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   Chapter 122 Love Hunting

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Queena didn't answer. She just looked at Melinda. Yulia knew what she meant right away and turned her eyes to Melinda.

"Melinda, you always like to sponsor those poor people to call for help, right? The money for charity party will be donated to people who lived in poor areas."

Melinda thougt What Yulia said was on purpose. Yulia didn't talk with her friendly except to please her.

The corners of Melinda's mouth twitched, and the meaning of taunt could not be concealed. Yulia could see that she was angry, but she could not show it.

She had a hunch that it would be a Hogan banquet, and it was a provocation from Emily. After thinking for a while, Melinda raised her eyes to look at Queena, her eyes full of vigor.

"Please take me with you then."

"What will be donated for the charity party? I'll ask Gavin to help with your choice. Don't let it humiliate Gu family."

Queena exhorted him in concern, fearing that Melinda would bring her jealousy to the party and disgrace the Gu family.

This attitude was obviously contemptuous, which made Yulia very happy. However, Melinda behaved in a very casual way.

"I'll take care of myself."

Melinda's calm attitude made Queena's sarcastic words stifle in his heart.

After the meal, Mo Lian went to the butler and discussed with him about the donated presents for the family. The Butler led her towards the room, leaving the room empty for the collection.

The room was filled with a variety of things, including scripts, paintings and jewelry. She was in a dilemma and didn't know what to choose.

Fortunately, Gavin was in charge of a lot of things. After asking a few questions, he chose a set of jewelry for Melinda. Jewelry was a common and most valuable kind.

But how to stand out among these jewels depends on its own value. Gavin selected a limited edition of a family, which could not be found in the market now.

Emily was quite popular in the circle, especially after she began to approach Jonas recently, there were many people coming to the party. Queena wore a purple cheongsam, and her hair was coiled into a temples of a noble woman, having the demeanor of a lady in the republic of China.

Melinda was standing on her left, and Yulia was standing on her right. The latter was in a round neck dress with a round collar. The off shoulder design and waisted design highlighted her figure. The pink tassels made her more nifty, and her hair was slightly curled up on her shoulders.

As soon as she entered the banquet, she kept looking at the young men around her, as if they were her prey.

The white dress was simple with delicate lace embroidered with soft feather. Melinda's hair was braided into a ponytail behind the head, leaving two wisps of bangs. The neckline of the dress was a c

g time dissipated a lot in an instant.

Melinda was a little embarrassed just now, but now she was much calmer.

"Long time no see."

In fact, she hadn't expected to see Leo in such an occasion. Now she thought about it. She didn't know much about him except that he was her classmate.

But the relationship between people was strange. When she got along with Leo, she felt more comfortable than the people who knew each other well.

They smiled and didn't talk too much. They both looked away from the auction. while lowering her head, Yulia stole glances at Leo from time to time.

The voice on the scene was a little noisy. She didn't hear clearly the greeting of Ken and Melinda, but took it as a polite greeting. After greeting, he would definitely greet her.

But she waited for a long time and didn't hear his voice. She looked up and found that Leo was looking at the auction carefully.

The serious face made Yulia's heart skip a beat.


Realizing that Leo hadn't spoken for a long time and didn't seem to notice her, Yulia said. For a moment, Leo realized that Yulia was talking to him.

He turned around and smiled politely, which was different from his smile to Melinda.


Leo then turned his eyes to the auction, a pair of diamond shaped cuff was showed.

It was a classic style.

The things that could appear in the auction were basically extraordinary, unique, expensive or with special meaning.

"This cuff link has always been low-key and luxurious, but showing its dignity from the details..."

Yulia said when Leo looked at it. To make herself more like an upper class person, Yulia had a known a lot about luxury goods very well.

And this time, it came in handy.

However, she never heard Leo replied expected "yes" to showed his respect to ladys.

He kept his eyes on the auction.

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