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   Chapter 116 Come Back For Her Sake

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9828

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Queena tried on all the clothes selected by Melinda. Every time she tried on them, she would praise him with a smile, or pick up some small accessories to match with her. Queena was very satisfied with every suit.

The waiter at the beginning didn't care about it. Seeing that Melinda was still bringing the clothes for Queena to try on, he warned her, "I don't allow you to try on the clothes here."

"Oh, really?"

Melinda's fingers gently rubbed against the dress, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, which annoyed the waiter, but she still straightened out and replied, "yes, these are not allowed to try on."

"Somebody loves to try on clothes in stores just because they can't afford them."

She looked at them contemptuously and got angry when she saw the clothes that were tried out by Queena. She had to fix them for a long time, thinking that she reached out her hand and was ready to hang them back.

"I can't afford it?"

Queena came out of the fitting room. Hearing such harsh words, Queena's mood around cloudy again. Melinda walked up and straightened her collar and sleeves for her.

"Mommy, you have such a nice figure that you look good no matter what clothes you wear. How about we buy all these clothes?"

Melinda smiled and looked at Queena. Hearing their words, the waiter was a little hesitant, but still convinced of his opinion at the beginning. When he was about to say something, he saw a person coming in a hurry at the door of the shop.

"Please pack these clothes for Mrs. Gu."

The man reprimanded the waiter, but when he turned around and looked at Queena and Melinda, he put on a smile. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Gu. The waitress is so mean that she made you unhappy."

"Mrs. Gu, all the things you have bought in this shopping mall today will be given a VIP discount. Of course, you are not short of this sum of money, but it is a little gift from us. I hope you can accept and forgive us for our mistakes."

The manager said so politely and respected Queena so much. The waiter aside were already terrified, and the other colleagues helped to pack up the clothes. The manager still worried. He sat in the office quietly, and suddenly received a call.

Luckily, the manager was used to being with all kinds of people, so he soon maintained the scene. Queena glanced at Melinda, and knew that Melinda must have done this when she was trying on the clothes.

Melinda had been choosing clothes for Queena to make her forget about the displeasure, but at the same time, Melinda handled it in secret, which made Queena feel comfortable. It could be regarded as a good idea.

Queena didn't want to argue with that sales person anymore. Queena bought all the clothes he liked and took Melinda to another shop. Her view of Melinda changed a little.

Melinda accompanied Queena to shop the whole day. She was exhausted physically and mentally. In fact, she didn't like being slic

subject to her purpose.

Queena thought that she didn't have much schedule in the next day, so Queena agreed with Emily without thinking too much. Emily remembered Yulia said that Melinda went shopping with Queena, so Emily stayed in the cafe and pleased Queena.

Emily left a good impression in Queena this afternoon.

Two days later, the party was selected in a hotel of Soaring Group. Although Emily was not famous anymore, she still invited many people, and introduced Queena, which made Queena shine in the party.

Many people were trying to suck up to her and wanted her to hooked up with Jonas, and Emily always stayed with her to deal with these annoying things for her.

"Auntie, you are the invisible light. They are attracted to you."

Emily was wearing an irregular fishtail dress today. The black color set off her beautiful figure as jade.

Queena was in a purple cheongsam, she was graceful, and her hair was coiled up. It was just the right identity for her. Emily was by her side all the time, and Emily didn't stop making Queena happy.

"You do a good job."

Queena was very clear about the reason why these people were doing this. Her words made Emily's face gloomy, but it was covered very quickly.

"No, you don't know that my friends all said that we looked like sisters. Besides, your sister is much more graceful than me."

Emily praised Queena in a self deprecating way. Queena enjoyed listening to her words very much. The smile on his face grew a lot, and the faint wrinkles at the corners of his eyes showed a beauty of age.

It was fair to say that although Jonny's appearance was more good than his father's, he definitely needed the help of Yao Qin. With all the advantages of them, Jonas was not bad.

"You are so sweet."

Queena said in surprise, but he didn't avoid Emily's hand, and they got closer.

Emily breathed a sigh of relief. Queena's attitude made her feel that the party was not in vain.

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