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   Chapter 124 The Familiar Memory

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9410

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Every time she thought that Emily would disappear in her life completely, she would invade in it in a new way.


"What's wrong with you? I didn't even call you back." Said Leo worriedly, looking at her with her swaying fingers.

"I just thought about something,"

She didn't want to let anyone know what had happened to her. She just made up an excuse and perfunctorily. Leo was not the kind of person who was inquisitive.

Leo casually found a topic and began to talk to Melinda again.

As the last part of the party began, many people left. Melinda and Leo told scholars' stories in ancient times and wouldn't feel boring for a time.

At the same time, Melissa, who was standing not far away from them, didn't know what to do. She kept her eyes on them all the time. It seemed that she would be able to "catch adultery" with others as long as they moved a little.

"Yulia, are you coming with me to meet some new friends?"

Emily suddenly appeared next to Yulia, and she just saw that Emily and Queena stood up from their seats. When the auction was over, the auctioneer was saying the final words.

As the host, Emily would finally say something again. Queena was arranged by her to be an important guest today. She would also go up the stage later.

Queena wouldn't refuse.

"Oh, okay."

As soon as Yulia came to herself, Yulia replied immediately. Emily had a wide social circle and it was good for Yulia to know more people.

But Yulia didn't know that she would not steal the spotlight from Emily.

Yulia turned around and saw Leo's hand on Melinda's head, smiling sweetly. Yulia eyes instantly turned red, and she crashed into Queena in front of her out of carelessness.

"Yulia, what the hell are you doing?"

Queena's voice waked Yulia up and made her pale. She felt that Queena seemed angry. If he was angry with her, she would be miserable.

She thought fast and then rolled her eyes, pointing to Melinda not far away.

"I was too shocked to believe that Melindap was so intimate with that Sir, so… So... "

She didn't come up with a reason, but she said something and stopped. Queena turned around and saw that they were at the right distance.

"It's my fault that I didn't fix the light. I think my eyes deceived me."

Emily came out to rescue Yulia, and Yulia looked at her with grateful eyes. Yulia breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but her eyes were like 520 * sticking there. (* TN: in Chinese, there is a woman named Yulia, whose heart is 520.).

Melinda had lived in that kind of environment for five years, so she was naturally sensitive. Melinda looked around and saw that Yulia was staring at her in a huff, but Melinda did not know the reason.

"Emily, don't speak for her. I have never seen it wrong just now. Auntie, she's gone too far

bit her lip. She was eloquent now, so she was speechless. But her hazy eyes seemed to say that she had suffered a lot.

Seeing that Emily was mocked like this, Yulia felt lucky that she didn't say anything rude, otherwise she would be teased all over.

At the same time, Yulia also found his charm and his eyes were full of obsession.

Queena stood up for Emily very much. Seeing that Emily was wronged now, and it was because of Melinda, Queena could not help but speak in an imperative tone, "Melinda, you apologize to Emily on behalf of Mr. Liu."

Queena's words shocked everyone present. They all looked sideways at Melinda, and so did Leo. "I don't know what I said wrong. If I want to apologize to Miss Bai, I don't need Melinda to do it for me."

Queena completely ignored Leo's defense. She already knew that he was a talker. If she were to defend herself, she was not a match at all and would end up getting involved in it.


She raised her voice and fixed her eyes on Melinda, with a hint of threat. If it had been in the past, Melinda would have thought about making big decisions.

But today's situation was a little different. Now, she was bound with Leo. If she apologized, it would be equal to slapping him on the face, and his defense just now would be a joke.

Moreover, she didn't want to compromise to anyone in the Gu family at the moment.

"Miss Bai, please remember that disaster emanates from careless talk."

She looked at Emily coldly, which made Emily feel familiar and frightened.

This feeling was exactly the same as that when Jonas was cool.

"I'm a little tired. I'll go back first."

Melinda picked up her handbag from the seat and looked at them in a neither humble nor pushy manner. Queena's fingers were trembling. Melinda's behavior made her feel ashamed.

And what she was doing now was humiliating.

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