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   Chapter 119 Treat All Kinds Of Disease

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10184

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Jonas knew that Melinda liked quietness and didn't like Emily. Emily might have disturbed her today, so he suggested to take her out for a walk.

Queena went to find Gavin, and Emily stood up from her seat. She followed Queena to the yard, where Gavin was placing new potted plants with a few servants.

"Aunt Yao, did you choose these flowers?"

Emily asked. A breeze came, and the flowers in the yard smelled of a faint fragrance. Queena smelt it gently and closed her eyes with satisfaction.

"You mentioned it to me the other day. I asked Gavin to buy some. The yard becomes lively now,"

said Queena. After watching for a while, she realized that she was looking for Gavin and asking him to inform the kitchen that dinner could be ready.

Seeing that Queena put her words in mind, Emily felt complacent. On the surface and in a calm voice, she said, "It's good that you like it. I like playing some messy things every day."

"How could it be a mess? I think it's very good."

Queena saw Gavin leave and the servants were placed in a messy position, so she went forward in person to command, and Emily also proposed opinions.

Melinda stood in the living room and looked at the two people not far away. It seemed that they got along with each other as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and she had always been an outsider.

Thinking of the provocative eyes of Emily at that time, Melinda became even more irritable.



"H'm", the sudden positive answer confused Jonas. He looked at Melinda suspiciously. And when Melinda saw Jonas look at the yard, her eyes were filled with anger. She turned around and was about to go back to her bedroom, but her wrist was grabbed by Jonas.

"Let's go. What would you like for dinner?"

Jonas pulled Melinda closer to him and held her hand. Seeing that they were going out, Jasmine took coats for them in the bedroom.

"I'm not hungry."

Melinda accepted the affection from Jonas. Both of them wore black coats, more like the clothes for a couple. Melinda's fingers were a little cold. Jonas pulled her hand to put it into his pocket.

"There is a new coffee shop in the mall opposite our company. I heard the food there is delicious. Let's go there."

"Since when do you begin to care about this things?"

It was not strange to hear the word "I heard". But since it was about eating, Melinda felt a little strange. The wind outside the hall was a little strong, and she shrank to the side of Jonas.

"William is rather gossipy."

They walked towards the car hand in hand. Emily accompanied Queena playing with flowers and plants. Seeing this scene, her eyes turned red.

"Emily, why are you looking like this? Is it too windy outside?"

Queena said in concern when she saw Emily's face. Emily shook her head, but it was just a little difficult.

Queena thought she was really uncomfortable and didn't stay in the yard, bringing her to the living room. At this time, Melinda and Jonas were not in the living room.

It was rare for Jonas to drive b

in such a short time.

The movie Jonas selected was a love one, and a literary style one. The seats he chose were at the back of the line.

Surrounded by lovers who were leaning side by side, Melinda felt very uncomfortable. The movie didn't start yet, but she was thinking about leaving.

"It's not easy for me to have time to come here. You can take it as accompanying me,"

said Jonas in a soft tone. Melinda wanted to say that there were lots of people willing to accompany him and there was even one at their home right now, but she felt that wasn't that just showing that she was jealous?

'I am not jealous at all, ' Melinda kept brainwashing herself. After a while, she finally calm down.

When the movie came to a climax, the lovers sitting in front of them embraced. Melinda cast a glance at them randomly, and found that many people who deliberately selected the seats for couples hugged together at this time.

There was some excitement in Jonas's eyes. He glanced at the indifferent Melinda, reached out his hand and hugged her.

He put his arms around her waist lightly, and felt that she was really very thin. Melinda looked up and her eyes were wide open and looked at him in surprise. Then without hesitation, she reached out and pushed Jonas away.

"I'm a little tired."

As Melinda spoke, she stood up in a fluster and knocked over a popcorn on the side. The bright yellow popcorn was scattered all over the ground. The slight noise attracted many people's attention.

Melinda hesitated for three seconds before she bent down and left the hall. Jonas followed her in a hurry. At the thought of the hug just now and that she was so familiar with the smell, she held her arms tightly in fear.

She was worried that she might once again fall into his tenderness. Since Jonas was just like the honey mixed with the arsenic, his tenderness must have been filled with cruelty.

Perhaps, behind the smile was a bloody knife.

Jonas had long legs and big steps. He soon caught up with Melinda.

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