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   Chapter 133 She Is My Goddess

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10938

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"You know exactly what I mean. Mr. Jiang, you are a clever man. I think you don't want to be arranged by your company again,"

Jonas threatened. He was so powerful that he could make Kent not be the editor in chief anymore.

Kent knew what was in Jonas's mind, so he didn't care about such a threat. Thinking that he had a possessive desire for Melinda, Kent felt a little funny.

'He is a man who also knows nothing of love. Melinda still have a long way to go, ' he thought.

"Got it."

Kent gave an ambiguous reply. If it was before, Jonas would have found many loopholes, but today he was not in the mood to care about it.

The conversation between the two men was simple. Jonas had thought that Kent would agree after he talked so much. He didn't expect it to be so easy.

He couldn't help but sneer at Kent, thinking that he was the kind of person who could abandon everyone for money.

He must be worrying that the editor in chief, which he had been working hard to get, was ruined by him so that he agreed so quickly.

Jonas had a lot of guesses in his mind.

The liquor was naturally nobody's attention. Since they reached an agreement, Kent did not want to stay any more. "I'm still familiar with business. I have to go now since there are a lot of things to do. Have a good time, Mr. Jonas."

Jonas thought there was an implication in Kent's words, but when he came to himself, he was the only one left in the room.

Kent came back to the periodical office. Thinking that Melinda had an accident in his territory, he asked his assistant to lead him to the security department.

"Retrieve the surveillance video of the route from 9 to 11 o'clock this morning to this parking lot."

Kent took a picture of the scene and showed it to the staff in the security room. The captain of security guards quickly got the surveillance video from the position and used the way to find out the specific time period.

Soon enough, a furtive figure appeared in the screen, carrying a big bag, a mask, a pair of sunglasses, and covered with a hat.

The dressed up in winter was very normal, and did not cause much attention. The person walked around near Melinda's car. After the person saw no one, the person took out a small bucket from the big bag.

Kent was almost sure that it was the paint in it. Sure enough, the person opened the lid and exposed the thing inside. The person who wore white gloves took the paint and poured it on the car.

Although it was hard to see the person's expression with the mask over the face, it was just like a revenge. Kent could clearly feel the person's hatred for Melinda behind the screen.

All of a sudden, he was shocked. He didn't know who Melinda offended and why she was revenged like this.

Deep in the wealthy families, Melinda was now in the middle of such a mess.

The person's action looked a little unfamiliar, but the person was very sensitive. After the paint was sprinkled, the person carefully hid the bucket into the bag. The person looked around on the alert again, and finally quickly left.

"Go and check which direction the person came from and where he went,"

Kent continued to give the order. The security guard checked the other videos of the car and the general direction o

ion form to her.

"Sir, that person didn't answer the phone."

The assistant walked over and said helplessly. Kent acted that he was disappointed and said, "It seems that I can only find an excuse that the car can't work and take a taxi to pick up my girlfriend."

They didn't rent a car after such a long time, which made the staff in a rage. But when she saw Kent's pitiful look, she said nothing.

"Have you memorized the information?"

Kent thought he would definitely be the best actor today. He just used all the dramatic plots in his mind. Fortunately, the result was pleasant.

"I wrote it down in my memo. There is also the address in it. Shall we go there now?"

asked the assistant. Now he was even more excited, and after getting along with Kent for a short while, his attitude towards him had changed a lot.

He didn't expect that the editor in chief, who looked serious, could be so humorous.

In fact, the reason why he was able to change his attitude towards Kent so quickly was that he was a friend of his goddess, Melinda.

"Okay, check the navigation."

It was not convenient for Kent to do that since he was driving the car. Now that his assistant wanted to help him, he wouldn't refuse.

Where they arrived was a shabby community, where the street lights were dim, and it took them a long time to find the address.

A middle-aged woman opened the door. She was very vigilant as it was late at night when two people went to look for her.

"Do you know if Daniel Huang lives here?"

Kent said and cleared his throat. His voice was as warm as the spring breeze. It made people feel at ease.

"What do you want from him?"

The woman was very vigilant, but they heard someone cursing in the room. "Who is it coming here at night? Why do you open the door for such a long time? What's the use of you?"

The man was Daniel. When he saw the exceptional Kent, he felt a little guilty for no reason.

"Mr. Huang, do you know this car?"

Kent took out the photo of the car which was still parked in his garage. The person had asked him to return it immediately, but he decided to drive for two more days because he wanted to show off.

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