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   Chapter 127 Two Ex-girlfriends

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"I have been in Gu family for nearly six years."

Just as the atmosphere became more and more silent, Melinda said peacefully, without a trace of nostalgia on her face, as if she was telling a story that belonged to another person.

During her youth, Melinda spent the first four years chasing Jonas, next the five years, she tried to maintain the marriage that seems already disappear. In the end, she had to stop and give up during the last year.

"In many people's eyes, I'm just a Cinderella married into a rich family and many girls are envious of me, but what kind of life have I been living these years? Is it really as happy as it looks? "

Even the servant in the villa seemed to be in a higher position than her, and all of this was given by her husband. Compared with her, Queena's life was much better.

Queena had Jonas, but Melinda's baby was not saved.

When she spoke, it seemed that there was a kind of magic in her voice. Queena wanted to ignore her, but she still couldn't help listening carefully with her ears raised, and even thought of the appearance of Melinda in Gu family.

"In fact, I am not different from those girls. When I first saw him, I thought it would be nice if I could marry such a man. He was so perfect. He almost satisfied all the girls' needs for a boyfriend, except that he was a little indifferent."

"He is so good, so many people love him, and I want to be more excellent so that I can attract his attention in the crowd."

The calmness on Melinda's face disappeared and was replaced by a light smile. Her eyes were in the shape of a crescent. It seemed that they were shining with the bright light like the moonlight, reflecting her youth she had recalled.

"At that time, I had done a lot of stupid things to follow him for four years. I thought that I could only look up to him, but I didn't expect that because of the relationship between the last generation, we got married."

It was a big surprise in Melinda's life. At that time, she was as excited as an idiot to know that she could meddle in Jonas's life.

Even if Grandpa stopped her, she agreed without hesitation. If she was a third of her sanity at that time, she would not be so hasty to get into this world which was totally different from the past eighteen years.

Jonas's attraction was irresistible. She loved him so much that she would never want to leave him.

There were bitterness and tears, but now when she spoke of Queena, Melinda returned to calm. However, she couldn't hide the strong feelings.

Now, Queena's resistance completely disappeared, and Queena was even immersed in the story told by the person who wrote stories, but the stories she told wasn't so vivid.

She told everything she could recall to Queena just like all other girls. The reason why she chased Jonas was out of love and persistence.

Queena looked at Melinda with a complicated look. At this moment, she realized that Melinda really loved Jonas.

If Melinda was truly interested in Gu family's property, how could it be possible for her to fall in love with Jonas during the college years?

At that time, Jonas was just a clerk in the

ore free time. Do you have anything to tell me?"

She was interested in writing. Besides, she was used to writing. It didn't matter if she didn't write for one or two days.

"I like the new winter clothes you picked for me last time. I want to buy some new again."

Queena said in a gentle voice. She put her fingers on the two sides of her body. Hearing Queena's words, a smile climbed up on Melinda's face. She probably saw Queena's embarrassment, so she said, "I want to buy something in the mall. Let's go together."


Melinda was so considerate that Queena felt quite relaxed. Then, a smile appeared on Queena's face.

After sitting in his chair and sipping the tea, Nelson looked at others one by one, and finally laughed in relief. He thought that all of them were right.

Now that they decided to go shopping, they went back to their own bedroom and started dressing themselves up.

Queena was dressed in a purple dress and decorated with jewelry, which showed her noble temperament perfectly. On the contrary, it was a lot simple for Melinda to do this. She was dressed in a white sweater and trousers, and covered in a military green coat, with a delicate pink face.

When they were about to go out, Yulia just woke up. She was very Surprised that Melinda holding Queena's arm. Melinda's eyes flashed and she had a bad feeling.

"Auntie, are you going out? Let me change my clothes and accompany you."

Said Yulia, completely ignoring what happened last night. Queena looked back at her coolly, and then said, "No, Melinda can do it with me."

What happened last night was destined to be a Queena's attitude towards her today, and the change in Queena's appellation to Melinda was also noticed by Yulia.

Before, Queena had rarely called Melinda's name. Most of the time, she said that Melinda was from a common family.

"It's getting late. I have asked the servant to prepare breakfast for you. We'll go out."

Melinda changed her shoes and said to Yulia before leaving. The smile at the corner of Melinda's mouth almost changed the expression on Yulia's face.

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