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   Chapter 121 A Charity Dinner

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Jonas was sensible and could see things clearly. He understood that he could neither live with Melinda nor stay away from her. He didn't want to lose her. Jonas felt that the contract was pointless and therefore, shredded it into pieces.

He crumpled the pieces into a ball and was about to discard it into the trash can but decided against it. He put the paper safely in the innermost side of the safe, where no one could see.

It was too dangerous to throw it in the trash can as people could easily find it and it would create unnecessary problems.

Jonas shook his head and laughed at his fate. He thought about how his life had changed in a short time. He had done many unimaginable things for Melinda. Sometimes, when he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw a different person staring at him.

Jonas was a changed man but he loved who he had turned into. Melinda had reshaped him and gave a new meaning to his life.

Queena and Yulia walked to the door to see Emily off. The smile on Queena's face completely disappeared when she saw the car leave.

"Aunt Queena, are you okay?"

Yulia asked, feigning concern. But Queena was furious and ignored her tone.


Queena mumbled. Her hatred for Melinda reached another level. She was Jonas's mother and the best hostess of the Gu family. She hated Melinda's attitude.

"How dare Melinda disrespect you? She was rude even though she knew that Emily was your guest. Poor Emily was too upset. She is always sweet and endures Melinda's torture without complaining," Yulia said, shaking her head.

Although Queena remained silent, Yulia wanted to trigger her anger. She didn't want Queena to forget everything and move on.

"Emily is a good girl. Your brother..."

Queena gritted her teeth and blew out a loud breath. She remembered that Emily was close to becoming her daughter-in-law but Nelson meddled at the last minute and got her son married to Melinda.

"I don't know what Melinda had done to make Grandpa force Jonas to marry her. She has cast a spell on him and he seems to listen to her every word."

Yulia shook her head and smiled sadly. She never missed an opportunity to put Melinda down.

"Your Grandpa is old and has lost his mind," Queena grunted.

She felt that he had ruined her son's life. Nelson didn't mention anything about the relationship the two families shared. No one knew the reason why Nelson wanted Jonas to marry Melinda. Therefore, everyone assumed that Melinda was evil.

"Melinda is arrogant because she has Grandpa's support. Aunt Queena, I think it's best if we stay away from her."

Yulia looked around and whispered cautiously, which annoyed Queena.

"That's ridiculous! I don't care what she does or thinks. It's time to teach her a lesson. Otherwise, she will think that there's no one to stop her."

Queena pursed her lips and thought about what she needed to do to make Melinda understand her place in the family.

Yulia was happy that she had achieved her goal but she was still worried about what would happen if Queena failed to defeat Melinda.

It was a sleepless night for both Yulia and Queena. The next morning, Queena sent the driver to pick Emily up. She knew that Melinda was upset by Emily's presence and spent more time with her just to annoy Melinda.

There was a silent war between Queena and Me

to meet her at the company's headquarters.

"If you feel that your home isn't an ideal place for work, I suggest you look for a place and convert it into your office. You can also hire an assistant to help you out. Melinda, you are a popular writer and you need to do everything to get better at your craft. You have a strong fan base and you shouldn't disappoint them."

The editor poured a glass of juice and gave her time to think about it. "Look, my job is to help you out. We can look for a good office space and a skillful assistant. What do you say?"

"I will think about it."

Melinda smiled. She knew that the plan wouldn't work. Finding an office space would only give a chance for people to gossip about her.

"Yeah, sure, take your time. Just remember that I've got your back. It's my duty to make you feel comfortable. So, the next time something bothers you, call me right away."

Melinda chuckled. She decided to stay back in the company and get some work done. She felt that even if something went wrong, she could immediately consult her editor. Finding an office space didn't seem like a bad idea anymore.

It was evening when Melinda returned to the Gu's mansion. She was glad to find that Emily was gone. Yulia and Queena were the only ones at the dining table as Nelson was traveling.

Emily had used Nelson's absence to her advantage. She couldn't have played her tricks with his vigilant eyes constantly inspecting her.

"Emily is throwing a charity dinner this week and I want you to join me. You're Jonas's wife and you shouldn't stay in your room all day long. You have to attend parties and banquets. That's the best way to connect with people,"

Queena ordered. Although she disliked her daughter-in-law, she couldn't refuse things that benefited her son.

Melinda stopped picking her food as her eyes widened with shock.

Yulia was excited as she knew that there would be several young men attending the banquet. She could find a potential partner there to secure her life.

"Aunt Queena, can I go with you?" Yulia asked expectantly.

She was a disgrace to the Gu family and seldom got the chance to attend banquets. This was a rare opportunity and Yulia didn't want to let it go.

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