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   Chapter 123 It's A Consecutive Punishment

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9812

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Looking at the scene, Melinda wanted to laugh, but she also had a new impression of Leo, who looked energetic but was willing to talk to her.

For people like Yulia, he was polite, distant and a little arrogant.

Melinda couldn't help but feel proud of the novel art, which was said by her master.

But for her arrogance, if she was qualified to be admired, oherwise, she would be a joke.

Obviously, Leo was qualified to do that.

Yulia was still unwilling to give up. The dinner party was very lively. After entertaining a group of people, Emily came to their seats. The left seat of Queena was always reserved for her.

"I'm so lucky today."

Emily came over. Seeing that Queena had left a seat for her, she was grateful, and then sat down beside her.

"As long as it can help those poor kids." Said Emily, with a very modest tone. Then she thanked Queena for saving her seat.

"I didn't expect you to auction my paintings today."

Queena was still very happy. She saw the envious expression of her friends around her, but she didn't show his unhappiness on her face.

"I think that people can appreciate the wonderful things, and find its corresponding value. Today, you've bid for ten million yuan on your works."

In today's charity banquet, Emily Bai purposely invited several rich men who had always wanted to have sex with her. For this arrangement, Queena won the bid in addition to such a high price for the painting, which was of no artistic value at all.

In Nelson's opinion, the painting wouldn't be worth hundreds of thousands.

"It's all your contribution. I see that there are many things for the auction today. Will they be donated to the impoverished area?"

The items for tonight's auction were all very high, and the final raise must be a lot. Queena couldn't help but feel a little worried when she thought of that many were obviously cheated by the charity now.

"I've found a foundation and asked it to be dealt with by the police. I'll have my people follow up with it. I won't let the money be stolen."

Said Emily. She was so considerate and thoughtful that many ladies around her praised her.

Queena seemed to be Emily's daughter. Seeing those people praising Emily, she felt proud.

The two were having a good time chatting. The daughter-in-law, Melinda was left alone. Yulia wasn't fully aware of the here and all her attention had been focused on Leo.

"Mommy, the auction is almost finished. I want to go home and have a rest."

Though wearing a poker face, Melinda still felt embarrassed when she noticed that many women stared at her from time to time. Hearing her words, Leo glanced at her worriedly.

In fact, Leo had sensed something wrong when Emily came, but he didn't know what to say since she didn't speak.

"It's not over yet. We came out together. Also you should wait for me to go back together."

Queena finally said, but stopped Melinda from leavi

a didn't have too much contact, just chatting.

If it was made up by some foolish reporters, then it would be difficult to explain to Nelson.

"Wives of other people always talk with each other and make themselves closer to each other. Only she talked with men alone, pretending to behave like they were doing academic communication. I don't know who she was disgusting."

The more harsh the words were, the more depressed Yulia became. Leo had been indifferent to her just now, but now he was comforting Melinda.

Melinda had taught Leo some methods of writing articles. She had spent a lot of time listening to the professor.

"I'm not familiar with this project, but you can ask Kent for help as he is really good at it. I'm sure he will be very happy to help you."

The literature is wide range and include different professional skills. This time, what Leo referred to was exactly the domain that Kent was good at.

"I also want ask Kent for help, but firstly I need to make friends with him. So, help me please."

Leo said with a big smile, and then he brought a piece of cake to Melinda.

"I will send you the wechat message of Kent when I go back."

"Thank you again, Melinda. The problem was solved, and it made him relax a lot. Thinking of the situation that happened in front of you, he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally, he could not help but ask," you were also like this in the Gu family? "


Confused, Melinda looked at him. Leo shook his head and didn't go on with this topic.

But now, Melinda came to her senses and knew what Leo meant. She could not help but look away. Emily and Queena were like an intimate mother and daughter.

Every time Melinda thought Emily was leaving Jonas, but actually she did not. Melinda saw the relationship between Jonas and Emily as a knot that it's hard to open.

So she wanted to destroy it, unfortunately, she failed and hurt herself.

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