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   Chapter 130 A Pollen Allergy

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Everyone was sitting at different corners, so Melinda clumsily picked the dishes and served them. She couldn't manage everything on her own.

Melinda was busy and started to sweat despite the chilly weather.

She stumbled on her feet as she opened the zipper of her coat. Jonas grabbed Melinda's arms and gave her a basket of vegetables and bamboo sticks. He couldn't see her struggle anymore.

"Sit here and prepare the vegetables for making kebabs. They have been washed clean,"

Jonas said as he looked after Melinda's work. Melinda was shocked by Jonas's thoughtfulness.

She grinned happily as it was an easy job. All she had to do was sit down and arrange the vegetables in the skewer.

Jonas served pre-cooked food and cakes as starters while Melinda prepared the grill for barbecue. Nelson and Aron went to the river for fishing.

Queena helped Jonas and Rey arrange everything as they set up a barbecue grill and a temporary stove. Queena started by boiling the water and Melinda finished skewering the vegetables.

She called Jonas to ask what she needed to do next. But he didn't say anything and let her do whatever she wanted.

It was a mellow morning and the cool breeze carried a warmth that instantly lifted Melinda's spirit. By the time dinner was ready, Nelson returned with succulent freshwater fishes.

"Jonas, I saw some flowers on the hillside. Why don't you and Mellie grab them so that we can decorate the table with them. Also, I want to post the pictures of WeChat moments?" Queena said.

Melinda's eyes lit up. She was clumsily sprawled on the grass and Jonas gave her a hand.

She bit her lip and took his hand as he pulled her to her feet.

The flowers in the suburb were swaying in the wind. Melinda carefully picked all the beautiful, bright ones and gave them to Jonas.

The colorful hillside stood out against the somber suburbs as the flowers bloomed during winter.

"These are beautiful. Take it."

Melinda beamed as she gave a bunch of flowers to Jonas. His hands involuntarily reached for the flowers, his eyes fixed on Melinda's beautiful face. The flowers faded in comparison to the bright smile on Melinda's face. Jonas dropped the flowers to the ground as his face became itchy.

"What are you... Jonas, what's the matter?"

Melinda's mouth popped open in shock. She was about to scold Jonas for not holding the flowers properly but she realized that something was wrong. Angry, red rashes formed on Jonas's flawless skin that gradually spread all over his face and arms.

"My body is itching,"

Jonas muttered. He didn't notice the rashes as his eyes were fixed on Melinda. She lunged forward and grabbed Jonas's hand as he was about to scratch his face.

"Stop! Don't scratch it."

Melinda held Jonas's arms and took him back to where everyone had assembled for dinner. Queena dropped the dishes when she saw Jonas's red face.

"Gosh! It looks like an allergy. Let's take him to the hospital right away."

The picnic came to a halt because of Jonas's allergy but no one could understand what he was allergic to. They were worried if it could be something else worse

bowl and kept it aside to cool. She saw the documents lying clumsily on the bed, so she grabbed one file after the other to arrange them properly. The documents that Melinda had sorted according to the work were ruined in an instant.

Jonas grunted in annoyance but it was too late before he stopped her. He glanced at Melinda who was in the kitchen, leaning against the fridge. Her usually bright face was dull and she looked exhausted.

Jonas wanted peace and silence. He was irritated that Emily was fussing over him, treating him like a child.

"Jonas, let me feed you some soup," she said, picking the bowl as the soup had turned a little cold.

She picked the spoon, blew it gently, and placed it before his lips. Jonas was uncomfortable by the intimacy and pushed her hand away.

"I'm not hungry. Keep it there."

"The soup will not taste good if it turns cold. Take a sip, Jonas."

Emily pouted, deliberately showing her swollen hand. Jonas believed that she made the soup for him and couldn't refuse it.

"Don't! I'll drink it on my own."

Jonas reached for the bowl and took a sip. He scrunched his nose as the taste was too strong for his liking. Melinda usually prepared mild soup that soothed his body but the soup that Emily had brought made him sick.

He glanced at Melinda again and saw her leaning on the seat. Her eyelids looked heavy and he wondered if she was asleep.

Jonas was worried that Melinda would sprain her neck.

He took a few sips of the soup and placed it aside. Emily was disappointed but didn't show it. She sat with Jonas and attended to all his needs.

"Are you handling the company's affairs? Why are you working when you're not feeling well? Let me help you so that you can go back to bed early."

Emily looked after him like a wife. She picked the documents and began to sort them.

There was knock on the door again. Nelson was at the door with a nurse. His eyebrows furrowed when he saw Emily sitting intimately with Jonas with a file in her hand.

Nelson was seething with rage that he almost forgot why he had come to see Jonas.

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