chance to get together since Kent came back this time, so they proposed to have dinner together.


Kent agreed straightforwardly. Although the magazine office was busy, he could take a rest on weekend, and the sunday was the day after tomorrow.

The next day, no one at home mentioned this thing. Because of the return of Kent, Joans was very cold to her.

Queena pulled Melinda to her painting room. A few days ago, she knew that Melinda was also good at painting, and was very interested from Nelson.

"Mommy, I do something unfriendly. Don't listen to Grandpa's story."

Hearing that

ink, becoming a little immortal."

Melinda always wanted an ordinary life.

This kind of life made her happy. Although there would be some void in the heart, but it was always happier than those who suffered often.

People who were indifferent to the mortals were the most terrible people.

Melinda's begging surprised Kent a little bit. He had never thought that he could become such a talented young lady so soon.

"Yes, it is a good idea."

He didn't know how to describe his current mood, so his following words were very casual and sincere.

She didn't care about what was in his mind at all. At this moment, she just felt happy. The topic they talked about was very strange, and they soon talked about the literature.

Melinda asked in a tricky tone. What she had answered was interesting. Even if she wanted to mock, she would deliberately share with Kent what she had learned.

The conversation between the two made her feel relaxed.

"It's getting late. Let's go to the restaurant." Melinda stood up and patted her clothes, but she didn't notice that Kent had followed her and walked forward directly.

It was about ten minutes from where they were to the restaurant. When Melinda stepped into the restaurant, she saw two familiar people.

Emily and Jonas, and one of her arms still resting on Jonas's body.

She stopped abruptly. Kent, who was standing behind her, looked at her suspiciously, and his expression changed when he saw the two people not far away.

The four people stood together, and the atmosphere was weird and embarrassing.

Jonas's eyes began to burn. He stared at Melinda and Kent, as if he was going to eat people. People around him looked at his sullen face and kept away from him subconsciously.

She intuitively believed that this man was not to be trifled with.

"Why are you two together?"

There was a sense of danger in Jonas's words, which made people shudder.

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