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   Chapter 128 A Rejected Invitation

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 13433

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Queena had made the decision not only to mend her relationship with her daughter-in-law, but to strengthen it. Melinda shared the same goal, and the next few days saw the two women bonding over the littlest things.

They grew close enough for the older woman to joke once or twice that Melinda had become her sworn daughter, with Jonas coming a close second to her in terms of Queena’s affection.

One of the activities they often enjoyed together was shopping, then later sitting at cafes. Yulia had done her best to thwart their mother-daughter outings, but was always shut down by Queena.

At first she thought the Gu madam was only acting on her feelings towards her husband’s bastard, but seeing the way she interacted with Melinda gave Yulia a sense of foreboding. Queena was becoming Melinda’s ally.

What started as malicious jealousy on her part became a paranoia that ate at her greedy heart, and she soon found herself scrambling to contact Emily so they could do something about it.

To her disgust, she couldn’t reach the actress’ phone no matter how many times she called.

This went on for a couple of days, until Yulia finally found a report on the internet saying Emily was off to some remote location in the mountains for a shoot.

She must be in some place without reception, which was why Yulia’s calls couldn’t get through. She threw her phone on the bed and stomped downstairs to cool her head.

She found Nelson, Melinda, and Queena in the living room as she descended. Her sister-in-law was holding out a piece of clothing to her grandfather, and Queena said something that made all three of them laugh. The scene only stoked the fire of envy that burned within Yulia, and she strode over to where they stood to join in on their conversation. "You seem to be having fun," she said as she approached, and her tone effectively hinted at what she was feeling. "What do you have here?" It was a coat with exquisite embroidery.

In her desperation for attention, coupled with the riot of ugly emotions that ran rampant in her heart, Yulia yanked the clothing from Nelson’s hands with more force than necessary.

The fabric was ripped.

She stared at the piece of clothing with horror. An awkward silence fell into the room for a couple of beats.

Then the two elders burst into action simultaneously, Nelson abruptly pulling the clothing back to him, and Queena turning to Yulia in visible anger.


Before she could start berating Yulia, however, Melinda had come in between them and put a reassuring hand on her mother-in-law’s shoulder. Yulia turned away bitterly.

Nelson was glaring at her granddaughter. This coat was supposed to be a present, and he hadn’t even had a chance to wear it yet, but this rude, foolish girl just appeared out of nowhere and ruined it.

"Grandpa," Melinda said, her tone gentle. "I have been looking at embroidery projects recently, but I never got to actually doing it.

Would you mind if I make an experiment of my skills using your coat?"

She smiled at the old man as she reached for the piece of clothing. He let her take it.

Once again Melinda was salvaging the situation, and doing it with grace and class! Although he was still feeling sullen, Nelson would never think of ruining her efforts by staying cross.

"All right, you can do whatever you want with it. But be sure it turns out beautifully, or I will be very unhappy."

He gave her a conniving little smile then, to show her that he knew what she was trying to do.

Melinda returned the smile and only nodded. Beside them, Queena was sporting a pleased little smile herself, feeling rather proud at how her daughter-in-law handled the predicament.

Yulia only hung her head in shame, and nursed her fury in silence.

It was then that Gavin interrupted them, "Sir, Madam, the post has arrived." He handed various envelopes to the two, mostly invitations to parties and some other events.

A hefty number of them were addressed to Nelson, and the others to

ded the call. Then she sat in her room, gritting her teeth and digging her nails into her palms in tight fists as she tried to think of another plan to bring Melinda down.

After she hung up, Queena made her way downstairs to get some water. She found her daughter-in-law warming some milk in the kitchen.

Melinda turned in mild surprise as she approached. "Oh, Mom, you’re still awake?"

"Hmm," Queena answered. It was true she should have been in bed by now, but her conversation with Emily preyed on her mind. It troubled her enough that she knew she would have difficulty falling asleep that night.

"What about you? Are you up this late writing?" As she said it out loud, it suddenly occurred to Queena that Melinda might have been losing her writing time because she was always accompanying her. She must be making up for it by writing late into the night.

But her daughter-in-law only smiled. "I’m actually on my way to bed now." She removed the pot from the stove and poured the milk into a tall glass, and handed it to Queena. Then she went over to the fridge to get some more milk for herself, and repeated the process of warming it up.

Queena looked on, basking in the peaceful quiet and the feeling of comfort that such a mundane task brought about. Melinda really was an ideal wife, gentle and yet incredibly strong.

She thought back on Emily’s vile words, and could not help bringing the actress up. "You dislike Emily very much, don’t you?"

Melinda paused what she was doing for a beat, but when she spoke, her voice remained gentle and calm. "Mom, will you ever come to like someone who repeatedly tries to destroy your marriage?"

A deep frown creased Queena’s brow. She would loathe such a person; her own marriage was broken by someone like that.

But all this time, Emily kept saying that it was Melinda who got between her and Jonas, and that she enlisted Nelson to keep them apart.

"You weren’t there when it all started," Melinda said, breaking through Queena’s thoughts. She could see that some heavy emotion clouded the younger woman’s eyes. "There’s so much you don’t know."

Then Melinda looked straight at her, and above everything else, Queena recognized a deep sadness in her expression. She felt her own chest ache at the weight of her daughter-in-law’s heartbreak.

She went over to Melinda and put her arm over her daughter-in-law’s shoulders. "It’s all in the past, as you said."

Melinda turned back to the stove and put out the fire. She prepared her own glass of milk, set it on the counter, and pulled out a chair. When she sat down, Queena pulled another chair beside her.

"Then let me tell you about the past."

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