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   Chapter 120 Tearing The Contract

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 13573

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"Mellie, did I upset you?" Jonas called out as he strode behind his marching wife. It was a spur of the moment gesture; he didn’t expect her to react the way that she did. He had already been unsettled to begin with, and now that he was seeing his wife obviously displeased with something, he teetered on the edge of panic.

For a brief moment he wondered when he started to fear the instances when his wife just walked away without a single word.

He finally caught up to her, and reached out for her hand and held it tightly. "I’m sorry," he whispered, his voice low and heavy with some unnamed emotion.

Melinda turned to look at him, and said with utter indifference, "I hope this doesn’t happen again."

Jonas felt his breath hitch. There was no mistaking his wife’s disgust, nor the object of such emotion.

The fact that he had no idea how to salvage the situation only made him further disheartened. "I... Yes, I will be more careful in the future."

Melinda turned away from him and looked ahead. His grip was still tight around her hand. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady herself

She needed to harden her heart, to separate her emotions from the circumstances. She had been burnt many times before, and she would only continue to take painful hits if she revealed her true feelings to this man. "In the future," she repeated his words, saying each one crisply, "we will be divorcing. Just as soon as you get the right to inheritance. Like we agreed to."

She knew, despite being buried deep in her own personal affairs, that Aron and Rey had been more involved in business matters in recent days.

They were no doubt establishing their foothold in the company, making sure Nelson acknowledged their existence and contributions to the family enterprise.

Jonas's hold on her finally slackened. It seemed to him that the place grew colder as soon as the word "divorce" came out of her mouth.

He felt tight on his chest and found it hard to breathe, so he tugged at the collar of his shirt in an attempt to loosen it, with no small amount of irritation. "It's up to you," he said, his voice cold and hard.

To his wife, however, his answer sounded noncommittal somehow, and it didn’t satisfy her. Well. Enough with this farce. "Let’s go home." She matched his cold tone, not bothering to look back even once.

He didn’t reach for her again.

It was already eight o’clock when they arrived back at the mansion. It was well past dinner time, but the main villa was still lively.

Emily sat lounging on the sofa with Queena, reading fashion magazines. Across the living room table, Yulia was peacefully nibbling on a bowl of fruit while browsing the internet as per her usual hobby.

Attuned as she was to the dynamics of the household, she could sense something wrong as soon as her brother and his wife entered the foyer. 'Did they have a fight?'

She decided to prod. With fake cheer, she called out to her brother. "Oh, Jonas, you’re back. Aunt Queena had some dinner prepared for you in the kitchen."

At that, the other two women raised their heads from their magazines to look at the young couple. Emily, in particular, looked at them with an innocent expression on her face.

The truth was that all evening her attention had been towards the driveway, anticipating Jonas's arrival the entire time. She had known they were back the moment their car drove through the gates.

"Where have you been?" Queena said in a reprimanding voice. "Did you really have to miss dinner for your little trip outside?"

She had put down the magazine she was reading, and directed a hostile look at her daughter-in-law. Melinda only paused and waited for Jonas to say something from behind her.

There was a beat of silence before he managed to read her intent. He scrambled for an excuse. "I had something I needed to deal with. I asked Melinda to accompany me."

Yulia didn’t buy it, and wanted to say as much, but held herself back. She never really wanted to risk her brother’s temper any more than was neces

while, finally stopping at her desk, where her laptop was left on. Her browser was opened to a Weibo forum.

Unable to help his curiosity, he bent over the device and read bits of the discussion. It was a thread with a fan, who was discussing—rather avidly—calligraphy and a certain painting exhibition.

Intrigued, Jonas found himself clicking away and navigating around the forum. After a few moments and several threads of online conversations, he finally understood what was going on.

He took a deep breath as he mulled over all the things his wife had done for his mother’s sake. Then he thought about how his mother treated his wife. He shut his eyes in regret. This was all a mess.

Finally pulling himself together, he changed Melinda’s screen back to how it was when he found it. Then he quietly took out some of his clothes and went to the bathroom next door to take his shower.

When he was done, he returned to the room he shared with his wife, and found her on her desk. A bowl of noodles was set beside her laptop, and he observed that she had been eating, noting the utensils placed absently in the dish.

Her eyes, although, were glued to her screen, whether in absolute concentration to whatever she was working on or in deliberate disregard of his presence, he couldn’t tell.

"Be careful not to burn yourself with your food," he said nonetheless, to which he only gained an indifferent "Hmm" as response.

Her cold attitude brought to mind the words she said to him earlier in the cinema, and Jonas left the room and strode into his study. It was a large room that housed countless books and documents.

He made a beeline for the safe, which was lodged into a secluded yet inconspicuous area. He went through the necessary fingerprint and iris scan, and fished out a document from within.

It was the contract he had signed with Melinda, cementing the terms of a marriage of convention between them. His eyes flew over the words on paper, and his heart clenched. They were cold and heartless words, and grated at his nerves.

In his mind, the memory played again, of her speaking of divorce. He remembered her tone, its quality of unrelenting certainty. He remembered how he struggled to breathe after hearing her.

He remembered other things, too, vaguely, but all had to do with his wife. Good and bad memories assaulted him, but ultimately came back to the moment she invoked their agreement.

A divorce.

He tore the contract apart without hesitation, the sound of paper ripping oddly loud in the confines of his large study.

'A divorce?

Yeah, that's never going to happen!'

Not even after he got his right to inheritance. He would never let that happen.

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