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   Chapter 118 A Perfect Ending

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10515

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The art exhibition lasted for three days. With the popularity of Emily, even if it could not attract professionals to visit the exhibition, it still had a large flow of people. It had already been a perfect ending.

On the last day, Emily personally went to the venue to advertise. The small venue was almost squeezed out by fans.

Queena sat in the reception room with a smile on her face. On the opposite of her was Emily, who had just left the fans group. She wore a lemon yellow dress, with wide condole belts and a low-key black circle buckle. The waistband of the same series was put on her well-designed waist, giving her a more laziness.

Emily put the black long coat on the back of the chair and reached out for the tea from Queena.

"Your works are so popular that there are so many people waiting outside."

Her makeup today was quite western style. Her bright red lips and the porcelain green cup looked eye-catching and ostentatious, but her tone was very gentle.

And she deliberately lowered her posture in front of Queena.

"That's all your credit. You can go to my home after I close the exhibition. I have asked the kitchen to prepare something to eat."

Queena took a sip of tea. She was very happy that Emily supported her, and then decided to take her back to the Gu's mansion for dinner.

A hint of shrewdness flashed across Emily's eyes, but soon she appeared hesitant. After thinking for a while, she said, "I don't think it's a good idea. It seems that Miss Mo doesn't like me very much."

"You are my guest. Since when does the Gu family care about her preferences? You can go with me tonight."

Hearing this, Queena frowned tightly, and the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes were obvious. She gradually moved her fingers holding the glass, and finally gently put it down, making a not too loud sound.

"It seems that I am going to disturb you today."

"What are you talking about? I'm happy that you can come. If it weren't for you, this exhibition wouldn't have been so successful. It's not like Melinda, she's only enjoying the goodness of the family but not doing anything serious."

Queena was angry when she held the painting and calligraphy exhibition this time. The attitude of Jonas and Nelson disappointed her, and the attitude of Melinda made her angry. Compared with Emily, she felt Melinda was even worse.

"In fact, Miss Mo is quite good..."

"All right, let's stop talking about them. I'll go outside to have a look. It's almost time to pack up and go back."

Queena waved her hand, stood up and walked out of the door. It was a private lounge, and fans couldn't come in, but when Queena got out, she saw many fans in the venue, wanting to see Emily.

There were only a few people here really to appreciate the calligraphy and paintings. Queena felt strange, but she didn't think it deeper.

After handing over some important matters to the person in charge of the venue, she pulled Emily back to Gu's mansion with enthusiasm. Gavin was a little surprised to see her.

On the contrary, Yulia was very happy to see Emily. She went to the kitchen and made juice for them.

e at the corners of Queena's mouth never disappeared. Yulia was dealing with them, and she was not tired of it.

"You are finally willing to come out."

The appearance of Melinda made the atmosphere suddenly cold. Queena said indifferently. Yulia watched the play aside and Emily watched the atmosphere quietly.

She could feel that Queena didn't like Melinda, so she raised her head and looked at her provocatively.

"She is just busy with something."

"She is even busier than Emily, a famous star. What have she been busy with?"

Now that Melinda didn't open her mouth, Jonas explained for her. Queena was obviously dissatisfied with his perfunctory words, and said in a angrier tone.

"Aunt Yao, Miss Mo is a writer. Her art is usually more wonderful than mine."

No one knew that her words was full of sarcasm or praise. But Melinda felt uncomfortable to hear that. She frowned and stood aside without saying a word.

She seemed to be alone in her own world, and no matter what these people said or did had nothing to do with her.

"Even so, I don't think it's necessary for her to stay in her room every day. Besides, many artists have gone out to look for inspiration,"

Yulia said, pouting. When she saw Jonas turned his eyes to her again, she immediately covered her mouth with her hand. The fear on her face was real.

"Maybe it's not the right time for me to come here."

Emily's smile was somewhat grudging, and there was also some grievance. Seeing this, Queena felt more and more unhappy and suddenly stood up from her seat, and seeing this, Jonas stood in front of Melinda.

"Mommy, it's time to ask Gavin to prepare the dinner,"

Jonas said to Queena. He suddenly changed the topic, causing Queena's words to be choked in the chest for a while. Melinda stood quietly aside and looked at Jonas in confusion.

"You haven't been out for a day and you don't look very well. Let me take you out for a walk,"

Jonas said in a low voice near to Melinda's ear. Feeling a little sensitive, she shrank back and stepped back. This response made Jonas smile.

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