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   Chapter 115 Giving A Warning To Others

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 11793

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Jonas was unhappy with the behavior Melinda had shown at the banquet. His lips formed into a thin line as he stared at the photo. Her beauty was for his eyes only. A lot of people had seen her like that and he didn't like it.

Melinda was still in the middle of a conversation with Leo when he approached her. Apparently, their topic had already shifted to their alma mater.

A smile was plastered on her face from the nostalgia brought on by Leo's stories. She was recalling the good old days when a voice suddenly interrupted her from behind.

"Who are you talking to?"

Jonas's cold voice made Melinda shiver. She involuntarily pulled the blanket up closer to her body as he had spoken.

He clenched his jaw, quite displeased with the fact that Melinda was smiling because of another person who was probably a man. There was a look of bitterness that swept across his face.

"It's none of your business," she answered.

Melinda pointed the remote control towards the TV to switch it off and quickly made her way to the bed. She didn't like to use a hair dryer so her hair was still a little wet, but she lay herself down anyway.

Her mood suddenly turned sour when Jonas had returned, which was why she suddenly informed Leo that she needed to rest and ended their conversation.

She then grabbed a towel and started drying her hair while randomly looking for a TV show and started watching again. This made Jonas sense that Melinda was hiding something from him.

No matter how much he wanted to pry into it, he found himself unable to. The atmosphere around them remained tense since Melinda was still mad at him because of the incident with Emily.

Jonas had gone to the bathroom before returning only to find that Melinda had already fallen asleep. The room was silent except for the noise coming from the TV and her slow breathing.

Her head was almost over the edge of the bed and she was still holding the towel that wrapped some part of her hair. He quietly stared at her for a moment with an expression that looked like he was in deep thought.

It took a while before he finally sighed and carefully took the towel out of her grasp to continue wiping her hair. Since his mother had returned, a party like the one held this evening was necessary.

It was only the first day and Melinda couldn't stand it anymore. What was the next thing to be done?

The following morning, Melinda went downstairs to find the dining room lively. Even Yulia, who rarely showed up for breakfast, was also present.

After saying her greetings, she discovered that there were no seats left. She felt embarrassed because of this, but her face remained passive so as not to reveal her true feelings.

Yulia was silently enjoying the moment. Although she was having breakfast, she secretly stole glances at Melinda.

The idea of Melinda feeling embarrassed thrilled her.

"Nanny," Melinda called.

She took a glance at the servants around her, who all had their heads lowered. Melinda knew that they were also waiting for this moment. Once again, she suddenly missed the small villa.

Back over there, they did not have much servants. It was only Mary who took care of them most of the time.

"Mrs. Gu," one of the servants answered.

The nanny looked at her without any ounce of respect. Melinda had no place in this family no matter how long she had been part of it. It was because of Jonas who once ordered the servants to respect her, but both of them weren't even in good terms at present.

These p

at matched her black leather skirt with a pair of stockings underneath that seemed to accentuate her long and straight legs. Since she was afraid that she might get cold, she brought a small sleeveless jacket with her.

It wasn't long after she had arrived at the living room on the first floor that Queena came out of her room. She wore a dress that made her look aristocratic, matched with high heels and a designer bag in her hand.

On the other hand, Melinda only brought a simple cross body bag and her phone with her.

Gavin was informed that they were going out in the afternoon so he had already arranged a driver for them to go to the best shopping mall in the city.

Melinda knew that Queena was a very meticulous person, which was why she opted to wear flat shoes for today's trip. She wanted to be prepared in the event that they would end up spending a long time shopping.

"Let's have a look inside this store," Queena ordered.

Her eyes were glued on a certain dress inside the display wardrobe. Melinda thought that it had a nice style and also perfectly matched Queena's personality.

Objectively speaking, if she were to cast aside the conflict between them, Queena had a strong personality of an aristocratic lady.

Her actions often felt like it came straight out of a textbook about etiquette.

There were other times, however, that she would lose her cool. Just like most mother-in-laws, she was the type who would never be satisfied with her daughter-in-law.

"Do you have a size in medium?" Queena asked politely as she walked up to the counter and pointed over to a dress by the window.

The attendant, however, did not even bother looking away from her phone while answering, "No."

"Do you have a similar style or perhaps a smaller size?"

Queena's voice sounded impatient this time. She was already displeased with the attendant's behavior.

Melinda started to pick from a row of dresses herself and settled for a medium size. The style wasn't the same as the dress Queena had wanted earlier, but this one was much more fabulous.

"Mother, why don't you try this one on? It matches you well."

Melinda handed over some of the clothes she picked to Queena. All of them matched her size and style and she seemed to like all of them.

Queena was a little surprised and it seemed to appease her mood.

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